The Scholastic Clay Target Program is the largest, fastest growing, and most exciting youth clay target program in the US. We provide students from elementary through high school and college the chance to compete in sports such as trap, skeet, and sporting clays. As well as Olympic disciplines like bunker trap and international skeet.
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The Scholastic Clay Target Program is the largest, fastest growing, and most exciting youth clay target program in the US. We provide students from elementary through high school and college the chance to compete in sports such as trap, skeet, and sporting clays. As well as Olympic disciplines like bunker trap and international skeet.

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The SCTP’s mission is to help kids reach their highest potential in becoming the best athlete and young adults they can be. The SCTP is a youth development program, first and foremost and we do this through the shooting sports and competitive shooting.

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SCTP Highlight Video


We’ve put together an quick overview guide about why young athletes benefit from joining the SCTP.

Intelligence report

Read the 2016 NSSF Industry Intelligence Report featuring the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP).

SCTP Quick Start Guide

Get started in the SCTP as an athlete or adult volunteer with this guide for new and prospective members.

In keeping with the SSSF’s mission to provide, promote and perpetuate opportunities for young athletes to safely and enjoyably participate in a high quality, team-based sports, each of the SCTP’s exciting disciplines are led by trained and dedicated adult coaches in a supportive environment and are focused on the safe handling and use of firearms.

Please refer to our Best Practices Manual as a resource guide for participating in the Scholastic Clay Target Program.


What shooting discipline does SCTP use?
SCTP has American skeet, trap, and sporting clays teams, as well as international skeet, double trap, and bunker trap.
How is a team started?

It all starts with a person volunteering to serve as head coach, plus at least one student athlete. The head coach then goes to our website to register the team. The coach can register at this link.

What are the requirements for becoming a head coach?

The head coach must be at least 21 years, pass a background check, take an online coach’s course, and pay a small fee.

Where do we shoot?
A partnership with a local gun club is an important early step in this process.
Is school affiliation required?
No, school affiliation is not required, but it is a good way to tie your team to the community and possibly have some additional community support.
How old must someone be to participate?

All school-age boys and girls in grades 12 and under with the physical, mental, and emotional maturity to participate in a team sport are eligible to participate in the SCTP. Each individual state is different regarding minimum age. Please see your state for that age limit. Collegiate shooters must be enrolled as a full-time student in college and are eligible through the shooting season of their 25th birthday.

How many shooters can be on our team?
You can have as few as one student athlete and as many as you can gather! There is no limit.
Who qualifies as an adult volunteer for the program?
Any person working closely with athletes, even if not on the line coaching — for example, a team photographer.

Key points to consider

Endowment Account Funding

The Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation helps start an endowment account for your team with the MidwayUSA Foundation and offers many different ways of funding those accounts.


The SSSF offers a $10,000,000 umbrella liability policy for its officially registered athletes at only $30 each per year for student athletes and $40 each for coaches.


Our annual Scholarship Program offers college scholarships to graduating seniors, with the help of our generous sponsors and donors. Since 2013, SCTP and SASP has provided $818,000 in scholarships to over 900 athletes.


The SCTP and MidwayUSA Foundation have provided many different ways to help teams raise funds for themselves by providing shotguns, rifles, laptop computers, and iPads to be raffled.

Coaching Materials

The SCTP continues to develop new materials such as informational videos, manuals, and e-newsletters to help coaches lead their teams more effectively.

Online Scoring System

State-of-the-art online registration and scoring program allows coaches to manage team activities. Login to the SHOT system to register as a new team or coach. In most cases the head coach/team administrator will also coordinate registration for all members of their local team.

Gun Insurance

The SSSF offers gun insurance at a very reasonable rate to its athletes and coaches through Sportsman’s Insurance Agency, Inc.


Several special offers are provided to SCTP members by industry partners for the discounted purchase of firearms and ammunition.

Junior Olympic Development Camps

As the official youth program to USA Shooting, SCTP offers development camps in which athletes who are interested in the international venues can explore their options and work hands-on with members and coaches of the USA Shooting team.

SCTP International Team

Coached by former Olympian, Terri DeWitt, the SCTP International Team slots are filled from the SCTP National Championships each year.

With Olympic Trials in mind, International Team members participate in training camps to prepare, both physically and mentally for success in the International Disciplines.

Trained Support Staff

The SSSF has a trained support staff, including a Director of Development, administrative staff, and National Director to assist your team and coaches with any questions or problems.


The SCTP provides state, regional, and national championship tournaments for its athletes.

Coach Classes

The SSSF Basic Shotgun Coach Certification Program is designed for prospective coaches wishing to start or join a youth clay target or action shooting sports team as a coach or an adult volunteer. The intuitive, primarily online-based curriculum certifies coaches to work with beginning and novice athletes involved in the shotgun sports of American Trap, American Skeet, and Sporting Clays.

Industry Sponsors

The SCTP has the support and involvement of many industry sponsors, representing manufacturers of shooting glasses, gun care equipment, ammunition, firearms, clothing, and more. In conjunction with their sponsorship, many of those manufacturers provide products to benefit coaches and athletes and/or offer discounts to our members.

Team / Coach Awards

The Foundation provides awards for all SCTP State Championships.

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