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2019 Nationals High Overall Team Endowment Funding

As another year closes and all National Championships are now complete, we are announcing the top High Overall (HOA) winners from this year’s SCTP National Championships.

We will be awarding MidwayUSA Foundation team endowment funding for the top 4 teams in each of the HOA divisions as follows.

2019 Trap High Overall Winners at SCTP National Championships

Main Event HOA, High School only HOA and Trap only HOA. $60,000 will be awarded to these team’s accounts!

The funding will be as follows, 1st place – $8,000, 2nd place – $6,000, 3rd place – $4,000 and 4th place – $2,000. This will be for each HOA discipline for a total of $60,000!

See complete event results on our website here…

We want to thank all the teams that participated at this years National Championships and look forward to another record-breaking year coming up!

If you missed this year’s event please mark your calendars for our 2020 nationals July 11-18 at the Cardinal Shooting Center!

HOA Winning Teams
Main Event (Trap/Skeet/Sporting Clays)
1st Place – Lake Oconee Shotgun Team, Georgia
2nd Place – Central Georgia Elite Shooters, Georgia
3rd Place – Blackwood Team, Texas
4th Place – Forest City Gun Club, Georgia

High School HOA (Trap/Skeet/Sporting Clays – High School Teams Only)
1st Place – Allen Eagles Competitive Shooting Team, Texas
2nd Place – Central Falcons, Wisconsin
3rd Place – North Scott Trap Team, Iowa
4th Place – Ankeny Centennial Jaguars, Iowa

Trap Only HOA (16 yard singles, Handicap and Trap Doubles)
1st Place – North Scott Trap Team, Iowa
2nd Place – Ankeny Centennial Jaguars, Iowa
3rd Place – Golden Eagles, Illinois
4th Place – Waterford Wolverines, Wisconsin

About the National Championships
Complete information, participation, statistics and stock photos can be found at: https://sssfonline.org/news/media/

Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation 2020 Scholarship Program

The Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation (SSSF), is once again offering our scholarship program to reward deserving, graduating seniors in the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) and Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) with needed college assistance. The main objective is to award as many scholarships as possible to qualifying SCTP / SASP graduating seniors.

Since 2013, the SSSF has awarded over $450,000 in scholarship funds benefiting over 450 student athletes, from nearly all 50 states in the Scholastic Clay Target and Scholastic Action Shooting programs. We are pleased to announce that last year’s Scholarship Program awarded over $100,000 to qualifying applicants.

The SSSF is establishing minimal guidelines for the selection procedure, thus allowing the final selection to be as simple as possible.

*NOTE – You must be a current and paid member of the SCTP or SASP national organization at the time of application submission! See details on how to complete your team registration here.

General Procedures: Each applicant must be a graduating senior within the year of the awarded scholarship and must be registered for college before the scholarship is awarded in that same year.• Applicant must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative Grade Point Average through the most recent grading period ending on or before April 1, 2020.

• Each prospective recipient must be registered as a full-time college student before the scholarship is awarded and must provide the name of the post-secondary college or community/ junior college to receive the scholarship proceeds. Each scholarship check will be mailed to the appropriate college in the student’s name by October 1, 2020. The scholarship funds are to be used for tuition.  This is a one-time, non-renewable scholarship.

• Applicants may not be in receipt of any “full” scholarship funds in order to qualify (i.e., athletics, military academy, academic, etc.).

• Applicants must have participated during 2019-2020 in one of their SCTP / SASP State Championships, National Championships, or regional events in Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays, Olympic Bunker, Olympic Skeet Championships; Pistol or Rifle.

• Applicants must be able to complete all parts of the application packet:

Application / Personal Information Page:
•One Page Student Resume or School and Non-School Activities and Honors
•One Page Essay (see Essay Guidelines)
•Must attach current high school transcript or home school transcript!
Application Deadline (for the entire application packet): Midnight, April 19th, 2020
All Materials Must Be Received together as one packet by Deadline.  No exceptions!

SCTP National Team Members Compete at USA Shooting Nationals

Packing guns and homework, ten members of the SCTP National Team made their way to Colorado Springs last week for USA Shooting’s 2018 National Championships. Meredith Bernau, Heather Broski, Emilio Carvalho, Monica Dale, Peter Meola, Jack Olsen, and Matt Wells were on the ground first for the International Trap championships. The weather was mostly cooperative, and the trap scores reflected accordingly.

