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1st place Wyatt Young wins a CZ Drake Shotgun, Browning 1911-22 pistol and a Mossberg Blaze Rifle

2nd place Trace Scuderi wins a CZ 1012 Shotgun

3rd place Alex Parker wins a GLOCK G44 Pistol

4th place Ian Broadway wins a Rossi RS22 Rifle

5th place Jack Putchinski wins a $250 Hunter HD Gold Gift Cetificate

6th Place Ethan Lemanski wins a 2022 SCTP Belt Buckle and Walkers Hearing Protection

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Growth In Youth Shooting Sports Continues at SCTP National Championships

Another record-breaking season was set in July at the 2022 Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) and Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) National Championships. Hosted at the Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, Ohio, the annual youth shooting sports competition once again set the mark for the largest shoot in Cardinal Center history. Between the two youth programs, 39 states were represented at the National Championships.
SASP participation continues to grow throughout the nation and had a strong presence at the National Championship. Once again in 2022, the SASP broke the record for the largest action shooting event in the world. With over 2,200 entries, athletes safely fired over 500,000 rounds of ammunition without incident. SCTP participation surged as well with nearly 3,000 athletes and over 8,000 event entries during the twelve-day event schedule. This marks the largest national championship the SCTP has ever conducted, with over 1.5 million targets being thrown in competition and tens of thousands more being thrown in practice and side competitions.

A staple of additional activities at SCTP Nationals is the Last Competitor Standing or “Annie Oakley” event. This massive scale elimination event saw well over 700 clay target athletes lined up across the length of two-dozen trap fields to determine who would come home with bragging rights and impressive prizes from SCTP sponsors. 

SCTP and SASP members benefit from a year-long season, with local, state, and regional events, culminating in the National Championship each July. As the largest youth shooting sports event in the world, the youth development programs hold industry-wide support, with many sponsors present on site to support the event such as GLOCK, CZ-USA, Browning, Kolar, Beretta, Ruger, and more. Both programs serve as official youth feeders for the respective sports of USA Shooting. Athletes competing in the international disciplines of the SCTP and SASP often have Junior Olympic and Olympic goals in mind, with the youth feeding programs fostering those ambitions with additional opportunities.

Shooting sports continues to be a level-playing field where winning can be achieved without being the strongest or the fastest runner. Athletes come from a wide range of backgrounds and some that do not find their place in traditional ball sports often find success in shooting sports as well as socially. Athletes also find enormous success in youth shooting sports, regardless of gender. 1 out of every 3 of the programs’ action shooting, international skeet, and bunker trap athletes are female, with many out-shooting the males outright for high overall awards. The SASP and SCTP programs focus on team-based youth shooting sports as the catalyst for youth development into high-quality, responsible young adults.

I Skeet and Bunker Trap at 2022 SCTP Nationals

Join us for 125 targets of International Skeet and Trap, followed by a nail-biting finals at the 2022 SCTP National Championship! The SCTP International Team is determined by the top 3 at the end of the finals!

2022 SCTP National Championship Side Competitions & Scholarships

Last Competitor Standing Overall Champion: Ava Downs winning SKB hard case

Ladies Champion: Ava Downs winning a SKB 720 Field + Belt Buckle

  • 2nd Place: Brooke O’Connor winning 2nd place belt buckle and Shamrock Bag
  • 3rd Place: Carmin Cunningham winning 3rd place buckle and RE Ranger Phantom glasses
  • 4th Place: Gabby Worthen winning Shamrock Plain Leather shooting bag
  • 5th Place: Gracie Burton winning Shamrock Shell Holder and 2 cases of B & P Ammo
  • 6th Place: Evelynn Erhardt winning Shamrock Shell Holder and 1 case of B & P Ammo
  • 7th Place: Lauren Kern winning 2 cases of Winchester Ammo
  • 8th Place: Miranda Bernau winning 1 case of B & P Ammo 
  • 9th Place: Marin McKinney winning 1 set of Rhino Chokes
  • 10th Place: Ashley Sellers winning 1 case of Winchester Ammo

Mens Champion: Mason Kluss, winning a SKB 720 Field + Belt Buckle

  • 2nd Place: Jesse Thompson winning 2nd place belt buckle and Shamrock Bag
  • 3rd Place: Thomas Burton winning 3rd place buckle and RE Ranger Phantom glasses
  • 4th Place: Landon Sievers winning Shamrock Plain Leather shooting bag
  • 5th Place: Ricky Fabry winning Shamrock Shell Holder and 2 cases of B & P Ammo
  • 6th Place: Turner Parcell winning Shamrock Shell Holder and 1 case of B & P Ammo
  • 7th Place: Cole Agard winning 2 cases of Winchester Ammo
  • 8th Place: Brody Lee, winning 1 case of B & P Ammo 
  • 9th Place: Gabe Emery winning 1 set of Rhino Chokes
  • 10th Place: Tyler Burton winning 1 case of Winchester Ammo

