SCTP Announces New State Advisors

The SCTP would like to announce the addition of some of its newest State Advisors for the 2019/2020 competition season.

Angie Everson of Midland, Sylvia McCart from Nicholson and Steve Lane of Madison have all agreed to help in assisting teams, athletes and coaches in the state of Georgia. Angie brings several years of experience and dedication to the SCTP and currently coaches the Harris County Shotgun Team. Sylvia is currently an assistant coach with the Georgia Claybusters and Steve has been the Head Coach of the Lake Oconee Shotgun Team for some time! The growing number of teams and athletes in Georgia sure welcome their guidance and help with state and local events and for being the boots on the ground. We appreciate them stepping up and thank them for their dedication to the SCTP!

Michael Jacks of Grenada will be assisting new teams, athletes and coaches in the state of Mississippi! Mississippi, one of the newest states to get involved with the SCTP, is seeing some significant interest and growth in the youth shooting sports. Home to the Winchester supported shooting facility, The McIvor Shooting Center, SCTP is working on a plan for a spring 2020 Regional shoot to be held there. Michael is involved with the Cypress Creek Shotgun Sports Team and looks forward to working with new teams and coaches joining the SCTP!

Andy Croley of Williamsburg has agreed to assist teams, athletes and coaches in the state of Kentucky. We have started to see more interest and excitement in Kentucky and look forward to the help there! Andy heads up the Whitley County Clay Crushers and is excited to work with more teams and coaches in an effort to grow youth shooting in the state of Kentucky!

Kevin Kozel of Carmichaels Pennsylvania, will be assisting fellow State Advisors in PA in helping build new teams, adding athletes and overall growing of the SCTP! PA has seen regular steady growth over the last few years and continues to garner more teams and athletes. Kevin is involved with his local team, The Hunting Hills Hawkeyes where he has been an assistant coach there for the last few years.

Dale Cason of Yukon will be heading up efforts in the state of Oklahoma. Dale enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 children and is an outdoor enthusiast. He spends time out hunting and shooting as well as coaching his team the F5 Clay Crushers. We look forward to Dale’s help in Oklahoma and growing the SCTP program there!

State Advisors are appointed positions by the SCTP National Organization and renewed yearly. If you are interested in assisting the SCTP with growing youth clay target shooting in your state, please reach out to your Director of Development (western US) Jeff Morrison jmorrison@sssfonline.com or (Eastern US) Chet Tuinstra ctuinstra@sssfonline.com. We would be happy to have you!


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