Junior Trap Women medalists: Victoria Hendrix, Gold; Ryann Phillips, Silver; Heather Broski, Bronze (Photo courtesy of USA Shooting)

Heather Broski, finishing third in the Junior Women’s final, attained a spot on the U.S. National Junior Team and will now wear a National Junior team vest. “The intent of the SCTP National Team is to prepare these athletes to take the next step to the national level. Heather has done that. I’m very proud of her performance in this match,” declared head coach Terri DeWitt. Emilio Carvalho posted a solid performance as well, narrowly missing the Junior Men’s final by one target. He did, however, take home a silver medal in men’s Class A.

Junior Skeet Women medalists: Katie Jacob, Gold; Gracin Anderson, Silver; Karsyn Ross, Bronze (Photo courtesy of USA Shooting)

In what came as no surprise to Skeet competitors, the weather took a dramatic turn for the worse during the second half of the competition. Gracin Anderson, Erin Lokke, and AJ Nomina battled for four days through gusting winds, freezing rain, and falling snow. “Even though conditions were tough, we adapted and fought through challenges that were not normal. I learned a lot this week and plan to use this experience to train for future events,” pledged Lokke.

SCTP National Team member, Erin Lokke

In spite of the weather conditions, Gracin Anderson secured herself a National Junior Team vest with her silver medal finish in junior Women’s Skeet. AJ Nomina and Erin Lokke both took home Skeet medals as well – Nomina a bronze in men’s Class B and Lokke a silver in women’s Class B.

SCTP National Team Named at International Championships

The 2018 Scholastic Clay Target Program International National Championships held at the International shooting park in Colorado Springs, CO. are officially in the record book!

Over 120 athletes competed in International Skeet as well as International Trap (Bunker Trap) over the 6 day event which started on July 22nd and ended July 27th.

This annual event takes place at the home grounds of USA Shooting on Ft. Carson Army base just south of Colorado Springs and is run with the help of USA Shooting and its staff. 43 Teams of athletes from 15 states showed up to try and take the International top honors with WI (25) and FL (13) leading the pack with the most athletes attending this years tournament by state!

Taking top senior division squad honors by 45 targets in international skeet was Union Grove Broncos (WI) scoring 275 led by Cole Hammond (99), Emily Rasmussen (92) and Aimee Spiering (84). Sauk County Youth Shooting Team (WI) was second at 230 with Joshua Corbin leading the way (109) along with squad mates Quin Schuppner (62) and Lucas Riberich (59). Third place went to Tampa Bay Clays (FL) at 218 with Brayden Sasser (80), Cody Sharp (77) and Austin Eastman (61). Top intermediate division squad honors in international skeet went to Sauk County Shooting Team with Riley Minette (76), Bo Schuppner (68) and Madeline Corbin (60).

The bunker trap senior title was taken by Tampa Bay Clays (FL) with a squad score of 329 fired by Jack Brosseau (118), Ryan Ledbetter (109) and Kevin Whitehead (102). Second place went to Minute Man Sharpshooters (MA) at 314 with Alexia Davos (107), Sean Cannistraro (105) and Kurtis Grover (102). Top collegiate division squad honors went to Grand View University (IA) with a 308 led by Hunter Anderson (107), Trenton Cheers (105) and Reese Howard (96). The intermediate squad title was captured by Sauk County Youth Shooting Team (WI) firing a 282 by Madeline Corbin(97), Riley Minette (95) and  Bo Schuppner (90).

All results with complete leaderboards are available on the SHOT System at: http://bit.ly/2MxfWem

“What a great tournament for our athletes competing in the International Disciplines!” said Tom Wondrash, SCTP’s National Director and tournament director. “The weather was fantastic and the support and help from USA Shooting was A+. I think the families and athletes had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed their time in Colorado Springs. Our staff along with SCTP National Team head coach, Terri DeWitt worked hard all week to provide an exceptional atmosphere for all that attended!”

The 2018/2019 SCTP National Team members were also chosen from the top placers in International Skeet and Bunker Trap, the new seasons team is as follows:

2019 SCTP International Skeet National Team
Gracin Anderson, TN
Emily Rasmussen, WI
Jay Bible, FL
Anthony Nomina, CO
Chris Freeman, MI
Joshua Corbin, WI
Erin Lokke, MN

2019 SCTP Bunker Trap National Team
Monica Dale WI
Heather Broski TN
Heather Argue TN
Jack Olsen CO
Peter Meola FL
Mathew Wells WI
Meredith Bernau WI
Emilio Carvalho CA

The SCTP National Team is a stepping stone for athletes wanting to take the Olympic path, the SCTP is the official youth program of USA Shooting and feeder program to Team USA.  National team members receive advanced coaching and support in the international clay target sports, a USA Shooting jacket, paid fall selection match fees and ammo, along with an SCTP National Team vest. National team slots are earned at each year’s SCTP International Nationals. The Scholastic Clay Target Program is the official youth shooting program to USA Shooting and provides a pipeline for future international shotgun competitors.