College Champion: Chloe Mattivi winning Shamrock Shooting Bag, Rhino Cert, Belt Buckle

  • 2nd Place: Brady Cox winning Shamrock Shell Holder, 1 case of B&P, and Belt Buckle
  • 3rd Place: Jessica Ciezki winning 1 case of B & P Ammunition

Make-A-Break Champion: Kiersten Sales winning FAIR/Carrera Giovane

Ladies Champion: Kiersten Sales winning Belt Buckle and 1 case of Federal Ammo

  • 2nd Place: Ashley Sellers winning Shamrock Leather Shooting Bag
  • 3rd Place: Talor Hilliards winning Shamrock Shell Box Holder and 1 case of Federal ammo

Mens Champion: Wyatt Freels winning Belt Buckle and 1 case of Federal Ammo

  • 2nd Place: John Campbell winning Shamrock Leather Shooting Bag
  • 3rd Place: Douglas Williams winning Shamrock Shell Box Holder and 1 case of Federal ammo

Bettinsoli USA Skeet Doubles Grand Champion: Brady Cox winning Bettinsoli Omega Sport

Browning Scholarship Winner – Trap: Michael Lemburg winning $6,000 scholarship

Beretta Scholarship Winner – Skeet: Ashley Sellers winning Beretta Ultraleggero

CZ-USA Scholarship Winner – Sporting Clays: Sumner Coleman winning Guiness World Record setting CZ WR 1012 Shotgun signed by Dave Miller

Kolar raffle ticket winner: Aldo Mancini

2022 SCTP All-State Results

All-State Trap Champions: Illinois, 982

199- Ben Warwick, Carlinville Clay Busters

199- Wyatt Sibley, Golden Eagle Youth Trap Team

196- Wyatt Williams, Golden Eagle Youth Trap Team

195- Landon Sievers, Golden Eagle Youth Trap Team

193- Kyle Coats, Carlinville Clay Busters

2nd Place All-State Trap: Ohio, 975

198- Ryan Denes, Centerburg

197- Austin Pohlman, Moulton Gun Club

197- Jesse Scott, Lorain County

193- Lillian West, Lorain County

190- Max Hatfield, Buckeye Chippewa

3rd Place All-State Trap: Minnesota, 967

198- Davis Hay, Wayzata High School

197- Joey Moidl, Wayzata High School

194- Hunter Kurth, Wayzata High School

191- Xena Hembecher, Wayzata High School

187- Tanner Jacklitch, Wayzata High School

All-State Skeet Champions: Georgia, 971

196- Brendan Riggins, Gator Creek Young Guns

195- Jackson Ferland, Forest City Juniors

194- Stokes Ward, Central GA elite Shooters

193- Caden Carte, Southwind Blazers

193- Owen Haas, Forest City Juniors

2nd Place All-State Skeet: Michigan, 969

198- Dylan Dick, Flushing HS Skeet Team

198- Matthew Peterson, Mattawan Shooting Team

192- Cole Meyer, KCCL Orange Crushers

191- Max Versluys, KCCL Orange Crushers

190- Isaac DeGeest, Rockford Ram Nitro

3rd Place All-State Skeet: Tennessee, 967

196- Mason Freels, Warriors

195- Hunter Raley, Warriors

195- Cason Robbins, Haywood Young Guns

194- Dalton Berry, HSSC Crush

187- Ben Yarbrough, HSSC Crush

All-State Sporting Clays Champions: South Carolina, 917

189- Turner Parcell, Mid Carolina Young Guns

188- Carter Hinson, Mid Carolina Young Guns

184- Christopher Marr, Mid Carolina Young Guns

178- Wyatt Peay, Mid Carolina Young Guns

178- Evelyn Elkins, Palmetto Elite

2nd Place All-State Sporting Clays: Tennessee, 913

190- Mason Freels, Warriors

184- Hunter Raley, Warriors

181- Gabrielle Worthen, Dickson County

180- Ashley Sellers, William Blount Shooting Team

178- Cason Robbins, Haywood Young Guns

3rd Place All-State Sporting Clays: Georgia, 909

197- Rich Pazderski, Forest City Juniors

191- Dawson Williams, Forest City Juniors

184- Bradlan McDonald, Gator Creek Young Guns

176- Kip Cawley, Central Georgia Elite Shooters

161- Bishop Lampp, Gator Creek Young Guns

Final 2022 Nationals Update!

Hello everybody!
Here is one final email update before the SCTP National Championships start next week!

Coaches, please forward this on to your parents and athletes so that everyone is on the same page with the same information! All previous updates are posted on the SCTP website by clicking on the “nationals” tab!

