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2020 Bunker 300 At New International Competition Venue

Emanuel Butdorf, Gold Medal Winner & Junior Runner Up

Over the weekend of October 16-18th, Bunker Trap athletes of all demographics traveled to the Cardinal Shooting Center for the 2020 Bunker 300. This open event became the 2nd competition to utilize the newly built International Skeet and Bunker Trap facilities at the popular competition venue in Marengo, Ohio. Earlier in 2020, teams from the Cardinal Shooting Center, Promatic, and the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) worked to install these facilities for first use by the SCTP National Championships in July.

In an initiative to further increase awareness and participation in the international disciplines of shotgun shooting sports, the SCTP hosted the Bunker 300 with event partner and program Red Diamond Sponsor, Winchester.

The competition kicked off on a Friday, with a 100 target prelim event, with awards for 1-3 in junior and open categories. Through the weekend, competitors shot the 200 match target event, followed by the open final on Sunday to determine awards for HOA, 2nd, and 3rd award honors.

Tristan Schroder took the honor of High Junior at the Bunker 300 and was a winner in the Random Team Race. Tristan is an SCTP athlete and International Team Member.

Winchester, the official ammunition of the SCTP and SCTP International Teams was there in full force, providing AA International Trap ammunition, Winchester SX3 shotguns, and other swag for door prizes and winners.

“I think the first “open” International Trap event held on the new Cardinal Shooting Center bunkers went extremely well,” beamed SCTP International Team Head Coach, Terri DeWitt. “We could not have done it so successfully without the resources of Cardinal Center, SCTP, Winchester Ammunition, Nick Sage with Promatic, and especially all of our volunteers! I look forward to growing the international trap program in Ohio and running more of these open competitions next year.”

In addition to the main event, the Random Team Race gave cash prizes to the first and second place teams based on scores from Day 1 and 2 of the Bunker 300. SCTP International Trap Team Members, Taylor Dale and Tristan Schroeder took the win with a combined score of 321.

Taylor Dale, SCTP athlete and International Team Member. At the Bunker 300, Taylor was awarded 3rd place junior and was a winner in the Random Team Race.

“The SCTP Winchester 300 was a great match, as we grow our International Style shooting presence at Cardinal Center,” said Chet Tuinstra, SCTP Eastern Director of Development. “This relaxed, relatively low key open shoot allowed student athletes from the Scholastic Clay Target Program and others outside youth shooting sports to compete and hone their skills at this fantastic new facility! We look forward to growing this type of competition at Cardinal Center in the future.”



Congratulations to the SCTP 2019 National Championship All-State Winners

At this year’s SCTP National Championships, athletes from 31 states competed in the 2019 SCTP All State Championship Competition in skeet, trap, and sporting clays.

To compete in the All State Competition athletes had to attend their SCTP State Championship event(s) and attend the 2019 SCTP National Championships in Marengo, OH.

TRAP 1st Place – Minnesota 978
Woodrow Glazer, Senior/Varsity, 200
Ian Wheatcraft, Senior/Varsity, 193
Tanner Thompson, Senior/Jr. Varsity, 195
Max Bunning, Senior/Varsity, 199
Nathan Schultz, Senior/Varsity, 191

SKEET 1st Place – Iowa 973
Thomas Keeshan, Senior/Varsity, 195
Maclane Heinen, Senior/Varsity, 196
Dominick Ver Meer, Senior/Varsity, 198
Jaydon Biles, Senior/Varsity, 191
Hunter Block, Senior/Varsity, 193

SPORTING CLAYS – 1st Place – Georgia 867
Aaron Copelan, Senior/Varsity, 174
Rennie Wilson III, Senior/Varsity, 183
Camryn McCraney, Senior/Varsity, 159
Mitchell Kent, Senior/Varsity, 174
Nash Sinclair, Senior/Varsity, 177

Click here to see a complete list of all the 2019 SCTP All State Athletes (.xls file).

We are looking forward to having even more states represented in the 2020 SCTP All State Competition at the 2020 SCTP National Championships July 11-18.

Congratulations again to all our 2019 SCTP All State Program Winners.

2019 Nationals High Overall Team Endowment Funding

As another year closes and all National Championships are now complete, we are announcing the top High Overall (HOA) winners from this year’s SCTP National Championships.

We will be awarding MidwayUSA Foundation team endowment funding for the top 4 teams in each of the HOA divisions as follows.

2019 Trap High Overall Winners at SCTP National Championships

Main Event HOA, High School only HOA and Trap only HOA. $60,000 will be awarded to these team’s accounts!

The funding will be as follows, 1st place – $8,000, 2nd place – $6,000, 3rd place – $4,000 and 4th place – $2,000. This will be for each HOA discipline for a total of $60,000!

