Help MidwayUSA Foundation Create a Tagline

MidwayUSA FoundationIf you are an active team with the MidwayUSA Foundation, they want your help! The growth of the Team Endowment Account Program has been phenomenal, but they want to offer their financial assistance to even more teams. In an effort to continue branding the MidwayUSA Foundation and support more teams, they want to develop a tagline and are asking for your ideas.

A tagline is a short phrase (5-7 words) that can quickly explain or clarify what an organization does. In their case, MidwayUSA Foundation offers sustainment funding to youth shooting teams across the nation. Submit your suggestions to MidwayUSA Foundation by March 9, 2015, and if they choose your team’s suggestion, the Foundation will add $1,000 to your Team Endowment Account.

Remember, the tagline should help people to quickly understand what MidwayUSA Foundation does.

Click here to offer your ideas for a tagline.


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