SCTP 2021 Olympic & Sporting Clays Development Camp


What: The SCTP 2021 Olympic Disciplines & Sporting Clays Development Camp (OSCD)

· This camp will be conducted by the National SCTP Coaching Staff and National coaches designed to introduce SCTP Athletes to Olympic Skeet and Bunker Trap.

Where: The Cardinal Center, Marengo Ohio

When: May 27-31 (athletes) / May 26-31 (for coaches)

· Coaches Report on Wednesday, May 26 and leave on Monday, May 31 Coaches will need to report in by 9AM on the 26th for range training.

· Athletes need to be in for a mandatory meeting at 5PM, May 27th and depart the 31st. For athletes, the 27th and 31st are travel days. Please plan accordingly

Who: Registered SCTP Athletes, SCTP Coaches and State Advisors

Cost: Athletes – $800

· Fees include classroom materials, meals, SCTP hat, Camp shirt, targets, ammo, certified coaches and a sponsor supplied goody bag!

Coaches/Advisors – $900

· Fees include all coach materials & books, meals, SCTP Hat, camp shirt, targets, ammo, coach training by certified coaches and a sponsor goody bag!

How: Download and complete the appropriate application form. Be sure to read carefully “The Details” (below) for specifics.

The Details


The Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) will host the camp, which is specifically for Registered SCTP Athletes, Head and Assistant Coaches, and State Advisors. Coaches, State Advisors, and all registered, active SCTP Athletes who are 14 years of age or older in the Intermediate Advanced through Varsity Division, are eligible to apply.


The National Coach Training Staff will conduct introductory training for SCTP Athletes in the Olympic disciplines of Bunker Trap, International Skeet and Sporting Clays. Lead Instructor for the International Disciplines will be former Olympian, Terri DeWitt. Lead Instructor for the Sporting Clays portion will be 2-time Guinness World Record Holder, Dave Miller! Dave also holds the titles of, NSCA Level 3 Instructor, NRA Range Safety Officer, NRA Basic Shotgun, Multi State Sporting / FITASC Champion and Master Class shooter!

Athletes will train in one discipline, bunker trap, skeet or Sporting Clays. They will be introduced to the physical training and mental conditioning processes of world class athletes in the shotgun target sports. This training will take place at the Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, Ohio.

SCTP Coaches/State Advisors will be immersed in a coach-training program that begins in the classroom and moves to the range for hands- on experience in how to be a more effective coach. There they will apprentice under a National Training Coach and begin to put into practice what they have learned by coaching the SCTP Athletes.


The purpose of the camp is twofold:

1. To assist U.S.A. Shooting in its pursuit of identifying SCTP Athletes who have the potential to become U.S.A. Shooting Team members and, ultimately, Olympic champions; and

2. To provide SCTP Coaches and State Advisors with increased knowledge and skills in order to become more effective in working with SCTP Athletes.

Quota Slots:

The 2021 Camp has room for up to forty (40) qualified SCTP Athletes. 18 Bunker Trap, 12 I-Skeet and 10 Sporting Clays (That doesn’t mean all slots must be filled). For active registered Coaches and State Advisors, there are up to ten (10) slots for coach training.

Selection Criteria:

1. SCTP Athletes: Criteria for selecting successful athlete applicants include, but are not limited to:

a. School Grades & Time with SCTP

b. Character c. Maturity d. Interest

e. Questionnaire Answers f. Documented Scores

2. SCTP Coaches and State Advisors – Criteria for selecting successful coach/State Advisors applicants include but not limited to:

a. Length of Service

b. Demonstrated Commitment to SCTP

c. Embodiment of “Double Goal Coach” Principles

d. Questionnaire Answers e. Character


All participants, athletes and adults, will take their meals at “The Brook”, property adjacent to the shooting fields on the west end of the Cardinal Center property. Participants will be responsible for their own lodging. We have secured rates and cabins at the Cardinal Center but these reservations must be handled by the participants after acceptance!


Athletes and Coaches/State Advisors must travel to the Cardinal Center at their own expense and athletes should be chaperoned by a parent or guardian for the duration of the camp.

Report Dates:

Attendees must report in by 5PM on the first day or “arrival” day; and attend the introductory meeting that evening. For Coaches that is Wednesday, May 26th at 9AM and for athletes that is Thursday, May 27th at 5PM.

Application Package Process:

1. Download and complete the Application / Questionnaire Forms.

2. Submit all documents in your Application Package together at the same time, no bits and pieces will be accepted for consideration. You may e-mail, fax or mail the completed Application Package. See below…

E-mail to:




Mail to:

Tom Wondrash

“CAMP Application”

925 Milwaukee Ave STE #B1

Burlington, WI 53105


The deadline for receiving all completed application papers is Midnight, Saturday, April 10th, 2021 ……NO EXCEPTIONS!

Selection Process:

Applications will be routed to the CAMP 2021 Selection Committee. All completed applications will be screened, and successful applicants will be notified by email within 10 days after deadline.

It is vitally important that you provide a current and LEGIBLE e-mail address. Please PRINT the e-mail address where you wish to be contacted.

Successful Applicant Process:

Accepted applicants for the camp will receive a Camp Travel Form that must be completed and returned by April 30th. There are NO refunds for cancelations after May 8th, 2021. These camp spots must be paid prior to April 30th, 2021.


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