See complete event results on our website here…

We want to thank all the teams that participated at this years National Championships and look forward to another record-breaking year coming up!

If you missed this year’s event please mark your calendars for our 2020 nationals July 11-18 at the Cardinal Shooting Center!

HOA Winning Teams
Main Event (Trap/Skeet/Sporting Clays)
1st Place – Lake Oconee Shotgun Team, Georgia
2nd Place – Central Georgia Elite Shooters, Georgia
3rd Place – Blackwood Team, Texas
4th Place – Forest City Gun Club, Georgia

High School HOA (Trap/Skeet/Sporting Clays – High School Teams Only)
1st Place – Allen Eagles Competitive Shooting Team, Texas
2nd Place – Central Falcons, Wisconsin
3rd Place – North Scott Trap Team, Iowa
4th Place – Ankeny Centennial Jaguars, Iowa

Trap Only HOA (16 yard singles, Handicap and Trap Doubles)
1st Place – North Scott Trap Team, Iowa
2nd Place – Ankeny Centennial Jaguars, Iowa
3rd Place – Golden Eagles, Illinois
4th Place – Waterford Wolverines, Wisconsin

About the National Championships
Complete information, participation, statistics and stock photos can be found at: https://sssfonline.org/news/media/

The 2019 Scholastic Clay Target Program National Championships Adds New Names, Accomplishments and Credentials to the Record Books

If you were anywhere near central Ohio last week, it was easy to see and feel that something “special” was taking place. The Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) was in full force from July 13th thru July 20th at the Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, Ohio

The SCTP Program had its largest event on record with over 6,300 entries in Skeet, Skeet Doubles, Trap, Trap Doubles, Handicap Trap, Sporting Clays, and Bunker Trap. 2,343 athletes, coaches’ volunteers, and family’s from 240 teams and 30 states showed up to be part of the almost 2 Million targets that were thrown for competition, practice and side games……the most in SCTP history!
Grace Marlen became only the second female athlete in SCTP history to shoot 200 straight at Nationals (Reanna Frauens did it in 2018) in addition to winning the $7,600 Browning College Scholarship!
AND…, the sweltering heat and humidity contributed to another unique National Championship title, the largest number of bottles of water ever consumed at an SCTP National Championship event.

Of course, Congratulations to all our 2019 National Championship Individual and Team winners. Many teams came to the Cardinal Center to defend their previous year titles and left holding the “top spots” again for 2019. Still, many of this year’s individual and team winners were on the podium for the first time. It was easy to see that all our SCTP teams had worked hard all year to get ready for the intense competition that is always a part of their National Championships.
The Cardinal Center and staff were fantastic again this year and for everyone involved it was an amazing week! It’s now time to start planning for our next record setting National Championship event, July 11-18, 2020!

For a complete list of the 2019 SCTP winners, click the Results Tab on the menu bar of the www.sssfonline.org website.

About the National Championships
Complete information, participation, statistics and stock photos can be found at: https://sssfonline.org/news/media/

Last Woman Standing

One of the most popular attractions at the Scholastic Clay Target Program National Championships each year is the elimination style competition called Last Competitor Standing – often called “Annie Oakley”.

This elimination-style shoulder to shoulder competition is so popular the SCTP offers it on Wednesday and Friday during the National event.

For the last two years in a row, SCTP has found a modern day Annie Oakley at Wednesday nights’ competition in a young lady named Reanna Frauens from Corral Springs, Florida. Frauens, the 2018 champion bested nearly 400 other competitors on Wednesday to regain her crown this year.

Wednesday Night’s Last Competitor Standing Champion Reanna Frauens

The Cardinal Shooting Center trap fields were lined up with shooters of all ages and sizes to compete for some great prizes and the ultimate title of last man or lady standing. The elimination process continued until only one man and one lady shooter remained.

In a head to head battle of the sexes competition, 1st Place Ladies Division Champion, Frauens, bested Men’s Division Champions, Gavin Wright and was awarded a case of Winchester ammunition and gift certificate for a set of custom earplugs.

Prizes were also awarded to the Top 8 Finishers in the Men’s and Ladies Division and the Top 2 Finishers in the College Division.

