2024 SCTP National Championships Pre-Registration

1. Send a check (or include credit card info on form) for the proper amount of all squads and athletes to the Burlington WI address post marked no earlier than May 1st and no later than May 16th. Make checks payable to SCTP.

2. ALL Pre-Registration documents must be mailed – no drop offs allowed!

3. Money received is “Non-Refundable”. Pre-registration fees will not be returned to any athletes that do not attend the SCTP National Championships.

4. All squads must be “pre-built” on your team’s home page for the National Championships. Teams will be allowed to change athletes as they see fit later but all squads must be ready to populate the shooting schedule.

5. SCTP will populate the squad assignments based on the order they are received per the postage stamp placed on the envelope by USPS. PLEASE send by regular mail (or flat rate envelope) with NO signature required. Sending paperwork requiring a signature may delay your paperwork!  We know most post offices won’t time stamp, that is fine.

6. A form will be available on the SSSF website that will require your information along with dates and times you would like your squads assigned. Please give us DIFFERENT options for days and times with at least one different set of days for at least one of your options. You are not guaranteed your request by not providing options. 

7. Teams will be notified of their pre-registration by May 30th, which is before regular registration opens on June 1st.

Note: Completed form(s) must be sent in with payment either by credit card or by check, no payment sent in with forms will result in no squads entered for that team. These payments are “nonrefundable”!! If you pay for 15 athletes and only 12 show, the other 3 athlete’s fees are not returned. Please see the SCTP Handbook for additional information.  Official SCTP Handbook
Completed form WITH payment must be mailed no sooner than May 1st, 2024, to:
SCTP Nationals Pre-Registration
C/O April Carr
925 Milwaukee Ave Ste B1
Burlington, WI 53105
We look forward to seeing you all in Marengo, Ohio the week of July 13th – 20th, 2024!

2024 Kolar Gun Raffle

We are giving away a Kolar Max O/U Valued at $14,595!
The winner can upgrade to a trap combo or change the barrels out for Skeet or Sporting Clays

How do the teams make money?
Ticket price is $10 each.
The teams will sell the Kolar Gun raffle tickets.
They will keep $5 for their team and send the other $5 to SCTP with the stub!
The more tickets you sell, the more money you make, and we will supply the tickets!

The SCTP will award a shotgun to the Top 5 ticket selling teams* as follows:

CHOICE of 1 of the below listed. Choice of firearm, based on availability, will go in the order of tickets sold:

#1) Puma Bronze Semi-Auto 12 ga.
#2) CZ-USA 1012 Semi-Auto 12 ga.
#3) CZ-USA 720 G2 20 ga.

*Teams must sell a minimum of 200 tickets to be eligible for a gun!

Drawing for the Kolar shotgun to be held at SCTP National Championships in Marengo, OH on Saturday, July 20th, 2024

SCTP International Team at USAS Olympic Selection- Part 2

The 2023-2024 SCTP International Team shot the USAS Olympic Selection over the course of five days in Tuscon, Arizona.

SCTP International Team members in attendance:

TRAP: Paige Gann, Sophia Bultema, Corbin Cooper, Cole Prince, Wyatt Shoaf

SKEET: Madeline Corbin, Madalynn Schroder, Chloe Chaleunsinh, Davis Hay, Johnathan Savage, Westley Kiter



Cole Prince – College Men, Gold

Sophia Bultema – Para, Bronze


Madeline Corbin – National Junior Women’s Skeet Team

Madeline Corbin – Junior Women, Silver

Madeline Corbin – College Women, Gold

Under 18 – Chloe Chaleunsinh, Silver

Under 18 – Madalynn Schroder, Bronze

SCTP Athlete Scholarships Now Open

The Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation (SSSF), the National Governing Body of the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) and the Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP), is offering a scholarship program to reward deserving SCTP/SASP graduating seniors with needed college assistance. The main objective is to award as many scholarships as possible to qualifying SCTP / SASP graduating seniors.

SSSF Announces Rasmussen as SCTP National Director

The Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation (SSSF) names Wayne Rasmussen as National Director of the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP). Mr. Rasmussen was selected to lead the SSSF’s youth development program with over thirteen years of experience in youth shooting sports as a parent, coach and state advisor.

“My involvement with the SSSF began when my daughters competed in both the clay target and action shooting programs. My passion for growing youth shooting sports participation rests in the belief that the SSSF’s youth development programs instill good sportsmanship, competitiveness, cooperation, teamwork, and high moral character.”

Rasmussen looks forward to building on the strong foundation already in place at SSSF and growing the Scholastic Clay Target Program across the country. “I believe there is great potential for growth in youth shooting sports. Having a program that encourages athletes, trains coaches, and builds lasting partnerships with industry leaders is key to the continued success of the SSSF/SCTP/SASP.”

