CZ-USA Renews Sponsorship with SCTP

CZCZ-USA recently announced it will again partner with the SCTP as a Platinum Level Sponsor for the 2017 shootings year. CZ-USA has been developing more hunting-type shotguns like the Upland Ultralight and the Drake, as well as competition-type shotguns like the CZ-USA All American Trap Combo and the 612 Target for competitive shooters of all ages. People can see many of these fine firearms at the SCTP national and regional banquets coming up over the next few months.

“The SCTP is a world-class program and understands what it takes to run a youth shooting organization,” Dave Miller, CZ-USA’s special project & shotgun product manager, said. “We believe very strongly in the SCTP’s mission and direction and are proud to support such a fine organization with our products!”

CZ-USA has supported the SCTP at a very high level now for several years. It is constantly looking for ways to get more involved with both the SCTP and the SASP, both programs of the SSSF.

“We are very proud to have world record holder Dave Miller and CZ-USA a part of our program,” Tom Wondrash, SCTP national director, said. “CZ-USA is a great friend and partner of not only our national organization but of the teams and families as well. Like many of our other sponsors, CZ-USA gets it. They understand that our youth are the future of the shooting sports! We appreciate all they do in support of what we stand for.”

If you are interested in supporting the SCTP youth shooting program, please contact Tom Wondrash, SCTP national director, at twondrash@sssfonline.com.


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