2023 Top Gun Challenge Results

The winners of the Top Gun Challenge at the 2023 SCTP/SASP Nationals receive the following:

1st place  CZ 1012 Shotgun, RUGER 10-22 Rifle customized by TANDEMKROSS’ , and a Italian Firearms Group Tanfoglio Esse 9mm Pistol.

2nd place CZ Drake Shotgun

3rd place Certificate for a Glock of your choice.

4th place Case Winchester Shotgun Shells


Thanks to our sponsors for their support of the Top Gun Challenge, rewarding these multi-discipline athletes!

Eligible athletes shot Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays for SCTP clay target sports and Iron pistol, rifle, and 1911 pistol for SASP action disciplines.

As of September 1st, the 2024 season has begun, so athletes can start practicing for the 2024 Top Gun Challenge at Nationals, July 13-20th at the Cardinal Shooting Center.

From Broken to Champion: A Safe Haven in Shooting Sports

The Scholastic Clay Target Program opens the door of opportunity for tens of thousands of youth athletes across the country. As a youth development program, participation in the SCTP instills many qualities that prepare those young athletes for the future. Its team format also provides a sport where there is no such thing as being benched. Young athletes who may not find success or attention in traditional sports often find a home in clay target sports where your size, strength, or gender have no basis in becoming a champion. For that same reason, Texas athlete Dylan Little was able to find continued purpose in his participation in the SCTP:

“My freshman year, I was in an ATV accident over Spring Break. I was on the A-team Allen Freshman football team, I was leading the SCTP High Overall for the season by a nice lead and really excited as covid had ended our previous season. 

They took me to a local hospital and then had to transfer me to a Trauma 1 facility after x-rays – broken back, broken hand and broken nose. The surgeon performed a spinal fusion from my L2 to L4 with two rods and eight screws and I had a 12 week recovery period where I couldn’t do anything besides walk a little each day. no lifting, no shooting, no running, only short walks.

The doctor said ‘no more contact sports, ever.’ I asked him, “Can I continue competitive shooting?”, he said you should be once healed. I also had two temporary pins in my hand and had surgery on that. Naturally, your friends are there to support and encourage you but the outpouring of support from other teams, coaches, competitors was so humbling and amazing. This program and the people involved have taught me how I want to help others who may struggle with a setback. This sport is more than shotguns, it’s a community and a family. It teaches respect, compassion, commitment and I’m honored to be a part of it.

 Home PT on my hand. We used shotgun shells to work on grip and movement!

The day my 12 weeks ended, I grabbed my shotgun and went to shoot skeet. God’s plan is bigger than mine. I’m not happy I broke my back but when I say I’m grateful for SCTP – no one understands how grateful I am. It’s given me a place to belong, something I’m good at and can still be a part of team. A chance to meet other kids from around the state with similar interests and also a place for me to excel with a talent that isn’t the normal football, baseball, etc. The shooting sport itself teaches patience, gun safety, responsibility and leadership. I’m very thankful SCTP is available at my school and to have teachers willing to help continue this sport.

My first tournament back after my accident and actually shot a 99 in skeet – it was emotional for me and my parents.
My family and girlfriend right after I finished Trap and they told me I won the HOA for the Texas State Championship

“It is just remarkable how much he has overcome since his accident, said Jason Anderson, Head Coach of the Allen Eagles Competitive Shooting Team. “He struggled last year quite a bit with his shooting. This past weekend he just won the Texas State HOA champion. I can say he’s back!”

Kolar Raffle Winner Announced

Thank you to Kolar Arms and Elite Shotguns for once again providing this outstanding fundraising opportunity for all SCTP teams!

Congratulations to Dana P. from Pennsylvania for being the winner of the Kolar Shotgun Raffle!

Also, Congratulations to the Top 5 ticket selling teams:

1. East Porter County Clay Crushers

2. BCHS – Baldwin County High School

3. Jefferson Co 4-H Patriot Shooters

4. Dugger Union Clay Shooters

5. Hallstead Clay Dusters

SCTP International Team Members Claim Two Championship Titles at Junior Olympic Nationals

Congratulations to Women’s Junior Olympic Skeet Champion Gracie Hensley and Men’s Junior Olympic Trap Champion Josh Corbin! This is a significant victory, considering Josh is generally considered to be an international skeet athlete.

