Over 1,000 SCTP Athletes Compete In Last Competitor Standing

One of the highlights of Nationals week for SCTP athletes is the opportunity to compete in a massive Last Competitor Standing (i.e. “Annie Oakley”) event that gives them the opportunity to win guns, gear, and even a scholarship. In this miss-and-out fun competition, up to 30 athletes per trap field try to eliminate each other by capitalizing on the previous competitor’s misses. Over 500 athletes competed each evening.

The event has two components on each of two nights: a competition for anyone who wishes to compete, with men’s and ladies winners taking home guns and other prizes, followed by a competition just for 2017 graduating seniors who competed for $1,000 scholarships presented by the NRA.

Last Competitor Standing – Wednesday

Victoria Hendrix AZ Ben Avery
Sarah Schwacker WI Waterford Wolverines
Molly Olson WI Flyway Clay Slayers
Jessica Strasser WI Waterford Wolverines
Kiera Wood WI Hudson Raiders
Mikaela Leach WI Ozaukee Scholastic Shooting
Morgan Clark WI Flyway Clay Slayers
Zoe Goodwin KY Northern Kentucky Top Guns

Austin Jacob OH Greene County F&G
Andrew Troje IA North Scott Trap Team
Riley Hasler WI Waterford Wolverines
Thomas Keeshan IA North Scott Trap Team
Blake Conrad MN Lakers Trap Team
Eyan Marx WI Flyway Clayslayers
Aaron Copelan GA Lake Oconee Shotgun Team
Jordan Persinger WI Hudson Raiders

Tyler Bong WI Flyway Clayslayers
Brennan Kamer KY Northern Kentucky STC

Ladies NRA $1,000 Scholarship
Sarah Villarreal NE Marian High School

Mens NRA $1,000 Scholarship
Austin Jacob OH Greene County F&G

Last Competitor Standing – Friday
Erin Lautzenheiser OH North Lawrence Claybusters
Harley Graves TN T-County Claybusters
Lauren Hartwein MO Gateway Claybusters
Chloe Uhlenhake WI BHS Demons
Sabrina Peterson IL St. Charles Shot Crew
Grace Marlen MO Team Henges
Morgan Clark WI Flyway Clayslayers
Kaylinn Wilken WI BHS Demons

Tyler Regner WI BHS Demons
Brian Baca CO Rocky Mountain Claybusters
Zachary Hanson WI Central Falcons
William Browning IA North Lawrence Claybusters
Josh Muellenbach WI BHS Demons
Hunter Block IA North Scott Trap Team
Jack Schoepke WI BHS Demons
Thomas Keeshan IA North Scott Trap Team

Danielle Greene PA Evans City
Taya Bower MI Straight Shooters

Ladies NRA $1,000 Scholarship
Chloe Sterner PA Mason Dixon Claybusters

Mens NRA $1,000 Scholarship
Hunter Conrad WI Central Falcons


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