Calling All Young Guns for Guinness World Record Attempt

Reasons for World Record Attempt

  • Provide a stage to showcase four talented upcoming youth shooters within their sport(s)
  • Promote youth shooting programs in the USA
  • Establish brand recognition with the youth shooter population and their families in USA
  • Help launch / promote our respective products in 2019-2020 and beyond

Location for Guinness World Record Attempt   

Date for World Record Attempt

  • October 12th, 2019  

Current Record

  • 4602 targets shot in 12 hours by a team of 5 shooters

Shooters / Requirements 

  • One Female shooter & one Male shooter 16 years of age or older on Oct 12st, 2019 from the SCTP program sssfonline.org
  • One Female shooter & one Male shooter 16 years of age or older on Oct 12st, 2019 from the AIM / ATA program aim4ata.com
  • Dave Miller of CZ-USA and current Guinness World Record holder makes the 5th shooter

Qualification process for student athletes

  • Shooters will sign up and participate in a 50-target special qualification shoot held at the 2019 SCTP Nationals and or the 2019 A.I.M / Grand American. It will cost the athlete $20 for each round they choose to shoot and/or submit for the qualifier as re-entries are allowed. These two very special events provide a unique clay shooting challenge that is equal to 50% of the individuals score (max score at qualifier is 50/50). Shooters will be judged on the following:
    • Score at qualifier (50% of total application score)
    • Written essay explaining what shooting sports means to them, and why they deserve to be on a World Record Team. (Submitted electronically to fieldsports@cz-usa.com ). Essay must be 400-500 words in length on a single page (50% of total application score)
  • Conduct reviewed at qualifier (Reminder this is a professional, televised event with global coverage) and will be considered when reviewing final scores.

Qualifying at SCTP and/or AIM- Grand American

  • SCTP Qualifier: July 13-20, 2019 (Pre-register at sssfonline.org) 10:00am-4:00pm each day
  • AIM/ATA Qualifier: July 29-August 4, 2019 (Pre-register at aim4ata.com) 10:00am-4:00pm each day
  • Waivers must be signed at the event.
  • 50 targets ( 25 pairs )
  • Chandelle / Teal type presentations at 30 meters
  • Scores will be kept and calculated with the remaining application processes
  • Athletes will compete with their own guns at qualifiers, but winners will receive and shoot the new CZ 1012 semi-auto at the World Record attempt.
  • Athletes must not use any shot shell loads greater than 1 1/8 ounce of 7.5 shot at the qualifiers. Athletes must bring their own ammo.

Guinness World Record Attempt Winners

  • Winners chosen based on combined score from application process and qualifiers. One female and one male will be chosen from each SCTP and AIM.
  • Must be willing to travel to the Lenexa Kansas on October 10-13, 2019
  • 100% travel expenses covered for athlete plus one guardian (travel and lodging only). Food and other expenses are not covered.
  • Winners should understand that this is a 12-hour record event. This extremely physical process consists of standing and shooting.
  • Winners will receive a CZ 1012 Semi-automatic shotgun courtesy of AIM and SCTP that they will shoot with during the Record Attempt.
  • Winners to receive a World Record Shooting Vest and World Record Shirt to wear during the attempt.
  • Ammo and targets provided
  • If current record is broken, each winner will receive his or her own Guinness World Record Certificate.
  • Winners to be part of the World Record Special to air on TV a later date.
  • Winners to be part of the media and other press coverage from all around the world, and will undergo multiple interviews.



Email:  fieldsports@cz-usa.com


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