For more information on how to get involved with SCTP and the international disciplines of International Skeet and Bunker Trap, please contact any of the SCTP staff.

Photos courtesy USA Shooting.

Who Will Take Top Gun Honors in 2018?

The Scholastic Clay Target Program and Scholastic Action Shooting Program are excited to announce a new event at this year’s National Championships – the Top Gun Challenge.

Over the years we have watched the increase in athletes shooting multiple disciplines in both our programs at nationals. We wanted to find a way to recognize the commitment and stamina these athletes have shown competing in so many events, over the course of the week of nationals.

CZ-USA, a large sponsor of both SCTP and SASP heard us talking about wanting to start some kind of “Top Gun” competition and graciously offered to sponsor the top prize for the winner. CZ-USA will be donating a Shotgun, a Rifle and Pistol to SCTP/SASP and we will be awarding all three prizes to the High Overall Top Gun Challenge competitor.

With CZ’s support here is what we have come up with for the 2018 SCTP/SASP Nationals.

Top Gun Challenge Eligibility Criteria, Scoring and Prizes

  • Athletes wishing to compete in the Top Gun Challenge must be current team members in the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) AND the Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP).
  • Athletes wishing to compete in the Top Gun Challenge must be pre-registered to shoot the following events at the 2018 National Championships:
    • 16 Yard Trap
    • Skeet
    • Sporting Clays
    • Rimifre Rifle (irons or optics)
    • Centerfire or Rimfire Pistol
  • Each athlete wishing to compete in the Top Gun Challenge must complete a registration form in person at either the SASP or SCTP registration desk located at the Cardinal Center Central Entry Building prior to competing in their first event. Athletes will then shoot all competition events as usual.
  • We will compile scores from your events and calculate the winners. Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays is easy you will get the total number of birds you break in each discipline, so a possible 600 points. Since SASP is based on time and not total targets hit, it will be done a little differently. We will take all participants and rank both their rifle times and their pistol times fastest to slowest.
    • The fastest in each discipline will get 200, second place 199, third place 198 and so on down the line until everyone has a score.  We will add all those points together and the athlete with the most points out of the possible 1000 will win.
  • Every Athlete who competes in all the events and signs up, will receive a Top Gun Challenge challenge coin just for participating and showing your shooting stamina.

Prizes for Athletes Grade 12 and Under

  • 1st prize – CZ USA 612 Target Shotgun, CZ 75 SP01 Phantom Pistol and a 512 American Rifle
  • 2nd Prize – CZ Drake 12ga. Over/Under
  • 3rd Prize – Certificate for a GLOCK Pistol
  • 4th Prize – Mossberg Blaze .22 Rifle
  • 5th Prize – Case of Aguila shotgun shells and 1000 rounds of Federal Premium Hunter Match .22 ammo
  • 6th Prize – Walker’s electronic hearing protection, Certificate for XX2I glasses

Prizes for Collegiate Athletes

  • 1st Prize Mossberg Blaze .22 Rifle
  • 2nd Prize Certificate for XX2I Glasses
  • 3rd Prize Browning Range Bag
SCTP and SASP want to thank all of our sponsors for their support of our programs and the Top Gun Challenge!

Congratulations to 2018 Scholarship Recipients

Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation is proud to announce the 2018 recipients in its Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) and Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) Scholarship Program. One hundred thirty three student athletes from 25 different states will receive scholarships totaling $83,300. From 2013 to date, SSSF has awarded nearly $400,000 in scholarship funds benefiting over 400 student athletes in the Scholastic Clay Target and Scholastic Action Shooting programs.

Athletes who are graduating from high school in 2018 and will enroll in college this year were eligible to apply for this year’s scholarships. Awards are based on SCTP/SASP participation, academics, need, essays and other factors. The scholarships are being funded by generous shooting industry sponsors, as well as supporters and donors who provide the SCTP with funds through national fundraising banquets.

