Iowa Girl Scout builds trap shooting range for entire community


Never giving up.

One eastern Iowa teen wanted to quit many times.

But she kept going, and now she is just about done building a new trap shooting range all for her community.

Brooklyn teenager, Lizzy Worthington, was on a trap shooting team in high school.

The problem was the closest range to practice at was about 45 minutes away.

So, for her Girl Scout’s Gold award project, she decided to build a trap shooting range closer to home.

She built a range in Malcom, Iowa.

Lizzy hopes more schools and people in the surrounding towns can use the range. She also hopes it can promote gun safety by teaching people the safe way to shoot.

She says the range took two years and many hours to build. The project cost more then 50 thousand dollars.

Lizzy is now up for the Girl Scout’s National Young Women of Distinction Award for her efforts with this project.

There will be an open house at the shooting range on August 5th from 9 in the morning until 11.

It is located at 1157 U.S. Highway 6 Malcom, Iowa.

Written by Amanda Gilbert, Multimedia Journalist, News 7 KWWL. Republished with permission. Watch the video segment here.

Lizzy Worthington is a member of the BGM Shotgunners, a Scholastic Clay Target Program member-team.


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