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2019 SCTP National Raffle Winners

We would like to officially announce the winners of the 2019 SCTP National Raffle, drawing held Saturday July 20th 2019 at the Cardinal Shooting Center in front of the grandstands.

Teams that took part in this national raffle were part of a group that raised over $80,000 for their own teams’ expenses as well as the SCTP’s Scholarship Program!

Firearms were donated from the following supporting Industry leaders and included the top prize of the Kolar Low Max Over/Under shotgun:

Kolar Arms – Blaser USA – Browning – Beretta – SKB – CZ USA – Legacy Sports Intl.

Please patronize these fine firearm manufacturers and dealers as they show year after year their support of the SCTP, its teams, athletes and coaches!

We plan on starting next years raffle a little sooner so that teams can participate and utilize these funds earlier in the shooting year. Look for the SCTP National Raffle to begin around the 1st of March time-frame and may include some more VERY exciting prizes!

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners!

SCTP National Gun Raffle Winners!
Kolar Low Max
Won by Brad Simms of Des Moines, Iowa

Blaser F-16
Won by Kathy Orr of Palm Harbor, Florida

Browning Citori
Won by Mike Lingsch Hamilton, Ohio

Beretta 690
Won by Leslie Washatko of Antigo, Wisconsin

CZ All American
Won by Mark Stuchel of Earlham, Iowa

Won by Sue Holtzman of Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Howa 6.5 Creedmoor
Won by Steve Meek of New Market, Tennessee

These drawings were held Saturday, July 20th at the beginning of the Trap and HOA awards in front of the grandstands at the Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, Ohio.

All winners must furnish an FFL for us to ship these firearms.

SCTP National Raffle Ticket Sales (Team) Winners!
Below are the teams that sold the most SCTP National Raffle tickets and the amount of MidwayUSA Foundation deposited team endowment funds earned for that team!


1.            Mid-Carolina Young Guns, SC – $8,000
2.            Dugger Union Clay Shooters, IN – $7,000
3.            BHS Demons Shooting Team, WI – $6,000
4.            Western Mass Clay Crushers, MA – $5,000
5.            Ft. Lee Duster, VAs – $4,000

We would like to thank all the teams that took part in this years National Raffle and hope this helped provide some additional funding for your team!

Pre-Order Choke Tubes and Accessories from Briley and Pickup at Nationals!

Briley is again offering impressive discounts on its chokes and accessories for SCTP members attending the SCTP Nationals in Marengo, Ohio July 13-20.

The discount includes a buy-one-choke, get-one-free sale. Because of limited inventory, Briley is currently taking pre-orders for chokes and accessories that can be picked up during the events. The sale is limited to 4-H and SCTP athletes only.

All orders must be placed no later than Friday July 5, 2019.

Please email, mail, fax, or call in the following info to Briley:
-Phone #
-Make, model, and gauge of the gun(s)
-The style of chokes you want. i.e. silver extended, black extended, spectrum (color bands), ported, titanium, etc. Then…list the constrictions (sizes) you want. i.e. SK, IC, LMOD, etc. (If you need help selecting your chokes, please feel free to contact any one our sales reps and they will be happy to help.)
Include any wrenches, grease, choke-cleaning brushes, snap caps and other accessories you’d like to purchase.

Please call Briley @ 1-800-331-5718 to place your order with any sales rep or email hannah@briley.com or smp@briley.com. Visit Briley online for complete product information.

Nearly 2,700 Youth Compete at SASP/SCTP Nationals

The Scholastic Clay Target Program and Scholastic Action Shooting Program National Championships were conducted July 14-21 at the Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, Ohio. Youth from 26 states participated in the eight day event with 2,692 competitors putting over one million rounds down range.

Highlights of the week-long event included Wednesday evening’s Opening Ceremonies, Thursday’s pizza party, Friday’s ice cream social and college recruiting day plus the filming of a major motion picture about our sport!

Scholastic Clay Target Program competition events included 16 yard trap, handicap trap, trap doubles, skeet, skeet doubles, sporting clays and bunker trap.

SCTP Award Ceremonies for Skeet and Sporting Clays were held on Thursday evening and for Trap, Skeet Doubles and High Over All on Saturday.

SCTP Main Event H.O.A. results:

1st Place – Lake Oconee Shotgun Team (Georgia) – 2,112
2nd Place – Forest City Juniors (Georgia) – 2,106
3rd Place – Central Georgia Elite Shooters (Georgia) – 2,103
4th Place – North Scott Trap Team (Iowa) – 2,102
5th Place – PC Eagles (Iowa) – 2,074

SCTP High School H.O.A. results:

1st Place – North Scott Trap Team (Iowa) – 2,865
2nd Place – PC Eagles (Iowa) – 2,791
3rd Place – Allen Eagles Competitive Shooting Team (Texas) – 2,781
4th Place – Union Grove Broncos Shooting Club (Wisconsin) – 2,757
5th Place – Marquette Hiltoppers Trap Team (Wisconsin) – 2,744

Complete results for the 2018 SCTP National Championships available here: http://bit.ly/2LCYXWC

The Scholastic Action Shooting Program events included competition in rimfire pistol, centerfire pistol, rifle optics, rifle iron sights, 1911 and pistol caliber carbine (PCC).  Award Ceremonies were held on Saturday evening and for the 5th year in a row the Lake Country Action Shooters of Wisconsin won the Senior Division of Centerfire Pistol!

