Author: Tom Davis

Berretta USA Presents Inaugural Skeet Scholarship at SCTP Nationals

Gold-level Sponsor, Beretta expanded the support of the Scholastic Clay Target Program with the inaugural Cav. Ugo Gussalli Beretta Skeet Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to the high school-aged, top athlete in American Skeet (male or female) shooting a Beretta Shotgun at the 2020 SCTP National Championship!

“The biggest supporters of our program consistently go above and beyond to give back to these young athletes, said SCTP National Director, Tom Wondrash. “Since its inception, the Beretta Scholarship has been a popular competition within the National Championship events. Every year we have athletes who shoot Beretta shotguns sign up to see who comes out on top, receiving honors from one of our biggest program sponsors. It is in an incredible honor to have the President of Beretta become personally involved in this scholarship for our young athletes. Actions like Beretta’s are a strong indication that the industry recognizes the philanthropic value in supporting these kids and how that contributes to nurturing shooting sports as a whole.”

Congratulations to Soren Hanson of the KCCL Orange Crushers, shooting a 198/200 in American Skeet! For his performance, Beretta provided Soren a Beretta 694. Soren will be attending Northern Michigan University this fall for Construction Management.

Cav. Ugo Gussalli Beretta Skeet Scholarship winner, Soren Hanson

An additional opportunity to receive honors from Beretta at Nationals came during the Skeet Doubles Individual shoot-offs, where any athletes whose scores ending in a 4, 7, or 9 were invited to shoot a round of doubles skeet. Colin Davis of the Forest City Juniors shot the winning round of 49/50 after shooting a competition round of 97/100 and was awarded a Beretta A400 Action!

Skeet Shoot Off Winner With Beretta A400 Action
Beretta A400 winner Colin Davis

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to Beretta for supporting these young athletes throughout the season and especially during the biggest youth shooting sports event of the year!

More information about the Cav. Ugo Gussalli Beretta Skeet Scholarship can be found at: https://www.beretta.com/en-us/beretta-usa-to-present-inaugural-cav-ugo-gussalli-beretta-skeet-scholarship-at-2020-sctp-nationals/

SCTP 2021 Olympic & Sporting Clays Development (OSCD) Camp

Guest blog by Michelle Cerino, Women’s Outdoor News

From May 27 through 29, I attended the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) 2021 Olympic & Sporting Clays Development Camp (OSCD) as part of the CZ-USA Field Sports event staff. It took place at the Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, OH, just 1.5 hours from my house. 

The Camp
Designed to introduce SCTP Athletes to Olympic Skeet, Bunker Trap and Sporting Clays, the OSCD camp was conducted by the National SCTP Coaching Staff and national coaches. Coaches included former Olympian, Terri DeWitt, for the international disciplines and CZ-USA’s David Miller, for sporting clays. Registered SCTP Athletes, SCTP Coaches and State Advisors were invited to apply.
Prior to the arrival of the athletes, coaches and advisors spent two days learning various skills and teaching techniques through a hands-on experience on how to more effectively instruct SCTP athletes. On the evening of the second day, the athletes arrived. (Which is also when I drove down … just in time for dinner.)

SCTP Athletes Arrive
The group of athletes and their parents came from all over the country. Colorado, Arizona, Florida and Wyoming are just a few of the states represented. It was obvious they were all eager and ready to learn. With notebooks in hand, they all sat quietly while intently listening to the coaching staff’s introductions and athletic mindset teaching points. Always the student, I also took notes. The following are some of the key ideas I wrote down my first evening at camp:

  • What went well? How did I succeed today? (This question was asked at the end of every day.)
  • In order to grow, you should expect to fail. The question is, “Can you pick yourself up?”
  • What does a win look like?
  • Champions never quit.
  • Set realistic goals.
  • Consider competition as, “I’m going to show you what I’ve been working on.”
  • How do you react when you fail?

The SCTP Announces The 2020 SCTP College Virtual Competition!

10/16/20: Results For SCTP Fall College Virtual Competition

Due to the overwhelming success of the SCTP’s virtual shoots this year, we present to you the 1st annual SCTP Fall College Virtual Competition! Colleges, come join the fun and competition without the drive and expenses this fall! 

