SCTP International Team Trains In Tucson

As 2019 drew to a close, the SCTP International Team gathered in Tucson, AZ for the year’s last training camp, December 28-30. Since most of the team members will be participating in USA Shooting’s Olympic Trials Part 2 being held at Tucson Trap and Skeet next month, it made sense to get some training on this range. “Honestly, the weather was really awful this week,” remarked Coach Terri DeWitt. “But it was an excellent opportunity for the athletes to get a game plan for sustained winds and cold temperatures in case we have the same thing next month.”

Athletes attending this camp were: Erin Lokke, Emily Rasmussen, Madeline Corbin, Josh Corbin, Jordan Sapp, Kyle Fleck, Preston Bailey, Sarah Schwacher, Joe Witty, Quinn Schuppner, Peter Meola, Tony Meola, Kevin Whitehead, Alexa Paxson, Ella McLerran, Sydney Krieger, and Madeleine Taylor.

Lending their expertise to the training camp were two subject matter experts; two-time Olympian Connie Smotek, who coached Skeet and Physical Therapist Dr. Cathy Arnot who assessed the strength, flexibility, and balance of each athlete as well as led group exercises. Each athlete left the camp with Dr. Arnot’s individual recommendations for home programs intended to address any impairment and to maximize performance. “It was a pleasure to meet and work with such a talented group of young shooting athletes,” she said.

On the benefit of having an individual exercise protocol, skeet athlete Jordan Sapp commented, “With this I can properly stretch to feel more comfortable on the first round of the day.” Skeet athlete Preston Bailey also enjoyed the camp, remarking, “ I loved the coaching and definitely picked up some hot tips that are going to serve me well! I loved being able to work with Dr. Cathy and learn how to properly prepare myself.”

The SCTP International Team would like to thank the staff at Tucson Trap and Skeet for their generous hospitality in hosting the camp.

Training camps for 2020 are still in the planning stages.

“We have some fantastic opportunities for SCTP International Team athletes coming up this year that may include some overseas travel!” Added Tom Wondrash, SCTP National Director. “We are working hard making sure these athletes have every opportunity to succeed and have as many tools as we can muster up for them! We can’t thank Coach DeWitt enough for her passion and the diligence she has shown ensuring the best possible outcome for these athletes, this team is going places!”


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