SCTP Athletes Serving America!

ImageGenThe SCTP would like your help in honoring our former SCTP Athletes that have gone on and are serving our country!!!

Please read how you can help acknowledge those serving!

SCTP Athletes Now Serving!

Philip DavisWIAir Force Academy
Alexis Noel SalvaneraGAArmy National Guard
Tyler BraaschWIMarines
Adam TuinstraWIMarines
Zack BeyerWIAir Force
Glenn StuckeyINArmy
Landon WallINArmy
Shane HoltonMIArmy
Aaron Paul WhiteAZArmy
Benjamin Miles NoltingAZArmy
Cody BrightTNArmy
Derek HaldemanOHArmy Marksmanship Unit
Nicholas A. BryantINArmy National Guard
Matthew CunninghamINMarines
Peter ConroyMAMarines
Zack BannonMAMarines
Steve SeveyWIMarines
Blaine KoonsINMarines
David YonkingsOHNaval Academy
Sean WilsonMANavy


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