Running for 5 weeks from September 7th through October 11th, the College Virtual competition will give registered college teams and athletes the opportunity to compete in a National tournament against teams across the country! The best part, it is free for members*, with plaques and medals for top teams and athletes!

SCTP Team, coach and athlete paperwork will be available on or about August 17th. If teams need paperwork prior to that date, please reach out to Amanda Wondrash at awondrash@sssfonline.com

Athletes and teams will be able to compete in either Trap Singles or Skeet….or both! Each event will be 50 targets or 2 rounds of 25 per week. The final day to register is September 6th and scores for the first week must be sent back to us or entered by midnight of September 13th  

The competition will be in 4 divisions, including Division 4 (2-year college division).
A complete list of rules and information are available below.
SAVE THE DATE FOR COLLEGE NATIONALS! Dates for the in-person SCTP College Nationals are October 16-18 at the Cardinal Center in Marengo, Ohio. In the event that colleges will be unable to travel this fall, the SCTP will run a “Virtual” College Nationals, details to follow! Prizes, trophies, and awards will be included for that event!
*Members/Teams must be paid in full and in good standing prior to September 1st to be eligible.
SCTP College Virtual Competition Rules and Guidelines

Dream Team Prepares New SCTP International Championship Venue


On June 1st, the green light is given to proceed. It is a decision carefully considered over dozens of hours of board meetings, tense phone calls, email chains to infinity, and many restless nights. By this time last year, logistics of the Scholastic Clay Target Program’s (SCTP) National Championship had in large part already been buttoned up and were in motion. 2020 was different for many reasons. The SCTP International Championship had historically been held each fall in Colorado as a separate event, whereas the National Championship is locked in for the second week of July in a 10-year contract for the Cardinal Center.

In January, the SCTP announced the International disciplines of Bunker Trap and International Skeet would be joining the National Championship events at the Cardinal Center in July. With the support of Larry and Brenda Potterfield, SSSF, Promatic, and the Cardinal Shooting Center, a project was drafted to accommodate the International events by constructing four, state of the art International Skeet and Bunker field overlays, complete with Promatic target throwing systems. Placing the International events on the front end of Nationals would give athletes more exposure to the Olympic sports as well as cutting the costs and logistics of another trip for teams and families. But as April came and went, the pandemic in America continued to send ripples through society, putting the project managers for the International Championship in a holding pattern.

Over 16,000 SCTP athletes and coaches were eagerly waiting to hear news about Nationals. The SCTP provided resources for teams to stay sharp during the downtime but nervously watched as other sports organizations throughout the country postponed or canceled seasons. High school senior athletes were dreading that there would be no National title pursuits to close out their final seasons.

In May, the SCTP continued to hold on an official Nationals announcement, continually monitoring information from the state of Ohio, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Morrow County (OH) Department of Health, and representatives from the Cardinal Center in their consideration. Additional input came in throughout the month from health professionals and feedback from SCTP coaches, helping shape the decision to go forward with the National Championship event as planned on June 1st.


“Clear, consistent communication was key on this project,” said SCTP National Director, Tom Wondrash. “With the time ticking and athletes, coaches, families, sponsors, looking to see if Nationals was a go, the weight of moving the International events to the front end of Nationals grew heavier as time went on. Throughout all of this, those involved in the project remained optimistic and eager to get to work. On June 1st, everyone hit the ground running, ready to execute their piece of the project.”

The Promatic team took point early on in the year, getting plans set with the Cardinal Center staff and contractors. Promatic representatives said, “Every event is important but the SCTP project at the Cardinal Center was special, knowing that all the American and International disciplines were under one roof for the first time ever in SCTP history. As soon as the Cardinal Center got enough earth moved to get the initial structure built, we were on our way with a trailer full of throwers and equipment.”


Another Promatic technician reflected on the project saying, “Once we were on the ground we were all just plugging away, working with and around each other to get all of our parts of the bunkers done. With a project as important as this, you expect for Murphy’s law to come into play. We were all thinking the weather would come in to wreak havoc, but not so much as a drop of water hit the ground. With so many aspects of the project happening at one time, rain would have been disastrous. We were on the ground on the 25th of June and wrapped things up by July 3rd. It could not have gone any smoother!”