  • 1st Reanna Frauens FL Quail Creek SKB IS300 – Belt Buckle
  • 2nd Madeline Corbin WI Sauk County Youth Shamrock Leather Shooting Bag
  • 3rd Gianna Patti PA Mason Dixon Claybusters RE Ranger Phantom Shooting Glasses
  • 4th Ava Downs WI Muskego Warriors Shamrock Leather Shell Holder – 2 case Ammo
  • 5th Raylee Bishop IA Ankeny Centenial Shamrock Leather Shell Holder – 2 case Ammo
  • 6th Olivia Krauss MI Fudd Dusters 2 – Case Winchester Ammo
  • 7th Makayla Scott NC Carolina Clays 2 – Case Winchester Ammo
  • 8th Amber Hadley MI Lowell Red Arrows 1 – Case Winchester Ammo
  • 1st Gavin Wright WI Beaver Dam SKB IS300 – Belt Buckle
  • 2nd Triston Schroder MI Fudd Dusters Shamrock Leather Shooting Bag
  • 3rd Cody Miller WI Central Falcons RE Ranger Phantom Shooting Glasses
  • 4th Ricky Fabry WI Muskego Warriors Shamrock Leather Shell Holder – 2 case Ammo
  • 5th Kolby Pinkerton WI Muskego Warriors Shamrock Leather Shell Holder – 2 case Ammo
  • 6th Levi Crook GA Central Georgia Elite Shooters 2 – Case Winchester Ammo
  • 7th Kyren Kain MI Flat River Conservation Club 2 – Case Winchester Ammo
  • 8th Austin Rechlin WI Jefferson Sportsmans Club 1 – Case Winchester Ammo
  • 1st Eric Long IA Shamrock Leather Shooting Bag
  • 2nd Justin Miklaszewski WI 2 – Case of Winchester Ammunition
  • 3rd Aimee Spiering WI 1 – Case of Winchester Ammunition

Congratulations to all the Top Finishers in each division and good luck to all those who compete in Friday evening’s Last Competitor Standing competition!

Photo Credit Hayley Wilson Photography

2019 SCTP & SASP National Championships

The 2019 Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) and Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) National Championships is scheduled for July 13-20th at the Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, OH. Last year’s event had nearly 300 teams and 3,000 athletes from 26 states! We hope you can join us for this season finale!

Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) registration is currently open in the SHOT system for team coaches to register.

Scholastic Clay Target Program pre-registration began on May 15th with general registration through the SHOT system June 1st.

Sporting Clays Charity Fundraiser:

Friday/Saturday – July 19/20 Helps Support Kids & Clays and SCTP Scholarship Fund

Event is open to the public, youth and adult members and non-members

Cost is $80 for the 100 Target event!

Fund Raiser – Adult Party – Get Together!

Monday July 15th from 5pm – 10pm      Food, Drink and Fun!!   Raffles, Guns & Silent Auction!

Open to all adults and Industry sponsors!

SIDE GAMES, FUN & National Raffle! (Tickets Available at Registration Counter)
Make A Break Fun Shoot
Flurry Fun Shoot
National Raffle

CZ-USA Top Gun Challenge at Nationals

The Scholastic Clay Target Program and Scholastic Action Shooting Program are excited to announce the Top Gun Challenge sponsored by CZ-USA is coming back to the 2019 National Championships in Marengo, OH July 13-20!

As a reminder – SASP Nationals registration opens today!

Top Gun Challenge Eligibility Criteria, Scoring and Prizes

  • Athletes wishing to compete in the Top Gun Challenge must be current team members in the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) AND the Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP).
  • Athletes wishing to compete in the Top Gun Challenge must be pre-registered to shoot the following events at the 2019 National Championships:
    • 16 Yard Trap
    • Skeet
    • Sporting Clays
    • Rifle (irons, optics or pistol caliber carbine)
    • Centerfire or Rimfire Pistol 
    • 1911/2011 Pistol
  • Each athlete wishing to compete in the Top Gun Challenge must complete a registration form in person at the SASP registration desk located at the Cardinal Center Central Entry Building prior to competing in their first event. Athletes will then shoot all competition events as usual. 
  • We will compile scores from your events and calculate the winners. Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays is easy you will get the total number of birds you break in each discipline, so a possible 600 points. Since SASP is based on time and not total targets hit, it will be done a little differently. We will take all participants and rank both their rifle times and their pistol times fastest to slowest. 
    • The fastest in each discipline will get 200, second place 199, third place 198 and so on down the line until everyone has a score.  We will add all those points together and the athlete with the most points out of the possible 1,200 will win.
  • Every Athlete who competes in all the events and signs up, will receive a Top Gun Challenge challenge coin just for participating and showing your shooting stamina.
  • Prizes will include a shotgun, rifle and pistol by CZ-USA with specific models to be announced and many other great prizes!

Pre-Registration for SCTP nationals begins May 15th, 2019

Like last year, due to the extremely large volume of teams and coaches trying to squad for the National Championships,  we will again be allowing teams to “pre-squad” for the 2019 SCTP National Championships at the Cardinal Center in Marengo, Ohio.