Registration for Internationals close Thursday at 11:59 PM – You will not be able to make changes on Friday. PET (practice) for both disciplines will be posted and emailed out to athletes and coaches 2 days prior to the training days. These will be squaded practices, please be on time!
*Registration for all other disciplines close July 3rd at 11:59 PM – You will not be able to make changes Monday July 4th Please plan accordingly!
*Teams if you have athletes you know will not be attending, please finalize your squads, we have several teams still looking for spots!!
*If anyone is wanting to work please contact Candy Cox at (419-569-8468) – these are paid positions and can be flexible!
*Golf carts and UTV’s – We expect a higher than normal amount of golf carts and UTV’s this year. It is up to you parents and coaches to make sure that athletes under the age of 16 and athletes without a current drivers license do NOT drive these carts! This has been a problem in the past and will be dealt with accordingly by the police on site. PLEASE make sure you do your part, we do not want anybody hurt!
*Do not remove any banners, posters or feather flags. These are the property of the SCTP and SASP and as such, removing them for any reason is considered stealing. You will be prosecuted and removed from the tournament. There are many new cameras installed around the facility this year and we will not give any warnings! Stealing or vandalism of any kind will be dealt with severely and end with removal from the tournament and program!
*All coaches must register at the CEB before your athletes fire their first shot. Paperwork and T-Shirts can be picked up at that time! Teams shooting international disciplines can check in at the tent between Bunker Traps 2-3 at the end of the Skeet fields. Athlete bibs can be picked up there as well as they will be assigned to each athlete.
*SCTP Supporters and sponsors will have a “2022 SCTP Sponsor” poster placed in their storefront or tent. Please patronize these folks whenever possible, they are giving back to your sport and these proceeds go towards our scholarship program!

*SCTP Demo fields will be available again this year on bank 5. These demo fields are only available to sponsors of the SCTP. Any firearm manufacturer or dealer that is not a sponsor will not be allowed to have their firearms demo’ d on these fields. Please see the attendant on site and thank those that support our program!

*Make A Break – there will be a special Make A Break “Team” challenge! Please see the folks at the Make A Break fields to find out how to play and register for this special event! There will be great prizes and the top teams may star in a movie!

*Everyone! Please be kind and patient! With record numbers yet again for this national championship, things take time. As always, we want to make sure everything is correct when doing award ceremonies and so on. We cannot do any awards ceremonies until all scores are in and posted, we then allow coaches and athletes to make sure their scores are correct as posted before we do any potential shoot-offs and awards. This all takes time! Please relax and be assured we are getting this done as fast as possible!

Be safe and courteous!

We sincerely hope you enjoy your record-breaking 2022 National Championships! 

SCTP Nationals Update & Information!

 The SCTP National Championships registration opens Wednesday (June 1st)!

Here are a few updates and information you may need to know for this years tournament.

 #1 – At this time – all pre-registrations that have been received are in (130+) – Payments will process this week!  At that time you will see balances cleared on the vouchers for the amount you paid during Pre-Registration. Remember, these payments are non-refundable!

#2 – With the challenge for many of juggling State shoot and Nationals pre-built squads – there were several teams who had a few issues with squads – we did our best to make sure that there were a correct number of slots for each team based on the amount they were paying for each discipline.  PLEASE CHECK YOUR VOUCHERS…. After June 1st you will be able to log in and make any and all changes to pre-registration squads. 

#3 – Several teams built their pre-built squads under the HS (High School classifications) While we do use that for our High School Awards we need everyone to be classified in SCTP – A.  This also caused some teams to not allow us to populate the squads you built so again, we chose random athletes from your team to ensure you had the number of athletes in the system based on what your payment was for.  PLEASE CHECK YOUR VOUCHERS…. After June 1st you will be able to log in and make any and all changes to pre-registration squads.

#4 – We will be monitoring and opening additional slots as we are able – please keep in mind when we open slots, that means we have to hire more help – we strategically open slots to help ensure the costs are reasonable for everyone!  

Skeet Doubles Competition – Bettinsoli USA has been newly named as the official firearm sponsor of this years Skeet Doubles competition. Four number will be picked at the end of the day on Friday, July 15th. The top 2 shooters in each of those 4 groups of numbers (total 8 shooters) will be invited to shoot a Bettinsoli Shotgun in a Make A Break format Saturday afternoon to determine the winner of the new Bettinsoli Omega Sport Shotgun! Thank you Bettinsoli for stepping up!!

International Ammunition will be available at this years National Championships. If you have Intl. ammo, please bring it as supplies will be limited! Other ammunition will be available as well through Sportsmans Den and the Cardinal Center Sporting Clays building.

College day will be Friday, July 15th from 9am – 5pm at the Hitters Building. Colleges that attended this past falls SCTP National Championships will have preferred table placement when you enter the building!

As always, businesses and vendors that have the official “2022 SCTP Sponsor” placard in their store window or tent are folks that helped support and sponsor our program. When possible, please patronize these businesses. If they do not have this placard, please ask them why they don’t support!

Please contact us with any other questions!
The SCTP National Team
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