Much like the installation project, the 2020 SCTP National Championship went off without a hitch, with athlete entries in Bunker Trap doubling from the previous year. The International Skeet and Bunker Trap finals closed out each event, with the top 3 male and female athletes in each discipline determining slots for the SCTP International Team, coached by former Olympian, Terri DeWitt. Familiar faces returned, along with some new athletes earning their slot on the prestigious youth shooting team. The group will be attending training camps in the fall in order to prepare for 2021’s Olympic Trials. As the official youth feeder program of USA Shooting, participating in SCTP’s International Disciplines is the path for kids to reach their Olympic dreams.

The 2021 National Championships are slated for July 8-19th, with the International events taking place on the 8th-11th. An additional Bunker Trap field, complete with Promatic equipment will be completed next spring, bringing the total number at the Cardinal Shooting Center to five. This greatly expands the capabilities of hosting International Style Competitions, a rarity in the United States.

SCTP Expands National Championship Events With Incredible Success

Over the course of 10 days, SCTP athletes converged on the Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, Ohio for the much anticipated 2020 National Championship. This year’s event was different for many reasons but was resoundingly welcomed by athletes, coaches, families, and sponsors in the midst of an unusual season. After careful consideration and advisement from the Ohio Department of Health, Cardinal Shooting Center, and medical professionals, the SCTP went forward putting on the National Championship on July 9th through the 18th.

Kicking off the event at the Cardinal Center were the SCTP International Championships, which historically had been held in Colorado later in the year.

Encouraging growth and awareness for the International disciplines of International Skeet and Bunker Trap, the SCTP held the International events on the front end of the National Championship in 2020. “This gave the opportunity for more athletes to participate in the International disciplines while relieving families from the burden of additional travel costs from a separate event,” said SCTP National Director, Tom Wondrash. “By having our International events as part of the National Championship, awareness and participation for these disciplines have increased considerably. This year our Bunker Trap entries doubled and we had many athletes who were competing in events later in the week come by to watch the International competitions. Many of those athletes will be coming back to compete in the International disciplines next year! Our International Championship was a wonderful success thanks to Promatic, The Potterfield family, and the Cardinal Center staff. Everyone worked incredibly hard on a very tight deadline to construct the new bunker fields for this event.

Following the International competitions were the familiar 8 days of the SCTP National Championship, where thousands of athletes, coaches, families, and sponsors participated in and supported the disciplines of Skeet (Singles/Doubles), Trap (Singles/Doubles/Handicap), and Sporting Clays.

To accommodate teams unable to travel due to unusual restrictions in the 2020 season, the SCTP held a Virtual National Championship, which was open to all registered teams across the country. Held in conjunction with the in-person National Championships schedule at the Cardinal Center, athletes participated at their home ranges, accounting for over 1,000 event entries. “Many of our teams were very excited and thankful for the opportunity to compete for the National Championship virtually from their home range this year,” said Chet Tuinstra, SCTP Eastern Director of Development. “There are many aspects of the 2020 National Championship that had never been done before. We are incredibly proud of how this all came together and are very thankful for the volunteers, sponsors, and Cardinal Center staff who helped make this such a success.”

Over 2,000 athletes from nearly 300 teams participated in the 2020 SCTP National Championships, representing 37 states. Youth athletes participating in many other sports throughout the country were faced with disappointment this spring from altered and even canceled seasons. “Our team put in many, many hours considering how to handle an event as large as Nationals in the midst of an unusual season,” said Jeff Morrison, SCTP Western Director of Development. “By June, we moved forward with hosting Regional events and the National Championship. As soon we put the word out, we got many excited messages from the teams and even encouragement from our sponsors.”

By the close of Nationals, over one-million clays were thrown at the Cardinal Center and all over the nation from team home ranges,” beamed Amanda Wondrash, SCTP Administrative Coordinator.

“The SCTP National Championship is an incredibly large and prestigious event, regarded highly by so many teams, families, and supporters who believe in the future of shooting sports.We are so thankful to have received an overwhelming amount of praise and appreciation for not just going forward with Nationals, but for also having the determination to adapt and even expand the event this year.”