Junior Olympic Skeet Champion Gracie Hensley
Men’s Junior Olympic Trap Champion Josh Corbin

USAS awarded two JO Squad vests/discipline to the highest qualification scores not already on Junior Team. SCTP athletes earning Junior Team vests at this competition: Gracie Hensley, Josh Corbin, Heidi Griner, and Abbey Wigh

2022 SCTP Team athletes in attendance:

SKEET: Josh Corbin, Kyle Fleck, Westley Kiter, Matthew Peterson, Gracie Marie Hensley, Emersyn Berck

TRAP: Ramsey Bodeen, Sophia Bultema, Caleb Cutler, Heidi Griner, Cole Prince, Josh Corbin, Abbey Wigh

Other significant results:


Emersyn Berck – Silver medal, Open Women
Kyle Fleck – Bronze medal, Men Collegiate
Josh Corbin – Gold medal, Men Collegiate


Abbey Wigh – Silver medal, Open Women

Heidi Griner – 4th place, Open Women and Gold medal, Women 18 and Under

Caleb Cutler – Silver medal, Men 18 and Under

Sophia Bultema – Gold medal, Women Collegiate

*Of the 16 athletes on our 2022 team, 7 of them earned USA Shooting Junior Team vests this year and 4 of them are going to Junior World Championships in Changwon, Korea this week.

SCTP National Championships Update!

June 15, 2023

Hello everyone, our numbers continue to climb as we reach the 10,000 registration mark for this years National Championships that are just 20 days away! Here are some more updates and information for you!

The Cardinal Center is looking for some experienced help in scoring and pulling for Skeet, Sporting Clays and Trap! Please reach out to them via the contact information on the attached flyer if you are interested! Why not make a few bucks while in Ohio?!


Make A Break is a squadded team event this year with some awesome prizes being awarded! Get your coach to get your team registered asap so you don’t miss out on this great opportunity and prizes along with an awesome Make A Break national champion team trophy!

Awards will be for the Champion team and runner up team this year! A $4,200 Pro Star over/under 12ga shotgun will be the prize for the top individual athlete this year! That gun can be seen at the Pacific East store front in vendor row!


If your team is looking for slots in any disciplines that are not currently available, please reach out to either Amanda Wondrash or April Carr for help! They will be shutting down the SHOT system on Tuesday, June 20th from approximately 9am – 3pm CST to combine squads, remove any duplicate athletes and open any other remaining slots in all disciplines that are needed. Please make sure all of your squads are built correctly and that all of your squadded athletes are attending!

Practice will be available for the International disciplines on both July 3rd and July 4th. We will have the times available in the next couple weeks and will update everyone by July 1st. Cost to practice will be $11 a round. All squading for International events need to also be done prior to July 1st so that we can get the random squading completed and posted!

Last competitor standing event on Wednesday, July 12th after opening ceremonies for all athletes and Pizza Party on Thursday, July 13th available to all coaches, parents and athletes at no charge!

– College Coaches, there is still a little room left to get your table at Hitters Building on College day, Friday July 14. Please email Tom at tom@mysctp.com to confirm your table space!!

See you at Nationals,

Your SCTP Team

SCTP International Team Member Crowned Junior Men’s National Champion

At the 2023 USA Shooting National Championships, there were several important positions in play for the SCTP International Team – not only was this Part 1 of the 2024 Olympic Games selection, but the tournament also determined this year’s National Champions, the 2023 Pan American Games team, the 2023 World Championships team, and the 2023 Junior World Championships team.

SCTP International Team Member, Ramsey Bodeen of Eagle River, Alaska became the 2023 Men’s Trap Junior National Champion

Many SCTP International Team members will be representing the United States at the Junior World Championships in Changwon, Korea in July: Josh Corbin, Kyle Fleck, Caleb Cutler and Ramsey Bodeen. Alumni team members also earning slots to the Junior World Team include Madeline Corbin, Jordan Sapp, and Taylor Dale.