“We were fortunate to have over 50 applicants for our SSSF position,” stated Rick Leach, President and Executive Director of the SSSF. We interviewed six and Wayne’s passion for youth shooting sports shined through. We are very excited for Wayne to join our staff and continue to improve and grow our program.”

With Wayne’s experience in running large-scale shooting sports events, leading coach certification trainings and systems management we are excited for him to take the helm. His previous involvement ranges from introducing new athletes to the sport all the way to coaching seasoned athletes in Olympic disciplines. Rasmussen’s leadership will propel the Scholastic Clay Target Program and the SSSF as a whole into the 2024 shooting sports season.

2023 Top Gun Challenge Results

The winners of the Top Gun Challenge at the 2023 SCTP/SASP Nationals receive the following:

1st place  CZ 1012 Shotgun, RUGER 10-22 Rifle customized by TANDEMKROSS’ , and a Italian Firearms Group Tanfoglio Esse 9mm Pistol.

2nd place CZ Drake Shotgun

3rd place Certificate for a Glock of your choice.

4th place Case Winchester Shotgun Shells


Thanks to our sponsors for their support of the Top Gun Challenge, rewarding these multi-discipline athletes!

Eligible athletes shot Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays for SCTP clay target sports and Iron pistol, rifle, and 1911 pistol for SASP action disciplines.

As of September 1st, the 2024 season has begun, so athletes can start practicing for the 2024 Top Gun Challenge at Nationals, July 13-20th at the Cardinal Shooting Center.

From Broken to Champion: A Safe Haven in Shooting Sports

The Scholastic Clay Target Program opens the door of opportunity for tens of thousands of youth athletes across the country. As a youth development program, participation in the SCTP instills many qualities that prepare those young athletes for the future. Its team format also provides a sport where there is no such thing as being benched. Young athletes who may not find success or attention in traditional sports often find a home in clay target sports where your size, strength, or gender have no basis in becoming a champion. For that same reason, Texas athlete Dylan Little was able to find continued purpose in his participation in the SCTP:

“My freshman year, I was in an ATV accident over Spring Break. I was on the A-team Allen Freshman football team, I was leading the SCTP High Overall for the season by a nice lead and really excited as covid had ended our previous season. 

They took me to a local hospital and then had to transfer me to a Trauma 1 facility after x-rays – broken back, broken hand and broken nose. The surgeon performed a spinal fusion from my L2 to L4 with two rods and eight screws and I had a 12 week recovery period where I couldn’t do anything besides walk a little each day. no lifting, no shooting, no running, only short walks.

The doctor said ‘no more contact sports, ever.’ I asked him, “Can I continue competitive shooting?”, he said you should be once healed. I also had two temporary pins in my hand and had surgery on that. Naturally, your friends are there to support and encourage you but the outpouring of support from other teams, coaches, competitors was so humbling and amazing. This program and the people involved have taught me how I want to help others who may struggle with a setback. This sport is more than shotguns, it’s a community and a family. It teaches respect, compassion, commitment and I’m honored to be a part of it.

 Home PT on my hand. We used shotgun shells to work on grip and movement!

The day my 12 weeks ended, I grabbed my shotgun and went to shoot skeet. God’s plan is bigger than mine. I’m not happy I broke my back but when I say I’m grateful for SCTP – no one understands how grateful I am. It’s given me a place to belong, something I’m good at and can still be a part of team. A chance to meet other kids from around the state with similar interests and also a place for me to excel with a talent that isn’t the normal football, baseball, etc. The shooting sport itself teaches patience, gun safety, responsibility and leadership. I’m very thankful SCTP is available at my school and to have teachers willing to help continue this sport.

My first tournament back after my accident and actually shot a 99 in skeet – it was emotional for me and my parents.
My family and girlfriend right after I finished Trap and they told me I won the HOA for the Texas State Championship

“It is just remarkable how much he has overcome since his accident, said Jason Anderson, Head Coach of the Allen Eagles Competitive Shooting Team. “He struggled last year quite a bit with his shooting. This past weekend he just won the Texas State HOA champion. I can say he’s back!”

Kolar Raffle Winner Announced

Thank you to Kolar Arms and Elite Shotguns for once again providing this outstanding fundraising opportunity for all SCTP teams!

Congratulations to Dana P. from Pennsylvania for being the winner of the Kolar Shotgun Raffle!

Also, Congratulations to the Top 5 ticket selling teams:

1. East Porter County Clay Crushers

2. BCHS – Baldwin County High School

3. Jefferson Co 4-H Patriot Shooters

4. Dugger Union Clay Shooters

5. Hallstead Clay Dusters

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