2017 SCTP College Virtual Match is Underway

Registration for the College Virtual Match starting on September 11th, 2017 is now open. College teams that are currently practicing and forming can take part in our newest competition!

See how you stack up against College teams from around the country in Trap & Skeet!
It’s easy and fun!

Once your team is registered with the SCTP you can sign in to your account and go to competitions. Once there, click on “national” competitions and then on “2017 College Virtual Match”. After that, click on the discipline you are competing in, Trap or Skeet. Then, pick a squad slot, enter your athletes and write down your squad numbers. You will need them for entering scores each week!

Keep in mind, you must enter your athlete’s scores each week and prior to midnight of each Sunday. Scores for the week will be posted every Monday morning! The system will use the top 5 Trap scores and top 5 Skeet scores from each team as your team’s weekly competitive score.

Some tips for the virtual match…

Designate a score sheet pad as “Weekly Competition”. When an athlete signs up on that pad/score sheet, they are acknowledging that they will be using that score as their competition score for the week.

You can do this at any practice you choose but only 1 time per week. Please have the competition score sheets initialed by the score puller and the coach overseeing that “competition” round. After that practice session, log back into the competition interface and click on the tab that says “scoring” and then go to your squad’s and input the scores.

This will also help you create a “competition” type of atmosphere for your athletes and get them better prepared for upcoming face to face competitions!

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact anyone of us at the SCTP!


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