Centerfire Pistol – Senior Division results:
1st Place – Lake Country Action Shooters -186.36
2nd Place – Central Florida Rifle & Pistol Club – 207.66
3rd Place – Arnold Junior shooters Red – 230.16

Other notable results for the SASP Rifle Competitions included two athletes, Ethan Inocando and Nate Gibson, who shot sub 30 second match times, which has never been done before at the SASP National Championships.

Optics Rifle Men results:
1st Place – Ethan Inocando (South Texas Shooters) – Senior/Varsity- 29.06
2nd Place – Nate Gibson (Steel Shooters of Traer) –  Intermediate/Advanced  – 29.68
3rd Place – Holdon Perez – South Texas Shooters – 30.92

Complete results for the 2018 SASP National Championships available here:  http://bit.ly/2NLjWUH

The Scholastic Clay Target Program and Scholastic Action Shooting Program introduced a new event at this year’s National Championships – the Top Gun Challenge. Over the years SCTP and SASP watched the steady increase in athletes shooting multiple disciplines in both their programs at nationals. They wanted to find a way to recognize the commitment and stamina these athletes have shown competing in so many events, over the course of the week. CZ-USA, a large sponsor of both SCTP and SASP graciously offered to sponsor the top prize for the winner. CZ-USA donated a Shotgun, a Rifle and a Pistol to SCTP/SASP and awarded all three prizes to the winners.

Top Gun Winners:
Tom Keeshan – North Scott Trap Team (Iowa) – Rookie/Intermediate/Varsity Division
Mark Beardsley  –  Mason Dixon Shooters (Pennsylvania) – College Division

View complete Top Gun standings here

Side competitions held during the week included Make a Break and Last Competitor Standing.

Make a Break Winner, Todd Hitch of the William Blount Shooting Team, received the Grand Prize, a Blaser F16 Sporting Shotgun donated by Double Guns of Nashville.

The first of two Last Competitor Standing Competitions was held Wednesday evening following the Opening Ceremonies. Over 550 athletes stood shoulder to shoulder and competed for the title of Champion in the Men’s, Ladies and Collegiate Divisions. The second competition was held on Friday night. Winners received custom championship belt buckles and the Men’s and Ladies Division winners won SKB IS300 or Beretta A300 shotguns.

Be sure to mark your calendars for the 2019 SCTP and SASP National Championships for July 13-20 at the Cardinal Shooting Center in Ohio!

Briley Offers SCTP Nationals Pre-Order

A letter from Briley Regarding 4H State & SCTP Nationals Pre Order

Hi Everyone!!

I hope this letter finds all the kiddos and families happy and healthy!!

It’s that time of year again to begin preparing for the Texas State 4-H Championships in San Antonio and SCTP Nationals in Marengo. This year is busier than ever for Briley, especially our travel and shoot schedule.

This year, TX State 4-H and SCTP Nationals are same week in July. This year….again….we would like to try pre-ordering chokes and selected accessories to be picked up at each event. The “Buy One Choke, Get One Free” is always very popular and we want to do our best to be prepared when you walk into our stores.

Inventory will be VERY limited at each event.
On a little more serious note, the “Buy One, Get One” is a once a year sale we love to do for the kids. We feel very strongly that the youth is the future of shooting sports and hunting and we are committed to helping in any way we can. With that being said, this sale in San Antonio and Marengo, is for 4H & SCTP members only. We would appreciate keeping this relationship between Briley, SCTP, and 4H honest and a respected program. All the kids and their families have always been top notch, polite, grateful, and truly a pleasure to do business with.

Briley would also like to thank all the parents, coaches, and chaperons for your hard work and commitment to the kids and this sport. Without you, this week of shooting would not happen.

If you have any questions or need further information please contact our sales team in Houston.



All orders must be placed no later than

Friday, July 6.

Order Information – Chokes, Wrenches, and Accessories

We will need the following information emailed, mailed, faxed, or called into Briley.



Phone #

Make, model, and gauge of the gun(s)

Please specify the style of chokes you want. i.e. silver extended, black extended, spectrum (color bands), ported, titanium, etc. Then…list the constrictions (sizes) you want. i.e. SK, IC, LMOD, etc.

If you need help selecting your chokes, please feel free to contact any one our sales reps and we will be happy to help.

Please include any wrenches, grease, choke cleaning brushes, snap caps, or any other accessories you would like to purchase.

Please call Briley @ 1-800-331-5718 to place your order with any sales rep or email hannah@briley.com.



Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you so much for your continued support and use of Briley products. We are proud to be a part of the SCTP & 4H shooting sports!!

We look forward to seeing each and every one of you in July.

Hannah Price – Briley Mfg.

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