2018 SCTP All-State Teams To Be Named at Nationals

New from the 2017 shooting season and continued for the 2018 season will be the SCTP “All State Team”. This team will be comprised of athletes finishing in the top 5 positions at their respective state shoots in 16 yard singles Trap, American Skeet and Sporting Clays, male and female athletes combined and regardless of their team affiliation!

To be eligible for the All State Team, athletes must:

  1. Attend their SCTP state championship event(s)
  2. Attend the SCTP National Championships in Marengo, OH

Those top 5 athletes (in each discipline from their state shoot) attending the SCTP National Championships being held in Marengo, Ohio July 14-21 2018 will have their scores count towards their “All State Team” score for that discipline! They will not shoot independently of their team and squad however, we will just use the scores shot at nationals for their “All State Team” score. Any ties will be shot off as a squad! The top 5 athletes will be selected across all age divisions and categories in grades 12 and under only.

Special prizes will be issued for the top 3 states (athletes) by order of finish and will be presented at the awards ceremonies at the tournament. These will all be 5 person squads.

If an athlete that finishes in the top 5 (at their state shoot) does not attend the national championships, we will then take the next competitor in line that will be attending nationals in July! That could be a 6th place state finisher, 7th place or so on down the line.

We will have more criteria posted on our website soon in the  SCTP Forms and Handbook section.

If you have any other questions about this great opportunity for our athlete’s, please contact the Directors of Development, Chet Tuinstra or Carlton Nether or contact National Director, Tom Wondrash. 


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