2021 SCTP National Championship Update – 6/25/2021

14 Days to the start of SCTP Nationals!
Here are the latest updates to the Record-Breaking 2021 SCTP National Championships being held at the Cardinal Center in Marengo Ohio, July 8-17!
As always, if you need help, please reach out to any of the SCTP National Staff for assistance! 
International Disciplines – due to the availability of international ammo, we will be allowing either 24 gr. OR 7/8 oz loads. Intl ammo will be available from the Cardinal Center Sporting Clays building or at the registration counter in the Central Events building. Federal 7/8oz loads will be available through Sportsmans Den! Ammunition will be randomly checked during this competition, 1oz or 1 1/8 z loads will not be allowed!We could still use some help refereeing for the SCTP Intl. Nationals, anybody wanting to and able to help referee for the Intl. disciplines this year, please contact Terri Dewitt as soon as possible! bluerockcoaching@icloud.com
*Remember! The awards ceremonies for Skeet, Sporting Clays, Handicap Trap, Trap Doubles and Super Sporting will be held Friday evening in front of the Grandstands following last shots for Singles Trap or approximately 6pm! All Intl awards for I-Skeet and Bunker Trap will be held between Bunker Traps 2-3 on Sunday following the Bunker Trap finals and any shoot offs! And Singles Trap, Skeet Doubles and all HOA awards will take place in front of the Grandstands Saturday, July 17 after all shoot offs. For those individuals and teams not wanting to be around a large crowd, you may pick up awards at the Trophy room either Friday from 9am – 12:00 noon OR Saturday from 9am – 11am. 

COLLEGE TEAMS – If you have not emailed Tom Wondrash to let him know you are attending College Day, please do so asap! Tables will be set up with 2 chairs in 1 of 2 tents located between vendor buildings 2 and 3. Teams attending the previous SCTP National College Championships will get preferred table placement.

ALL COACHES – you must stop in and register your team prior to taking any shots in the tournament! This is done at the Central Events Building located right next to the golf cart rentals. Please double check placement & Division of all your athletes!! When squading for Handicap Trap, squads will shoot at the furthest squaded athlete level. PLEASE make sure your squad is handled properly. If a squad has 4 rookies and 1 college shooter, ALL athletes will shoot at the 25 yard line! (the distance for College aged athletes shooting handicap)

Kolar Raffle ticket stubs and money were due June 21st. if you still have these, they must be turned in immediately! Please thank Kolar guns and Elite Shotguns for this fabulous donation to help teams and families offset the cost of attending SCTP Nationals this year! This drawing will be held Saturday, July 17th in front of the Grandstands just before the awards ceremony!

Teams still looking for squad slots can contact either Amanda Wondrash or April Carr. There are still many opportunities for teams to attend! If anybody needs help finding a slot time, please let us know!

A few Team Dinner opportunities are still available! The Wild Rose Grill crew will be offering a healthier choice in food this year. They will be located behind the Grandstands in a big tent and will offer a Southwest Chicken Sandwich, Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich, fresh smoked pulled pork sandwich and more! They also do team catering at your campsites! If you are interested in having the Wild Rose cater your teams super any night, please contact Todd Veeser at 1-715-616-1197. They can offer some sides like cornbread, green beans, potato salad and more as well as stir fry, burgers and other menu options but will have a limited time they can do this, so don’t wait too long!
Get some of that great Hunter’s Blend Coffee in that same tent behind the Grandstands!

LAST COMPETITOR STANDING – Will take place in front of the Grandstands immediately following the opening ceremonies on Wednesday, July 14th. Approximate time is 7pm. Athletes must buy wrist bands for $5 each in the Registration building prior to this event. We could use some help in refereeing this event, coaches or parents can contact either Chet Tuinstra or Jeff Morrison if you are available!

PIZZA PARTY! – Thursday, July 15th at about 5:30pm will be Free Pizza night! The Pizza and soda giveaway is being sponsored by the folks at Rhino Chokes and BOSS LLC.! They will be there handing out pizza and drinks to all teams and families, please stop by their tents and booths and thank them for their generosity in doing this!! Stop and see what over 600 pizzas look like! 

YOUTH RAFFLES – like last year, all youth raffles will be pre-drawn. Raffle tickets will not be used again this year but names/numbers will be compiled through a random number generator. Coaches, please check the list of names when you are registering your team. This will cut down on the traffic in the Central Events Registration building! 

Ammunition! Sportsman’s Den has put together an ammo pre-order form! Coaches, please check your emails for this duplicate Nationals update that includes the pre-order form. Contact Jake (jake@sportsmansden.com ) at Sportsmans Den with any questions you may have!

Also, anybody wanting to shoot side events like the flurry, ammo will be available for sale to be shot at that side game!

Squading and registration for the Kids & Clays / SCTP Charity shoot is open! That will take place on Wednesday/Thursday, July 14/15 for Five-stand or Friday/Saturday, July 16/17 on the Sporting Clays course. This is open to everyone, athletes and adults alike!

As always, please patronize all our supporting vendors at the SCTP National Championships and thank them for attending! Vendors that have made a donation in support of the SCTP will have a 2021 Sponsor sign located in their store or at their tent. Vendors without this sign are not supporters of our programs!

This will be the largest National Championship in our history, with that said, please be patient and courteous to everyone! We are all working very hard to make sure this event runs on time and as smooth as possible. As many of you are aware, finding help and workers for an event this large has its own challenges, this year is even worse in that regard. Don’t be part of the problem, be part of the solution!

Thank You,
The SCTP National Team
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