Congratulations to the following 2018 Scholastic Action Shooting Program scholarship recipients:

IAZachary HenryGLOCK
KYAustin ArnoldSASP
TNAnders RiderSASP
WITeagan RichmanSASP
WIEmily RasmussenTaurus

Congratulations to the following 2018 Scholastic Clay Target Program scholarship recipients:

AZHanna Hughes
AZKira Cornell Dean
AZCody Gill
AZLewis Aul
CALauren Hamada
CAWyatt Hambly
CAIsaac Smith
CAAlexander Ke
COMason Wolfe
CODalton Kirchhoefer
COBryon Baca
GACharles Toms
GAKevin Bandt
IADain Stolba
IABailey Beckman
IAAlexis Berte
IAAllison Pettinger
IABrooke Willson
IASydney Pierson
IADayton Harson
IAGarett Tierney
IASarah Jordan
IAStephanie Vipond
IATrenton Kruse
IAChristopher Mott
IAAshton Lamborn
IALucas Schmitz
IAJenna Kinch
IABailey Schmitz
IACaleb Williams
IAZachary Henry
IACole Baskerville
IAAugust Helgeson
IADayne Crouch
IANicole Breese
IACarter West
IAKyle Myers
IASloan Volkman
IAWillam Hurd
IAMichael Mohr
IACarl Preston
IARebecca Crawford
ILJesse Stevens
ILRyan St. Peters
ILIsaac Barnes
INJacob Eggebrecht
INSpencer Jordan
INTyler Eggert
MAAndrew Worringham
MAMeagan Wyson
MAAlexia Davos
MADevereux Marshall
MDChase Tyeryar
MIMegan Scholl
MIJoshua Bush
MNMegan Ringate
MNAustin Swan
MOTom Browne
NEAnna Denman
NMPatrick Lasher
OHJulia Horner
OHDerek Sinclair
OHCourtney Leszczynski
OHEugene Koczwara
OHQuinton Taylor
OHNolan Andrasik
OHKathryn Taylor
OHCarson Ledford
OHDavid Spradlin
OHMatthew Le Cras
PAMauren Mitchell
PADylan Henkins
PANathan Metzger
SCMary Gregory
SCBenjamin Tillman Kinney
SCAubrey Cromer
SCJessica Knox
SCTangie McFee
SCCarrie Haltiwanger
SCAbigail Milling
SDKjerstin Aspaas
TNJacob Pinson
TNAnastasia Zimmerman
TNEvan Fleet
TNTori Brown
TNJames Hartman
TNLauren Thomas
TNMikaela Messer
TNKincaid Gillespie
TXDakota Brown
TXCharles Buckin III
TXVictoria Scott
VAZachary Wells
WIZachary Becker
WIJack Meixelsperger
WILea Beckman
WISunny Rufsholm
WILaura Behr
WIAndrew Grady
WIMegan Cernohous
WIRebecca Reeves
WIJason Brewer
WIRiley Hammer
WIAimee Spiering
WIJosie McHugh
WIKorryn Clint
WIMatthew Bougie
WITy Flannery
WISteven Klika
WIWilliam Zajkowski
WIMatthew Wells
WIHarlan Schwanebeck
WIReed Miller
WIEthan Jensen
WIGeorge Carlo Clark
WISamuel Coates
WIEaston Meier
WINicholas Mader
WIEdie Keung
WIHunter Sadler
WIJordan Marvin
WICasey Lucas
WIAdam Hilger
WIMatthew Young
WISarah Schwacher
WIIan Walton
WYReese Romero

Nearly 2,700 to Attend Iowa SCTP Trap Championships

Cedar Falls, IA – Starting Wednesday, June 6th the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and Iowa State Trapshooting Association (ISTA) will be hosting the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) state trapshooting championship event at the ISTA home grounds just north of Cedar Falls.

Middle school and elementary aged athletes will begin the competition on Wednesday with high school athletes competing Thursday through Sunday. Over 630,000 clay targets will be fired at during the five days of competition with 2,639 youth from 117 Iowa teams scheduled to participate.

This week’s trap championship event is the first culminating event to a season of trap, skeet and sporting clays competitions that started last fall where Iowa teams logged 800 competition events from September 1 through the end of May. Iowa youth have fired at nearly 1.7 million clay targets in these local competitions alone.

