SCTP International Team shines at 2022 ACUI National Championships

Title photo courtesy of Emily Rasmussen. Sarah Schwacher, Damien Stewart, Emily Rasmussen

The ACUI Collegiate National Championships concluded in San Antonio after a week long competition schedule encompassing both international and american clay target disciplines. The Winchester-sponsored SCTP International Team had quite a good showing, with 100 target competitions March 19th and 20th for International Skeet and Bunker Trap, respectively. Athletes Joshua Corbin and Emersyn Berck claimed two individual National Champion titles in International Skeet. The SCTP International Team Head Coach, Terri DeWitt noted quite a few other placements with both current and past Team members.

DeWitt asked the youth athletes what it feels like to be the respective 2022 ACUI International Skeet National Champion: “Pretty great. Feels like all my training paid off,” said Berck. Josh Corbin answered: “I feel grateful for all of the training and opportunities the SCTP has provided to prepare me for my collegiate career.” 

DeWitt asked team member Emily Rasmussen how it felt to sweep the podium with past and present SCTP teammates: “Even though we are competitors, we are cheering each other on and it feels great when we all succeed and make the podium together,” replied Rasmussen.

Photo courtesy of Katy Corbin. Joshua Corbin and Emersyn Berck

Mens’ I-Skeet
1st – Joshua Corbin (Current Team Member), Hillsdale College
2nd – Kyle Fleck (2019 SCTP International Team) Hillsdale College
3rd – Mathew Brindley (Current Team Member), William Penn Univ

Women’s I-Skeet
1st – Emersyn Berck (Current Team Member), Kansas State Univ
2nd – Emily Rasmussen (Current Team Member), Concordia Univ
3rd – Sarah Schwacher (2017, 2020 Team), Concordia Univ

Men’s I-Trap
13th – Joshua Corbin
16th – Manny Butdorf (Current Team Member), Jacksonville Univ
43rd – Mathew Brindley (Current Team Member)

Women’s I-Trap
5th – Madeleine Taylor (2017 Team), Concordia Univ
*Current SCTP Team did not have anyone entered in Women’s I-Trap. Ida Brown was in Peru competing at the World Cup.

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