Register June 1 for the 2017 SCTP National Championships!

Mark your calendar! Registration for the 2017 SCTP National Championships to be held in Marengo, Ohio, July 8-15, 2017, will open June 1 (at approximately 6 a.m. CST). All registration will be done through the SSSF SHOT System by SCTP coaches or team administrators with system access.

Cost: Skeet-$85 / Trap-$85 / Sporting Clays-$118 / Trap Dbls-$80 / Handicap-$80 / Skeet Dbls-$40 / Bunker – $60

Charity Sporting Clays Challenge – $80. This event is open to youth and adult shooters and the general public!

Please remember, squad all your athletes that plan on attending. You can make changes to the squads up to the tournament. There will be no refunds for athletes after July 4. Holding of squad slots without entering athletes or entering duplicate squads will not be allowed and those squad slots will be re-opened. When squading your athletes, make sure you are squading on the proper days! Please have courtesy for other coaches and teams!

Check with your coaches on squad times and days your athletes will be competing. As always, coaches will be responsible for squading their athletes for all events! Do not contact the national office for athlete shooting days/times. Please contact your head coach.

Schedule: (all events will shoot 100 targets each day of the two-day period. Start times will flip for 2nd day)

Saturday/Sunday – July 8-9
200 Skeet Targets (100 each day)
200 Handicap Targets
200 Doubles Targets
Bunker shoot

Monday/Tuesday – July 10-11
200 Skeet Targets
200 Sporting Clays Targets
200 Handicap Targets
200 Doubles Targets
Bunker Shoot
Monday night Banquet 5:00pm – 10:00pm

Wednesday/Thursday – July 12-13
200 Skeet Targets
200 Sporting Clays Targets
200 Trap Targets (overflow and as needed)
Bunker Shoot
Opening Ceremonies Wednesday – Approximately 4:45 p.m.
Thursday Award ceremony for Skeet and Sporting Clays
Wednesday Annie Oakley shoot and awards for Handicap and Trap Doubles

Friday/Saturday – July 14-15
100 Skeet Doubles Targets (Friday only) Winners will shoot off Saturday morning
200 Trap Targets
100 Sporting Clays Charity Shoot (benefit the Kids & Clay’s program and the SCTP scholarship program)
Award ceremony Friday night for Handicap, Doubles competition and Bunker Shoot
Friday Annie Oakley shoot. Award ceremony Saturday afternoon for Trap and HOA


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