Event Details

Wednesday, June 6th – Rookie and Intermediate Divisions (Grades 8 and under)

Thursday, June 7th – Doubles and Handicap (i.e. added distance) Events, All Ages

Friday, June 8 through Sunday June 10 – High School Divisions

Iowa State Trapshooting Association Home Grounds

6138 W Cedar Wapsi Rd, Cedar Falls, IA 50613

Event Program, Schedules and Results

Complete event program can be found at:

Interactive squad schedules may be viewed by going to http://shot.sssfonline.com/shot/bin/comp/report/schedule.asp?id=1724 then navigating to the event you would like to see the squad schedule for.

Results leaderboards can be found at: http://shot.sssfonline.com/shot/bin/comp/report/leaderboard.asp?id=1724

Scheduled Teams and Athlete Hometown List



Media Contact

Chris VanGorp, Shooting Sports Coordinator, Iowa DNR

Chris.VanGorp@dnr.iowa.gov 515-313-8048

Download the complete media advisory here.

Hollywood Comes to the SCTP Nationals

For several months now, we’ve been working with some folks in the movie world who are interested in what we do here at the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP).

I am very pleased to announce that at the 2018 SCTP National Championships being held at the Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, Ohio, they will begin filming a major motion picture that’s going to be the first of its kind in the clay shooting world!

This movie has a great story line and the SCTP staff, coaches and athletes will be featured throughout the show. We’ll be releasing more details over the next couple months but for now make your plans to be at this years National Championships in Marengo, Ohio July 14-21.

You never know, you might end up on the ‘big screen’!!

Check out the trailer on our YouTube channel and stay tuned, much more to come!

Tom Wondrash
SCTP National Director

Allen Eagles Competitive Shooting Team wins 6th straight Texas State Championship

While thousands gathered for the NRA annual convention in Dallas on May 4-6 to pontificate about firearms, about 300 sixth through twelfth graders comprising two dozen youth shotgun teams convened at Ellis County Sportsman’s Club just 20 miles away for the Scholastic Clay Target Program’s 2018 Texas State Shotgun Championships. “Ellis County is one of the few venues in North Texas that can handle a tournament this size,” noted Coach Rich Keele. “For anything bigger, we pretty much have to use the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio.”

More than 70,000 targets and 3,000 boxes of shotgun ammo decided individual, squad, and team state champions in American Skeet, American Trap, and Sporting Clays. According to longtime supporter Bill Alford whose son shot on the first national champion squad for the Eagles, “The growth of youth shotgun sports is incredible. You know it’s grown when parents and coaches get frustrated because all the shoots fill up on the first day of registration.”

Hundreds of medals, trophies, and belt buckles were awarded to athletes in grades 6-12 competing in their respective classifications. For most, this was the pinnacle of their season having battled the elements throughout the 6-month league which started back in November. Many will compete in the Lower Midwest Regional Tournament in San Antonio June 16-17 along with athletes from OK, AR, and LA.  A few will go on to represent Texas at the SCTP American Team Nationals July 18-22 in Marengo, OH versus 3,000+ shooting athletes from across the nation. Among the Eagles who have already qualified for the All-State-Team representing Texas at Nationals are Rob Beach (Trap), Trevor Christensen (Skeet), Sean Packer (Sporting Clays), and Grant Stelmach (Sporting Clays). Beach and Packer also qualified as All-Americans in Sporting Clays, while Morgan Scott and Brandon Stone qualified as All-Americans in Skeet.

The Allen Eagles Competitive Shooting Team won the High Overall Team Championship by a margin of 42 targets out of 1,500 over the Southlake Carroll Target Program who earlier this year placed 1st in the North Texas League by 29 targets over the Eagles out of 4,500 shot in 9 league events.

Also in the running for the HOA team state crown, 1 target separated 3rd place Red Oak High School Shotgun Team from 4th place Grace Cougars of Tyler with newcomer Keller High School Clay Target Team in 5th place by just 4 more targets.

Allen and Southlake tied for the Skeet team award. But, Allen got the win in a shootoff with Southlake veterans Nicholas Godfrey and Tyler Hall demonstrating exceptional sportsmanship. The Eagles took the Sporting Clays team award by 3 targets over the Dragons. And Pleasant Grove Shotgun Club bested Allen by 1 target out of 500 for the Trap Team Championship.

The level of competition just keeps getting tougher. Every year, there are more and better teams competing. “Every year, we graduate a bunch of great shooters and fool ourselves into thinking we’ve seen the best of the best. But each year, a new crop of young shooters step up to the plate and raise the bar,” noted Eagles head coach Jason Anderson. “We just reload.”

Allen had a host of individual and squad award winners too!

