Give Your Input on Possible Ammunition Orders

MidwayUSA Foundation is working with Winchester Ammunition to provide shotgun ammunition direct from the distributor to your youth shooting teams. They need your help in determining the potential quantity to order.

Should they move forward, this program will be offered in 2015 and be limited to the amount agreed upon with Winchester. By answering one quick question, you’ll help MidwayUSA Foundation gather information to make this program a success.

Here’s what the program would offer:

  • Each order will contain 104 cases (10 boxes/250 rounds @ $59 per case) of Winchester Super Target 12 ga. 1 oz, #8. Total cost, including shipping, would be $6,136. Order MUST be placed by January 1, 2015.
  • Orders MUST be placed in bulk (pallets only).
  • Shipments will start in March and run through June and must be delivered directly to a location that is capable of receiving pallets.
  • MidwayUSA Foundation will provide an order form on its website.

Click here to give your input. By participating in this survey, you are NOT obligated to purchase. If you have already participated in this survey, please disregard.


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