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It was a test of endurance, patience, and positive attitudes – it was the USA Shooting Trap National Championships back-to-back with the USA Shooting Junior Olympic Trap Championships in Colorado Springs. This was the test that the SCTP National Team has been “studying” for all year and the Trap Team was first in the blocks.

 In spite of lightning, rain, wind, dust, cold, heat, and long days (30 squads of competitors) the determination and resilience of these athletes shone through. The first week saw Matt Wells (WI) battle his way to a Junior Men’s silver medal at the USA Shooting National Championships, earning a spot on the Junior National Team. Wells will now trade his SCTP National Team vest for a USA Shooting Junior Team vest.

“I have trained very hard to get this vest and position on the National Junior Team but my work as a competitive athlete is not done. I definitely think that being on the SCTP Team has helped me grow as a shooter. I would like to thank SCTP for the opportunity they have given me. I am excited to continue my journey on the Junior National Team,” Wells stated.

 15-year-old Emilio Carvalho (CA) lead the way during the second week of competition at the Junior Olympic Championships, claiming the top of the leaderboard the very first day. But not far behind Carvalho was his teammate Matt Wells again. When both Carvalho and Wells collected their bib numbers for the final, Carvalho was still in the number 1 spot and Wells was in number 4.

Emilio Carvalho, Men’s final, Junior Olympic Championships.
Photo courtesy of USA Shooting.

When the dust finally settled, Wells remained in fourth place while Carvalho did not relinquish his lead until nearly the end of the finals round, when he finished in third place. His bronze medal podium finish places him on the USA Shooting Junior Squad, meaning that Carvalho will also trade his SCTP National Team vest for a USA Shooting vest.

 “The SCTP camps and the mental training exposed me to new insights about the game. I feel grateful about my success and the opportunity that SCTP has provided to me to pursue my Olympic dreams. Thank you for an amazing year SCTP National Team!” beamed Carvalho.

Junior Men’s final, USA Shooting National Championships. Photo courtesy of John Thompson.

 Coach Terri DeWitt said with a laugh, “I’ve been out here so long, I don’t even know what day it is anymore.” She continued, “But I do know this – without exception, these trap athletes performed beyond expectations. They should be proud of themselves – they came out here prepared; they came out here with a mission and they gave 100% effort to that mission. I’m extremely proud of the efforts put forth by this team, not only on the firing line, but behind the line as well. They were there for each other during these two long weeks, truly coming together as a team. I could not be prouder of these young adults,” she smiled.

Next up are the Skeet events: USA Shooting National Skeet Championships, June 16th– June 19th and USA Shooting Junior Olympic Skeet Championships, June 22nd – 23rd.

SCTP National Team Kicks off the New Year in Gainesville, Florida

Gator Skeet & Trap Club once again played host to the SCTP National Team for their first training camp of the year, January 3rd – 5th.  The emphasis of this camp was technical training, i.e. pulling the trigger and breaking targets, in preparation for USA Shooting’s Spring Selection Match, February 25th – March 9th in Tucson, AZ. Athletes were on site for three days with coaches Terri DeWitt and Joe Buffa who put them through drills, finals practices, and a few pressure scenarios. With reference to the athletes, Coach Dewitt remarked, “They came to work and that’s what we did. Not only did they break a lot of targets, but they started to incorporate the mental training techniques they learned at last month’s camp with Dr. Jason Selk.”

SCTP National Team Members Sharpen Their Mental Game

In the pause between finishing their finals and finishing their Christmas shopping, members of the 2018/2019 SCTP National Team gathered at Fairfield Sportsmen’s Association in Cincinnati, Ohio to take advantage of an extraordinary opportunity to work with sport psychologist, Dr. Jason Selk. These International Trap and Skeet athletes alternated classroom time with live-fire training; in other words, learning, then applying, the fundamentals of Dr. Selk’s mental workout.

Dr. Jason Selk shares his mental workout with SCTP National Team members

“Our intent was to give these athletes the tools to develop a strong mental game before next year’s competition season begins. For most of them, that will be USA Shooting’s Spring Selection Match at the end of February,” shared Coach Terri DeWitt. “Jason Selk is a dynamic speaker and his mental workout program is rock solid. We’re extremely grateful that we were able to have him here. I’m really excited for these kids next year,” she smiled.

Assistant Coach Joe Buffa adds, “I really think Dr. Selk brings a different outlook on how to attain mental strength. He makes his students understand that they can train themselves to be mentally strong. I feel that if our shooting athletes implement his techniques, we will see their level of competition rise!”