Here’s how it will work:
1. Send a check for the proper amount of all squads and athletes to the Burlington WI address post marked no earlier than 12:01am on May 15th and no later than midnight on May 22nd.

2. Money received is “Non-Refundable”. Pre-registration fees will not be returned for any athletes that do not attend the SCTP National Championships.

3. All squads must be “pre-built” on your team’s home page for the National Championships. Teams will be allowed to change athletes as they see fit later but all squads must be ready to populate the shooting schedule.

4. SCTP will populate the squad assignments based on the time and date received (time stamp) on the envelope containing your paperwork and check. PLEASE send by regular mail with NO signature required. Sending paperwork requiring a signature may delay your paperwork! 

5. Download and complete the pre-registration form (also available on the SSSF website) that provides your information along with dates and times you would like your squads assigned. Please give us 3 options for times and days.

6. Teams will be notified of their pre-registration by May 29 and before normal registration which opens on June 1st.

Completed form(s) must be sent in with payment either by credit card or by check, no payment sent in with forms will result in no squads entered for that team. These payments are “nonrefundable”!! If you pay for 15 athletes and only 12 show up, the other 3 athlete’s fees are not returned.

Completed forms and payments must be mailed to us no sooner than May 15, 2019 and sent to:

SCTP Nationals Pre-Registration
C/0 Amanda Wondrash
165 Bay Ridge Lane
Burlington, WI 53105

We look forward to seeing you all at the Cardinal Center in Marengo, Ohio the week of July 13-20, 2019

Eric Long, Jr. Wins 2018 Browning Scholarship

The Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) and Browning are pleased to announce the winner of the 2018 Browning Scholarship earned at the National Championships in Marengo, Ohio.  Now in its third year, the scholarship opportunity is open to all high school competitors in the 16-yard trap singles competition who are shooting a Browning shotgun and registered for the scholarship opportunity.

Eric Long, Jr. (Davenport, IA) bested 216 other shooters firing Brownings and tied with last year’s Browning scholarship winner, Woodrow Glazer (New Prauge, MN) shooting an impressive 199×200 and winning the tie with a reverse long run of 187 straight.  Long shot the trap singles event with his Browning 725 un-single and also shot skeet and sporting clays events with a Browning Special Sporting. Long is a member of the North Scott Trap Team with many of his teammates also shooting 725s.

Browning provided the scholarship in the amount of $6,450 based off the proceeds of a raffle for a Browning 725 conducted at the national tournament.

“I’ve been shooting Browning’s since my 8th grade year so I really appreciate Browning sponsoring the high gun scholarship at the SCTP Nationals” said Long. “This scholarship is a huge assistance for my family and I and will help me continue my education and shooting career at Iowa Central.”

Long will be attending Iowa Central Community College this fall studying criminal justice with plans for a law enforcement career. Long will also be a member of the shooting team at Iowa Central.

The Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation has awarded over $83,000 in college scholarships previously this year.

2018 Nationals Gun Winners

The 2018 Scholastic Clay Target Program and Scholastic Action Shooting Program National championships had many winners, both on and off the range! A total of 70 firearms were awarded during nationals and below are some of the highlights. Congratulations to everyone who participated and supported the SCTP and SASP!

Browning 725 Winner  – Larry Cooper, Tennessee
This raffle supported the Browning scholarship winner, Eric Long, Jr. who earned the $6,450 college scholarship.

Blaser F16 Winner – Mike King, Ohio
The Blaser F16 raffle supports SCTP scholarship recipients and the SCTP!

Beretta 960 Winner – Sue Tucker, Michigan

SKB 90TSS Trap Combo – Victoria Merrit, Kentucky

CZ-USA All American Trap – David Rivers, Tennessee

Browning BT-99 Midway Edition – Lori Batcheldor, Illinois
This gun was drawn from those who joined or renewed with a SSSF Supporting Membership during Nationals Week!

Kolar Low Max Gun Winner – Wayne Werner, Iowa
This raffle supported SCTP teams across the country with the opportunity for teams to earn additional funds to their Team Endowment accounts at the MidwayUSA Foundation based on total team ticket sales.

Here are the top teams earning MidwayUSA Foundation Team Endowment Funds via the Kolar raffle:

$8,000 – 1st place – BHS Demons (WI) – 617 tickets

$7,000 – 2nd place – St. Charles Shot Crew (IL) – 500 tickets

$6,000 – 3rd Place – Ida County (IA) – 479 tickets

$5,000 – 4th Place – Allen Eagles (TX) – 400 tickets

$4,000 – 5th Place – Mid Carolina Young Guns (SC) – 310 tickets

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