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Zanders Sporting Goods and The Scholastic Clay Target Program announce a joint effort in support of new shooting teams across the country

Zanders Sporting Goods and several industry companies have joined forces in support of growing  youth shooting through SCTP. This unique partnership collaborated to develop SCTP’s “New Team Package” is now available for brand new teams joining the Scholastic Clay Target Program!

This package is available to teams joining the SCTP for the first time and contains everything a new clay target team needs to get up and running including eye & ear protection, hats, range bags, Winchester Trakker Ammo, gun cleaning kit, a firearm and much more!The New Team package is valued from $1,300 to $2,500 based on the number of youth athletes and coaches on the new team!

And… for new teams joining SCTP for the first time this year, there is “NO COST” for this package.

“Zanders Sporting Goods has been a long time supporter of the SCTP ”Stated Michael Sutton, Zanders Sporting Goods – Import Sales. “We are proud to be part of an organization that does things for the right reasons. The SCTP instills safety, responsibility and respect….values that we at Zanders Sporting Goods feel very strongly about!”

“We cannot thank long time supporter Zanders Sporting Goods and our other fine SCTP sponsors enough for the support of our National Youth Shooting Program” said Tom Wondrash, SCTP National Director. “Growing youth shooting and youth development are the bedrock values of the SCTP. We are very excited to see that many of our sponsors and supporters understand those same values and the importance of them!”

For more information on the SCTP and the “New Team Package” please visit www.sssfonline.org. and click on “SCTP” in the red tool bar, then click on “Deals and Promotions” then look under Team Support.

If you are interested in supporting the nations largest youth shooting program, please contact the SCTP’s National Director, Tom Wondrash at twondrash@sssfonline.com

Our special thanks to all of the SCTP New Team Package sponsors including GunBroker.com, TruGlo, Winchester, TriStar, Bulldog Cases & Vaults, Lucas Oil and Mantis.

SCTP 2018 Virtual League Series

Registration for the Scholastic Clay Target Program 2018 Virtual League Series is now open. The virtual league series is a fun, easy and FREE way to compete with other teams across the nation without leaving your home range! Competition opportunities are available in trap and skeet for youth of all ages!

Who can participate?

Any fully registered SCTP athlete in good standing may participate in the virtual league series. There will be two sets of leagues in 2018 based on age:

  1. Grades 12 and under
  2. Collegiate

When and where are the competitions?

Each virtual series is a 150 target league that will run for 6 weeks (25 targets / week). Targets are shot at your home range or wherever it is most convenient for your team on a given week. Targets may be shot on any day of the week and scores must be recorded in the SHOT system that same week. Dates for the series are as follows:

  • Trap and skeet grades 12 and under Winter Virtual Series: February 19 to April 1
    • Registration deadline is February 18
  • Trap and skeet collegiate Spring Virtual Series: April 2 to May 13
    • Registration deadline is April 1
  • Trap and skeet grades 12 and under Spring Virtual Series: April 16 to May 27
    • Registration deadline is April 15

How can my team participate?

Teams and athletes must be fully registered with the Scholastic Clay Target Program and have their team setup in the SHOT system. After initial team registration, a coach must sign up their athletes for the Virtual League Series prior to the virtual league series registration deadlines noted above.

To complete the series, athletes must shoot 25 targets each week and coaches must record those scores to the SHOT System that same week prior to midnight each Sunday in order to successfully complete the league. Athletes may shoot their virtual scores anytime during the week including regular practices but must declare the round to count towards the virtual series prior to shooting. Coaches must collect and retain the score sheets used for virtual league series scores. Late scores cannot be accepted and athletes missing a week or coaches not turning in a score on time will result in a score of zero for the week.

Are there any prizes?

Priorities for the virtual league series include having fun, encouraging camaraderie among teammates and providing exposure to a competition atmosphere. All SCTP teams with athletes who participate and have scores entered into SHOT for all six weeks will be entered into a random drawing for a Tristar setter over/under shotgun! This gun may be used as a team firearm or for team fundraising purposes.

How do I register and enter scores for the virtual league?

Once your team is fully registered with the SCTP, follow the directions in our download to see how to register athletes and enter scores each week.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact anyone of us at the SCTP!

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