2024 SCTP National Championships Pre-Registration

1. Send a check (or include credit card info on form) for the proper amount of all squads and athletes to the Burlington WI address post marked no earlier than May 1st and no later than May 16th. Make checks payable to SCTP.

2. ALL Pre-Registration documents must be mailed – no drop offs allowed!

3. Money received is “Non-Refundable”. Pre-registration fees will not be returned to any athletes that do not attend the SCTP National Championships.

4. All squads must be “pre-built” on your team’s home page for the National Championships. Teams will be allowed to change athletes as they see fit later but all squads must be ready to populate the shooting schedule.

5. SCTP will populate the squad assignments based on the order they are received per the postage stamp placed on the envelope by USPS. PLEASE send by regular mail (or flat rate envelope) with NO signature required. Sending paperwork requiring a signature may delay your paperwork!  We know most post offices won’t time stamp, that is fine.

6. A form will be available on the SSSF website that will require your information along with dates and times you would like your squads assigned. Please give us DIFFERENT options for days and times with at least one different set of days for at least one of your options. You are not guaranteed your request by not providing options. 

7. Teams will be notified of their pre-registration by May 30th, which is before regular registration opens on June 1st.

Note: Completed form(s) must be sent in with payment either by credit card or by check, no payment sent in with forms will result in no squads entered for that team. These payments are “nonrefundable”!! If you pay for 15 athletes and only 12 show, the other 3 athlete’s fees are not returned. Please see the SCTP Handbook for additional information.  Official SCTP Handbook
Completed form WITH payment must be mailed no sooner than May 1st, 2024, to:
SCTP Nationals Pre-Registration
C/O April Carr
925 Milwaukee Ave Ste B1
Burlington, WI 53105
We look forward to seeing you all in Marengo, Ohio the week of July 13th – 20th, 2024!
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