2021/2022 SCTP College National Championships

Welcome to your 2021/2022 SCTP College National Championships,October 6-10 at the Cardinal Center in Marengo, Ohio.

Shoot offs only for perfect scores and we will try and have them shoot an extra few boxes immediately after they complete that event. Reverse long run will determine individual ties, shoot offs for team ties will be conducted at the grandstands.

We have added an extra day on the front end of this tournament to include more time for the Intl. Disciplines of Bunker Trap and I-Skeet. This will help us determine interest for future events and including more Intl. discipline events at these shoots.

Cost of events are as follows:

Trap/Skeet = $95 per person for the 200 target events.

Sporting Clays = $120 per person for 200 target event.

Bunker Trap / I-Skeet = $100 per person for 100 target event.

5 Stand = $45 per person for 100 target event.

HOA will include 200 target Trap, 200 target Skeet and 200 target Sporting Clays.

As always, team scoring will be used for HOA and Team awards in these disciplines!

We cannot allow 200 targets to be shot in the same day, all 200 target events are shot over 2 days!

We are expecting the events to be shot in consecutive days, like a Thursday/Friday…..Friday/Saturday……Saturday/Sunday.

When teams register to shoot on Thursday or Friday for their first 100, they will shoot their 2nd 100 that next day at the same time and same location. Please only register your athletes 1 time for each event.

When registering for Trap on Saturday, they will shoot that 2nd 100 the next morning as we want to be done with most shooting by noon/1pm on Sunday. Please see attendant when registering your team for the Sunday morning time and location.

Wednesday – International Disciplines of Bunker Trap and I- Skeet

Thursday/Friday – Options available include Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays, Intl. Disciplines & 5-stand

Friday/Saturday – Options available include Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays, Intl. Disciplines & 5-stand

Saturday/Sunday – Options available include Trap only.

What an almost perfect schedule might look like is this:

Team comes in on Wednesday and compete in the Intl. Disciplines.

Thursday, they shoot 1st 100 of Skeet (and maybe a side event of 5-stand)

Friday, they shoot their 2nd 100 of Skeet and maybe their first 100 of Sporting Clays

Saturday, they shoot their 2nd 100 of Sporting Clays and their 1st 100 of Trap

Sunday morning, they shoot their 2nd 100 of Trap and all done!

Teams can add the side events of Bunker, I-Skeet or 5 stand any day (except Sunday) but need to allow time to do that……

Due to travel restrictions by many teams, awards may be picked up after the event is completed and all scores and shoot offs have been finalized. We strongly encourage teams to pick up their awards before departing to save shipping costs and transportation issues.

We are working on the availability of ammunition at this event. Please watch for upcoming messages regarding costs and brands!

AWARDS: By division and by discipline.

Division I – 21+ athlete teams

Division II – 11-20 athlete teams

Division III – 10 or less athletes and new College Teams

Division IV – all 2-year colleges


All athletes must be paid and registered prior to squading for this tournament. If an athlete is not paid or registered properly, they will not be able to be squaded!

If you have any questions, please contact any of us from the national organization for help!

Hope to see you all there!

SCTP National Staff

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