SCTP Names Newest Members Of International Team

The SCTP ran the coveted National Championships in July at the Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, Ohio with a new twist: the International National Championships were included. Normally an eight-day event, the SCTP National Championships became a ten-day event with the addition and start of the International disciplines of International Skeet and Bunker Trap. Overall, 220 athletes took part in the newest addition of competition to the Cardinal Center.

“This has been a dream and project of mine personally for about 3-4 years,” said Tom Wondrash, SCTP National Director. “We have worked very hard with Cardinal Center staff to come up with a plan, with Promatic and Larry & Brenda Potterfield to assist us with the funding and support and had even raised funds ourselves to help with the purchase of 4 Bunker Fields and equipment! Having a facility that can house all our needs was essential and the savings to families and teams of less travel and time off work will make a huge impact going forward. We can’t thank everyone enough including Winchester, the official ammunition of the SCTP/SCTP International Team for their support and making the dream come true!”

As the Official Ammo of the SCTP, Winchester has gone above and beyond with SCTP-branded packaging on shelves near you soon! We love seeing our sponsors so passionately support our program and spread awareness to the masses!

Since the completion of the newest international range in the country, the Cardinal Center has announced that they will also be adding an additional bunker trap field to be completed by the 2021 SCTP National Championships, bringing the total fields on site to five.

“We couldn’t be prouder to add this opportunity to the Cardinal Centers shooting venue,” said Luke Spengler, Cardinal Centers Trap manager. “We feel that this will greatly strengthen the International Shooting sports as a whole and are very excited to support the SCTP’s mission and dedication to the shooting sports. Creating these opportunities is what this is all about, we commend Tom and his staff & supporters for the hard work they have put into making this happen!”

The 4-day International portion of the National Championships is in the books and 15 new athletes have been named to the 2020/2021 SCTP International Team! These athletes come from 8 states and over half of those athletes coming from Arizona and Wisconsin (4 each).

“These athletes worked hard,” said Terri DeWitt, SCTP International Team Head Coach, and former Olympian. “Many of them had very little to no training due to the pandemic and had to travel a long way just to participate. What an awesome opportunity for these athletes, I look forward to the many years of competitions and camps we will host here, and calling the Cardinal Center “home” of the SCTP International Team is just a bonus! We could not have gotten through the long competition days without the generous support and effort of all of our volunteers. This was truly a team effort and it showed in the tremendous amount of success we had in the execution of this inaugural International Championships!” 

The SCTP would like to congratulate the following athletes for their performance last month and for making the 2020/2021 SCTP International Team!

Pictured: Top 3 Women from the Bunker Trap Finals 

SCTP International Team, Bunker Trap Women:
Aiko Coloso – Florida
Taylor Dale – Wisconsin
Sydney Krieger – Arizona
Loretta Christian – Arizona

Pictured: Top 3 Men from the Bunker Trap Finals

SCTP International Team, Bunker Trap Men:
Logan Samson – Alaska
Tristan Schroeder – Michigan
Matthew Killeen – Arizona

Pictured: Top 3 Women from the International Skeet Finals with SCTP International Team Head Coach, Terri DeWitt

SCTP International Team, Skeet Women:
Erin Lokke – Minnesota
Sarah Schwacher – Wisconsin
Phoebe Smith – Tennessee
Madeline Corbin – Wisconsin

Pictured: Top 3 Men from the International Skeet Finals

SCTP International Team, Skeet Men:
Zachary Maggard – Tennessee
Josh Corbin – Wisconsin
Preston Bailey – Missouri
Jordan Sapp – Arizona

Each year the SCTP crowns a new International Team based on finishes at its International National Championships. Next year, those dates will be July 8-11. Competition year for the team runs from September 1st – August 31st and includes several camps and competitions lead by Head Coach DeWitt. Make sure you and your team are registered with the SCTP to take advantage of this incredible opportunity of a lifetime!

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