Mental training camp – December 14/15, Cincinnati, OH

A little over 3000 trap and skeet targets were thrown over two days in spite of a persistent, bone-chilling rain on Saturday. But the weather was not enough to dampen the enthusiasm of these athletes. Skeet team member AJ Nomina was pragmatic, saying, “Training your shooting mechanically is always a must before the next match. Everyone needs practice. However, this was the first time I learned what I can do to prepare myself mentally before a match. The mental preparation aspect of this camp was what I’ve been looking for.”

Peter Meola, Trap team member, seemed to give voice to what everyone was feeling as the camp drew to a close on Saturday afternoon. “It was a great experience and I was happy to have the opportunity to participate in it,” he said.

Jay Bible, Josh Corbin, and AJ Nomina (left to right) training on the skeet range at Fairfield Sportsmen’s Association

The SCTP National Team will meet again in just two short weeks, this time in Gainesville, Florida in preparation for USA Shooting’s Spring Selection Match in Tucson, Arizona.


Scholastic Clay Target Program and USA Shooting announce 2019 dates

The SCTP and USA Shooting would like to announce dates for next seasons events including the Junior Olympic Development Camp and the SCTP International National Championships!

The SCTP’s JODC will be held from May 21st – May 27 for interested coaches and from May 23rd – May 27th for chosen athletes! Up to 10 SCTP coaches wanting to learn more about coaching the International disciplines of International Skeet and Bunker Trap along with 24 lucky athletes will be invited to stay at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. and learn from the nation’s top coaches and team USA members! Applications will be available about February 1st.

Also, the dates for the SCTP International National Championships will be held from July 22 – July 27, 2019. July 22/23 will be open training, July 24/25 will be set for International Skeet Competition and July 26/27 will be slated for the Bunker Trap competition with an awards banquet to follow on the evening of the 27th at a location to be determined. The top placing athletes in Trap and Skeet will be chosen to be members of the SCTP’s National Team coached by Terri DeWitt!

“We appreciate all the folks at USA Shooting for working hard with us to get these dates set for the 2019 season” said SCTP National Director, Tom Wondrash. “This will give families, athletes and coaches plenty of time to make plans for attending these great events and learning more about the International disciplines. Opportunities like these are what the SCTP is all about!”

These opportunities are available exclusively to members in good standing with the Scholastic Clay Target Program. If you are interested in becoming a member or starting a team with the SCTP, please contact SCTP National Director, Tom Wondrash to learn more at twondrash@sssfonline.com

Dr. Jason Selk Mental Training Camp, Harrison Ohio

Join the SCTP National Team for a December mental training camp with Dr. Jason Selk, Director of Mental Training for the St. Louis Cardinals. We are very fortunate to have been able to schedule Dr. Selk to come work with us.

Dr. Selk will be presenting a half-day seminar based on his book, 10-Minute Toughness. This book combines all of the concepts including breathing, visualization, task-centered focus, goals, etc. A copy of this book will be provided to all athletes attending the camp. At this time the only openings remaining are for coaches.

What: SCTP NT mental training camp w/ Dr. Jason Selk

Who: SCTP NT members and NT alumni (and walk-ons as determined by available slots)

When: Friday, December 14th, 12:30 – 4:30 (Dr. Selk’s seminar with some live-fire)

Saturday, December 15th, 9:00 – 4:00 (range training with Coach DeWitt and Coach Buffa)

Where: Fairfield Sportsmen’s Association, 6501 River Road, Harrison, OH 45030

How: Download the application form and return with payment before November 28

*Ammunition will be available for purchase on site, to include Winchester AA #9 for Skeet. You may also bring your own ammo.

*Lunch will be provided for Saturday only. Friday afternoon we will have light refreshments, but no meal. Plan accordingly.

*Hotel suggestions (in no particular order):

Hampton Inn Cincinnati Northwest/Fairfield

Comfort Suites

Springhill Suites by Marriott Cincinnati North/Forest Park

Quality Inn & Suites

Holiday Inn Express Cincinnati West

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Harrison

SCTP National Team Members Compete at USA Shooting Nationals

Packing guns and homework, ten members of the SCTP National Team made their way to Colorado Springs last week for USA Shooting’s 2018 National Championships. Meredith Bernau, Heather Broski, Emilio Carvalho, Monica Dale, Peter Meola, Jack Olsen, and Matt Wells were on the ground first for the International Trap championships. The weather was mostly cooperative, and the trap scores reflected accordingly.