Team: GOLD-Trevor Christensen, Morgan Scott, Nick Welch
Varsity Squad: BRONZE-Morgan Scott, Robert Beach, Sean Packer
Varsity Lady: GOLD-Morgan Scott, BRONZE-Bailey Finnelly
JV Squad: Trenton Christensen, Meredith McCarty, Garrett Koch
Intermediate/Advanced Squad: SILVER-Owen Lyons, Riley Showah, Brandon Martin
Intermediate/Advanced Athlete: GOLD-Owen Lyons
Intermediate/Entry Squad: GOLD-Nick Welch, Dylan Little, Tyler Stelmach
Intermediate/Entry Athlete: GOLD-Nick Welch, SILVER-Dylan Little

Team: SILVER-Robert Beach, Bailey Finnelly, Sean Packer, Morgan Scott, Kaleb Carper
Varsity Squad: GOLD-Robert Beach, Bailey Finnelly, Morgan Scott, Jackson Harper, Jake Lundberg
& SILVER-Sean Packer, Kaleb Carper, Thomas Keele, John Lyons, Grant Stelmach
Varsity Lady: SILVER-Bailey Finnelly, BRONZE-Morgan Scott
JV Squad: SILVER-Ellie Moeller, Oliver Harrison, Presli Richmond, Hunter Rhodes, Joseph Showah
JV Lady: BRONZE-Ellie Moeller
Intermediate/Entry Squad: GOLD-Dylan Little, Nick Welch, Tyler Stelmach, Brett Windham, Luc Tomczak & SILVER-Austin Hodge, Alex Martin, Connor Bowles, Alex Bull, Samantha Gott & BRONZE-Hudson Cooper, Logan Martinez
Intermediate/Entry Athlete: BRONZE-Hudson Cooper
Intermediate/Entry Lady: BRONZE-Samantha Gott

Team: GOLD-Sean Packer, Grant Stelmach, Thomas Keele
Varsity Squad: GOLD-Sean Packer, Grant Stelmach, Thomas Keele
Intermediate/Advanced Squad: SILVER-Owen Lyons, Brandon Martin, Riley Showah
Intermediate/Advanced Athlete: GOLD-Owen Lyons
Intermediate/Entry Squad: GOLD-Nick Welch, Dylan Little, Tyler Stelmach & BRONZE-Austin Hodge, Brett Windham, Luc Tomczak
Intermediate/Entry Athlete: SILVER-Nick Welch


H.O.A. Team: GOLD-Allen

Skeet: Trevor Christensen, Morgan Scott, Nick Welch, Grant Stelmach, Sean Packer

Sporting Clays: Sean Packer, Grant Stelmach, Thomas Keele, Kaleb Carper, Nick Welch

Trap: Robert Beach, Bailey Finnelly, Sean Packer, Morgan Scott, Kaleb Carper

H.O.A. Varsity Athlete: BRONZE-Sean Packer
H.O.A. Varsity Lady: SILVER-Morgan Scott, BRONZE-Bailey Finnelly
H.O.A. Intermediate/Advanced Athlete: GOLD-Owen Lyons
H.O.A. Intermediate/Entry Athlete: SILVER-Nick Welch, BRONZE-Dylan Little
H.O.A. Intermediate/Entry Lady: BRONZE-Samantha Gott

SCTP 2018 Illinois Regional Shoot

Mark your calendars for May 19th and 20th for a Scholastic Clay Target Program regional shoot at the World Shooting and Recreational Complex in Sparta, IL. The event is open to all SCTP registered teams and will feature trap, skeet and sporting clays.

Random Drawing of all registered athletes for prizes!

Team Scoring for all 3 events

Classifications – Varsity / JV / Intermediate

200 Trap – 100 Skeet – 100 Sporting Clays


Registration will be done on the SHOT system and opens Monday, April 16

Program to follow with complete details!

Saturday – All 200 Trap will be shot / Awards to follow

– Skeet and Sporting Clays Open

Sunday – Skeet and Sporting Clays / Awards to follow

*NSSA/NSCA/ATA rules apply. Event coordinator has final word relating to this event. Teams must be registered with the SCTP prior to event. College athlete scores will not be used for HOA

** We will be running an ATA Registered shoot on Saturday, May 19th. If your team is interested in this, they must be ATA registered. We will use those scores for the SCTP Regional event as well. Teams must squad on fields 1-8 when registering. Coaches may shoot registered targets as well. ATA will provide some prizes for the registered shoot!

Contact Amanda Wondrash at awondrash@sssfonline.com with any questions.

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