Other significant results from the SCTP International Team at 2023 USA Shooting National Championships:


Gracie Marie Hensley – Bronze medal, Under 18 Women

Emily Rasmussen – Bronze medal, Women collegiate

Josh Corbin – Gold medal, Men Collegiate

Kyle Fleck – Silver medal, Men Collegiate

Westley Kiter – Gold medal, Under 18 Men

Josh Corbin – Gold medal, Kyle Fleck – Silver medal, Men Collegiate
Gracie Marie Hensley – Bronze medal, Under 18 Women
Westley Kiter – Gold medal, Under 18 Men


Cole Prince – Silver medal, Junior Men

Sophia Bultema – Gold medal, Women’s Paralympic

Ramsey Bodeen Men’s Trap Junior National Champion, Cole Prince – Silver medal, Junior Men
Sophia Bultema – Gold medal, Women’s Paralympic

As the official youth feeder program for USA Shooting, the SCTP International Team focuses on preparing for high-level events. The team’s Head Coach, Terri DeWitt, a former Olympian herself, sets the team up for success by providing a breadth of additional training that includes sports science topics and realistic conditioning. Each July, SCTP International Team slots are determined by a shoot-off final at the SCTP National Championship.

2023 SCTP Nationals Update 5/31

2023 SCTP National Championship Info The SCTP National Championships are right around the corner, and we want to make sure everyone is aware of some changes and modifications to this year’s tournament!


If the athletes listed on your squads are incorrect: There is a known bug in the SHOT system with some pre-built squads. IT is aware and looking into it. To best help you and keep our processing moving forward, we input random athletes from your team to equal the amount of slots you paid for. On or after June 1st, you can go in and adjust to the correct athletes! 

If you are unhappy with your days/times you are more than welcome to move them around on or after June 1st. We guarantee you spots based on your preference but can’t promise “the perfect schedule”. 

SCTP Nationals 
Open Registration opens June 1st at 6am CST
We are here to help if you need it, feel free to reach out. 

-Opening Ceremonies at Nationals will be Wednesday, July 12th at approximately 5:00pm 

-Golf cart rentals are available, please contact Eagle Golf Cart for reservations. 

-We will have many Industry folks available throughout the week, please stop at their stores and tents! 

-Make A Break is a squadded event this year with Team prizes, please squad your athletes on the SHOT system!

We look forward to seeing you all at this year’s National Championships in July! Watch for more Nationals information coming in the next few days!

Your SCTP Team

2023 SCTP National Championships updates and changes!

The SCTP National Championships are right around the corner, and we want to make sure everyone is aware of some changes and modifications to this year’s tournament!

International Dates – July 4-7 (for potential additional practice outside of July 4th open training, please contact Cardinal Center directly)

July 4: International Skeet Open Training
July 5: International Skeet 75 targets competition
July 6: International Skeet 50 targets competition followed by match finals & Awards.
July 4: International Trap Open Training
July 5: International Trap 50 targets competition
July 6: International Trap 50 targets competition
July 7: International Trap 25 targets competition followed by match finals & Awards.

*We are looking for referees for International Skeet and International Trap – please contact Terri DeWitt at terri@mysctp.com

American Discipline Dates – July 8-15
Skeet – Rotation #1 July 8/9
Rotation #2 July 10/11
Rotation #3 July 12/13
Sporting Clays – Rotation #1 July 8/9
Rotation #2 July 10/11
Rotation #3 July 12/13
Trap – Rotation #1 July 10/11
Rotation #2 July 12/13
Rotation #3 July 14/15
Trap Doubles / Handicap Trap – Rotation #1 July 8/9
Rotation #2 July 10/11
Rotation #3 July 12/13
Skeet Doubles – Shot Friday, July 14 only!
Kids and Clays Charity Shoot
5-Stand will be available July 12 & 13
Sporting Clays can be shot either July 14 or 15
Squadded Make A Break – Will be shot July 8-13 and must be squadded in SHOT!

Just a reminder, all squadding is done through your team’s head coach. Please do not contact the National Office for squadding, changes or times!
College Day – Will be Friday, July 14 in the “Hitters Building” from 9am – 5pm. Only Colleges who attended the ACUI/SCTP National Championships will be eligible to display and set up tables for this event. Athletes and parents, this is a huge opportunity to meet college coaches and discuss scholarship availability!
Some changes for this year’s tournament:

MAKE A BREAK will be a squadded event this year utilizing “Team Scoring”. There will be special prizes, team awards for 1st – 3rd places and a National Champion Team trophy! The top 8 teams will shoot off Thursday, July 13th at 6pm. Individuals will also still be able to compete just like in past years with awards and shoot offs for this part to be held on Saturday, July 15th.

