Pre-Order Choke Tubes and Accessories from Briley and Pickup at Nationals!

Briley is again offering impressive discounts on its chokes and accessories for SCTP members attending the SCTP Nationals in Marengo, Ohio July 13-20.

The discount includes a buy-one-choke, get-one-free sale. Because of limited inventory, Briley is currently taking pre-orders for chokes and accessories that can be picked up during the events. The sale is limited to 4-H and SCTP athletes only.

All orders must be placed no later than Friday July 5, 2019.

Please email, mail, fax, or call in the following info to Briley:
-Phone #
-Make, model, and gauge of the gun(s)
-The style of chokes you want. i.e. silver extended, black extended, spectrum (color bands), ported, titanium, etc. Then…list the constrictions (sizes) you want. i.e. SK, IC, LMOD, etc. (If you need help selecting your chokes, please feel free to contact any one our sales reps and they will be happy to help.)
Include any wrenches, grease, choke-cleaning brushes, snap caps and other accessories you’d like to purchase.

Please call Briley @ 1-800-331-5718 to place your order with any sales rep or email hannah@briley.com or smp@briley.com. Visit Briley online for complete product information.


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