2022 SCTP National Championships updates and changes!

The SCTP National Championships are right around the corner, and we want to make sure everyone is aware of some changes and modifications to this year’s tournament!

International Dates – July 4-10

July 4: I-Skeet PET

July 5: I-Skeet 75 targets competition

July 6: I-Skeet 50 targets competition followed by match finals & Awards

July 7: Bunker Trap PET

July 8: Bunker Trap 50 targets competition

July 9: Bunker Trap 50 targets competition

July 10: Bunker Trap 25 targets competition followed by match finals & awards

*We are looking for referees for I-Skeet and Bunker Trap – please contact Terri DeWitt at bluerockcoaching@Icloud.com

American Discipline Dates – July 9-16

Skeet – Rotation #1 July 9/10

Rotation #2 July 11/12

Rotation #3 July 13/14

Sporting Clays – Rotation #1 July 9/10

Rotation #2 July 11/12

Rotation #3 July 13/14

Trap – Rotation #1 July 13/14

Rotation #2 July 15/16

Trap Doubles / Handicap Trap – Rotation #1 July 9/10

Rotation #2 July 11/12

Rotation #3 July 13/14

Skeet Doubles – Shot Friday, July 15 only!

Kids and Clays Charity Shoot

5-Stand will be available July 13 & 14

Sporting Clays can be shot either July 15 or 16

Make A Break – Shot all week with finals shot on Thursday, July 14 at 6:30pm

Just a reminder, all squadding is done through your team’s head coach. Please do not contact the National Office for squadding, changes or times!

College Day – Will be Friday, July 15 in the “Hitters Building” from 9am – 5pm

Some changes for this year’s tournament:

We have added another Sporting Clays rotation on July 9/10, to help accommodate all of the teams and athletes arriving early! 5pm rotation Sporting Clays is a last resort only!

We have added another flight to the Trap competition on July 13/14

Awards ceremonies for Skeet-Sporting Clays-Handicap Trap-Trap Doubles will be Friday evening July 15

Awards ceremonies for Skeet Doubles-Trap-Trap HOA-HOA Awards will be Saturday evening July 16

IMPORTANT: anybody not wanting to be around large crowds or leaving the tournament early can pick up their awards at the Trophy room from 9-noon, July 15 or 16!

SORRY! But we are unable to provide Super Sporting at this years National Championships. We will however be able to provide a side event “5-Stand” for the first 4 days of the Nationals!

Golf Cart Rentals Please contact Brenda at Eagle Golf Car eaglegolfcars@aol.com

Do not wait until the last minute or you will not be able to get one!


National Championship “pre-registration” will start May 6th and end May 16th.

Registration information is available by clicking here

Coaches pre-registration form

New Award Group!

Many teams across the country have asked us to change to “Team Scoring” for the National Championships. While we do not want to make any changes without getting nearly 100% support, we have decided to add this award group so that coaches could get a better feel for “team Scoring”!

This year, we have added a new award called the “SCTP Team Award”!

The SCTP Team Award will be calculated by using that teams top 5 scores for Trap, top 5 scores for Skeet and top 5 scores for Sporting Clays. Also known as “Team Scoring”.

(This is the same method used for the High School Awards, College Awards, and the HOA Awards)

30 additional awards, 10 in each discipline!

This will include the Senior Division (JV & Varsity) 1st through 5th places with trophy and medals

As well as the Intermediate Division (Rookie, IE & IA) 1st through 5th places with trophy and medals

Ammunition will be available on site!

We look forward to seeing you all at this year’s National Championships in July!

Your SCTP Team!

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