Media from member-submitted photo and video can be viewed on Facebook or Instagram by exploring #sctpnationals2020

For scores and leaderboard information from the 2020 SCTP National Championship, please see the following link: https://app.sssfonline.com/nationals/2551

SSSF to partner with NSSF on First Shots, +ONE Efforts

The Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation (SSSF) is proud to announce it has partnered with the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) to promote youth shooting sports with the First Shots® program and +ONE Movement initiatives. With a year-round season, the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) and Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) look forward to promoting awareness throughout the year, with focused attention to National Shooting Sports Month in August. Using additional resources from the NSSF, the Scholastic Clay Target Program and Scholastic Action Shooting Program will focus on introducing new athletes and families to shooting sports who may not have otherwise had the opportunity. This exciting partnership will be implemented with the help of passionate volunteers currently involved in the SCTP and SASP.

“With thousands of skilled and caring adult volunteers involved in our programs across the country, our community can make a big difference, said Ben Berka, SSSF President and Executive Director. The SCTP was started by NSSF, and its goal of growing the shooting sports continues to align perfectly with our program mission statements. We look forward to working with our member teams to help grow the shooting sports even further with the help of NSSF’s+ONE and First Shots resources”

One SASP team in particular has seen great success being involved with NSSF’s First Shots Program. The WildGats at the University of Arizona got their start in 2015 thanks to an NSSF grant and have been an enthusiastic partner for NSSF initiatives ever since.

“It has been a great partnership,” said Head Coach Bill Perkins. “It is a no brainer for the host range since we provide the coaches and some equipment. Some ranges do not have the people power to run an event like this with the high staff to participant ratio.”

“It is also great for our team because of the publicity and recruiting opportunities. We have recruited athletes from our university, the general public, scout councils, ROTC units and have a direct line to conduct outreach to our community. The SASP focuses on youth development through shooting sports and the community service aspect of hosting a First Shots is unique. The event allows us to use our skills and equipment to teach gun safety and the fundamentals of marksmanship to many new gun owners in our community and it gives our athlete coaches a great experience mentoring others.” The WildGats have their next First Shots event scheduled for Aug 22nd to coincide with National Shooting Sports Month.

We encourage all SASP and SCTP teams to use NSSF’s First Shots and +ONE initiatives to engage with their local communities! Share your sport, youth shooting sports program, and passion with others! Consider doing a +ONE Challenge event type where your existing team members introduce a friend or family member to the shooting sports. Better yet, host a First Shots event and receive all the support materials for your First Shots participants. As a First Shots host, NSSF provides the course materials and digital resources, eye/ear protection, rimfire ammunition for handgun and rifle intro events and monetary support for First Shots Clay Targets events to help offset target and ammunition expenses.      

For more information, checklists, tips, and resources please see the following NSSF links:

First Shots Clay Targets

First Shots Home

If you have any questions about getting signed on, contact Zach Snow, NSSF Director, Retail & Range Business Development at zsnow@nssf.org or call 203-426-1320 ext. 224.

2020 SCTP All-State Team Members

The Scholastic Clay Target Program is happy to announce your All-State Team members for 2020!

The 2020 All-State Team standings were compiled from the 2020 National Championship scores shot in OH at the Cardinal Center, with All-State Team members receiving designating jerseys. The top 3 teams in each of the main event disciplines receive custom belt buckles for their performances at Nationals!

If your athlete did not receive their jersey or buckle in person, they will be mailed in the coming weeks. 

Congratulations to all athletes!

Skeet All-State Teams

Sporting Clays All-State Teams

Trap All-State Teams

2020 SCTP National Virtual Championship Results!

*Please note – all teams must have 3 or more athletes in a division for all Skeet disciplines to form a competitive team score and must have 5 or more in all Trap disciplines to form a competitive team score in those events. As per the SCTP Handbook, squads with less than the required number of athletes are not officially a “competitive squad”!

Congratulations to all winning teams and athletes!



2020 SASP All-State Team Members

The Scholastic Action Shooting Program is happy to announce your All-State Team members for 2020! Athletes who participated in their SASP State Championship were considered for the 2020 All-State Teams in the following disciplines:

  • Rimfire Pistol Iron
  • Rimfire Rifle Iron or Optic
  • Centerfire Iron
  • PCC

All-State Team members will receive a designating jersey, sponsored by GLOCK, CZ-USA, and Ruger. Athletes on the respective All-State Teams who shoot in the 2020 SASP Virtual National Championship will have their scores compared to other All-State Teams to determine the top Pistol and Rifle teams in the nation. The winning Pistol and Rifle team athletes will receive medals for their achievement of best in the nation.


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