Featured All-Scholastic Team Member – Allison Gentry

Name: Allison Gentry
State: Ohio
Program: SASP
Team: Ohio Steel Stingers

How the SASP has helped me as a young person: The Scholastic Action Shooting Program has helped me develop as a young person by finding solutions to problems and fixing them fast, if my firearm is broken I borrow someone else’s firearm or if it gets jammed I clear the jam and keep going no matter how long it takes me to clear it. It has helped my social skills as a person and to be more outgoing. Teamwork, if you are done reloading your magazines and you see someone on your team you go and help them load and if they need anything you help them. You let your teammates borrow your firearm, you cheer for them while they shoot and you tell them good job after they come off the line. You have determination and strive, your performance is counted on the clock it is you against time it is not a sport like showing horses where it is the judges opinion you go against yourself and the time. You have confidence in yourself and the will to strive to your greatest and do a sport where you can bond with everyone around you and have fun doing what you love, that is how Scholastic Action Shooting Program has helped develop me as a young person.

About the NRA/SSSF All Scholastic Team

The All-Scholastic Team recognizes the top student athletes in the SSSF’s Scholastic Clay Target and Scholastic Action Shooting Program for their achievements in the classroom, on the range and in their communities. Through an application process, 2017 All-Scholastic Team Members have proven academic excellence by posting 3.0 or better grade point averages, shooting excellent scores in recent competition (95% in trap or skeet, 85% in sporting clays, 88% in international trap/skeet or 75 seconds or less for SASP) and by demonstrating outstanding community involvement.

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