Evan Walechka and Victoria Hendrix capture Championship Titles in Friday’s Last Competitior Standing Competition

Once again, the trap fields at the Cardinal Shooting Center were again lined up as far as the eye could see as shooters of all ages and sizes stood shoulder to shoulder to compete for some great prizes and the title of Last Competitor Standing on Friday night. Prizes were awarded to the Top 8 Finishers in the Men’s and Ladies Division and the Top 2 Finishers in the College Division.

1st – Victoria Hendrix – AZ Ben Avery (Beretta A300 & Belt Buckle)
2nd – Nicole Breese – IA Solon Spartan (Shamrock Leather Shooting Bag)
3rd – Angie Wolfert – WI Waterford Wolverines (RE Ranger Phantom Shooting Glasses)
4th – Jessica Strasser – WI Waterford Wolverines (Shamrock Leather Shell Holder – 2 cases Ammo)
5th – Aimee Spiering – WI Union Grove Bronco’s (Shamrock Leather Shell Holder – 2 cases Ammo)
6th – Kiera Wood – WI Hudson Raiders (2 – Cases Fiocchi Ammo)
7th – Savana Rasmussen – WI Union Grove Bronco’s (2 – Cases Fiocchi Ammo)
8th – Skylar Reid – GA Central Georgia Elite (1 – Case Fiocchi Ammo)

1st – Evan Walechka – WI Jefferson Sportsmens Club (Beretta A300 – Belt Buckle)
2nd – Alex Vanmiddlesworth – MI Fudd Dusters Shooting Team (Shamrock Leather Shooting Bag)
3rd – Evan Barr – OH Moulton Young Guns (RE Ranger Phantom Shooting Glasses)
4th – Brice Matney – KY Smokin Dragons (Shamrock Leather Shell Holder – 2 cases Ammo)
5th Michael Moore – IA North Scott Trap Team (Shamrock Leather Shell Holder – 2 cases Ammo)
6th – Blake Dekker – WI Rocket Trap (2 – Cases Fiocchi Ammo)
7th – Jacob Dies – IA North Scott Trap Team (2 – Cases Fiocchi Ammo)
8th – Isaac Halsne – WI Flyway Clayslayers (1 – Case Fiocchi Ammo)

1st – Matt Chlupach – IA Ankeny Centenial Jaguars (Shamrock Leather Shooting Bag)
2nd – Brennan Kamer – KY NKTG (1 – Case of Fiocchi Ammunition)

This time the Men’s Division Champion, Evan Walechka, bested Ladies Champion, Victoria Hendrix in the “Champion of Champions” shoot off and collected the Travel Case.

Congratulations to all the winners in each division!


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