SCHEELS Signs Multi-year Sponsorship of SCTP

Outdoor retailer SCHEELS has agreed to another 3-year sponsorship at the “Red Diamond” level in support of the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP), a youth development program of the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation (SSSF).

“SCHEELS is honored to be a proud supporter of the SCTP as they continue to grow and develop the sport of competitive shooting at the scholastic level,” said Marcus Thornton, VP of Marketing. “We are excited to help play a role in the mission of the SCTP and to aid in the further development of our youth through the excitement around shooting sports.”

“This consecutive 3-year commitment will mark the first-ever continued sponsorship at this level from a large sporting goods retailer for the SCTP and we are most grateful to them,” commented Tom Wondrash, SCTP National Director. “The SCHEELS team understands how important our youth are to the shooting sports and has reset the bar in support of the youth shooting sports and youth development! We look forward to working with them for years to come!”

The SCTP is excited to be working with SCHEELS, with a focused partnership between SCTP teams and their respective community’s SCHEELS retail locations. The opportunity to start new teams in areas as well as grow in communities with current team/store overlap will prove to be a win-win scenario for some time!

About Scheels
SCHEELS is an employee-owned, privately held business that owes its consistent success to its empowered associates, leaders and partners who think and make decisions for their individual stores and the entire company. Today, SCHEELS is a 28-store operation with stores in 13 states including Colorado, North Dakota, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Texas, Nevada, Utah, and Kansas. Providing SCHEELS’ customers with first-class customer service and the world’s largest selection of sports, sportswear and footwear are the priorities throughout the organization.

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