We have added another Sporting Clays rotation on July 8/9, to help accommodate all teams and athletes arriving early! 5pm rotation Sporting Clays is a last resort only!

We have added another Trap Singles Rotation (July 10/11) to accommodate the ever-growing Singles Trap competition at this year’s SCTP National Championships!

Awards ceremonies for Skeet, Sporting Clays, Handicap Trap, Trap Doubles and 5 stand will be Friday evening July 14

Awards ceremonies for Skeet Doubles, Trap, Trap HOA and overall HOA Awards will be Saturday evening July 15, time TBD, after all event and shoot-offs are complete.

IMPORTANT: Anybody not wanting to be around large crowds or leaving the tournament early can pick up their awards at the Trophy room from 9-Noon, July 14 or 15.
Golf Cart Rentals Please contact Brenda (ASAP) at Eagle Golf Car eaglegolfcars@aol.com Let her know it is for the SCTP National Championships!
Do not wait until the last minute or you will not be able to get one!
COACHES! National Championship “pre-registration” opened on May 1st and is currently closed. Registration will open to the public June 1st at 6:00am CST.
New Award Group!
Many teams across the country have asked us to change to “Team Scoring” for the National Championships. While we do not want to make any changes without getting nearly 100% support, we have decided to keep this award group again this year so that coaches could get a better feel for “Team Scoring”!

Like last year, we are keeping a new award called the “SCTP Team Award”!

The SCTP Team Award will be calculated by using that teams top 5 scores for Trap, top 5 scores for Skeet and top 5 scores for Sporting Clays. Also known as “Team Scoring”.

(This is the same method used for the High School Awards, College Awards, and the HOA Awards)

30 awards, 10 in each discipline!

This will include the Senior Division (JV & Varsity) 1st through 5th places with trophies and medals.

As well as the Intermediate Division (Rookie, IE & IA) 1st through 5th places with trophies and medals.

Ammunition will be available on site!

We look forward to seeing you all at this year’s National Championships in July!

Your SCTP Team

Inagural ACUI/SCTP National Championship
Held with Great Success

Held at the historic National Shooting Complex in San Antonio, the ACUI/SCTP College Nationals saw nearly 75 teams from 29 states registering some 770 athletes. With strong growth of established and new collegiate teams registered with the ACUI/SCTP, inaugural championship saw almost 4,000 registrations. This event’s popularity is significant when measured next to the SCTP’s junior-aged National Championship which conducted 8,000 registrations at last year’s 12-day event, known as the largest youth shooting sports event in the world.

“I want to say congratulations to all the students that came out to compete with us in San Antonio for our 2023 ACUI & SCTP Collegiate Clay Target Championships,” exclaimed Taylor Blechschmid, ACUI Educational Program Manager. “We saw some top tier shooting from numerous teams and are so excited we could bring together so many groups of athletes from across the country. Their dedication to the sport inspires us to continue aiming high and putting our best foot forward for this community. 

“I couldn’t be happier with how our first partnered nationals event was executed. We had lofty goals this year and our team put their all into achieving them. From the improved squadding and scoring system, to moving back to a shoot offs and awards day, we feel this was the smoothest the event has ever run and are already working to improve upon this foundation for years to come.”

“This partnership with the ACUI all started with a phone call by myself last spring and culminated into a very good relationship over this past year,” stated Tom Wondrash, SCTP National Director. “This partnership ultimately improves the experience at every level for the college coaches and athletes. We had nothing but good things to hear from all of the college coaches and athletes that attended, and the National Shooting Complex staff did an outstanding job hosting us. All in all, a very successful partnership turned into a very successful College National Championship!”

The SCTP will round out its season at the Cardinal Shooting Center this July for its junior-aged National Championship, which has historically been the largest shoot conducted at the facility for three years running. The ACUI and SCTP partnership will continue throughout the calendar year and into the next, starting with International National Championships (Bunker Trap & International Skeet), also held at the Cardinal Shooting Center in October.

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