Junior Trap Women medalists: Victoria Hendrix, Gold; Ryann Phillips, Silver; Heather Broski, Bronze (Photo courtesy of USA Shooting)

Heather Broski, finishing third in the Junior Women’s final, attained a spot on the U.S. National Junior Team and will now wear a National Junior team vest. “The intent of the SCTP National Team is to prepare these athletes to take the next step to the national level. Heather has done that. I’m very proud of her performance in this match,” declared head coach Terri DeWitt. Emilio Carvalho posted a solid performance as well, narrowly missing the Junior Men’s final by one target. He did, however, take home a silver medal in men’s Class A.

Junior Skeet Women medalists: Katie Jacob, Gold; Gracin Anderson, Silver; Karsyn Ross, Bronze (Photo courtesy of USA Shooting)

In what came as no surprise to Skeet competitors, the weather took a dramatic turn for the worse during the second half of the competition. Gracin Anderson, Erin Lokke, and AJ Nomina battled for four days through gusting winds, freezing rain, and falling snow. “Even though conditions were tough, we adapted and fought through challenges that were not normal. I learned a lot this week and plan to use this experience to train for future events,” pledged Lokke.

SCTP National Team member, Erin Lokke

In spite of the weather conditions, Gracin Anderson secured herself a National Junior Team vest with her silver medal finish in junior Women’s Skeet. AJ Nomina and Erin Lokke both took home Skeet medals as well – Nomina a bronze in men’s Class B and Lokke a silver in women’s Class B.

SCTP National Team Named at International Championships

The 2018 Scholastic Clay Target Program International National Championships held at the International shooting park in Colorado Springs, CO. are officially in the record book!

Over 120 athletes competed in International Skeet as well as International Trap (Bunker Trap) over the 6 day event which started on July 22nd and ended July 27th.

This annual event takes place at the home grounds of USA Shooting on Ft. Carson Army base just south of Colorado Springs and is run with the help of USA Shooting and its staff. 43 Teams of athletes from 15 states showed up to try and take the International top honors with WI (25) and FL (13) leading the pack with the most athletes attending this years tournament by state!

Taking top senior division squad honors by 45 targets in international skeet was Union Grove Broncos (WI) scoring 275 led by Cole Hammond (99), Emily Rasmussen (92) and Aimee Spiering (84). Sauk County Youth Shooting Team (WI) was second at 230 with Joshua Corbin leading the way (109) along with squad mates Quin Schuppner (62) and Lucas Riberich (59). Third place went to Tampa Bay Clays (FL) at 218 with Brayden Sasser (80), Cody Sharp (77) and Austin Eastman (61). Top intermediate division squad honors in international skeet went to Sauk County Shooting Team with Riley Minette (76), Bo Schuppner (68) and Madeline Corbin (60).

The bunker trap senior title was taken by Tampa Bay Clays (FL) with a squad score of 329 fired by Jack Brosseau (118), Ryan Ledbetter (109) and Kevin Whitehead (102). Second place went to Minute Man Sharpshooters (MA) at 314 with Alexia Davos (107), Sean Cannistraro (105) and Kurtis Grover (102). Top collegiate division squad honors went to Grand View University (IA) with a 308 led by Hunter Anderson (107), Trenton Cheers (105) and Reese Howard (96). The intermediate squad title was captured by Sauk County Youth Shooting Team (WI) firing a 282 by Madeline Corbin(97), Riley Minette (95) and  Bo Schuppner (90).

All results with complete leaderboards are available on the SHOT System at: http://bit.ly/2MxfWem

“What a great tournament for our athletes competing in the International Disciplines!” said Tom Wondrash, SCTP’s National Director and tournament director. “The weather was fantastic and the support and help from USA Shooting was A+. I think the families and athletes had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed their time in Colorado Springs. Our staff along with SCTP National Team head coach, Terri DeWitt worked hard all week to provide an exceptional atmosphere for all that attended!”

The 2018/2019 SCTP National Team members were also chosen from the top placers in International Skeet and Bunker Trap, the new seasons team is as follows:

2019 SCTP International Skeet National Team
Gracin Anderson, TN
Emily Rasmussen, WI
Jay Bible, FL
Anthony Nomina, CO
Chris Freeman, MI
Joshua Corbin, WI
Erin Lokke, MN

2019 SCTP Bunker Trap National Team
Monica Dale WI
Heather Broski TN
Heather Argue TN
Jack Olsen CO
Peter Meola FL
Mathew Wells WI
Meredith Bernau WI
Emilio Carvalho CA

The SCTP National Team is a stepping stone for athletes wanting to take the Olympic path, the SCTP is the official youth program of USA Shooting and feeder program to Team USA.  National team members receive advanced coaching and support in the international clay target sports, a USA Shooting jacket, paid fall selection match fees and ammo, along with an SCTP National Team vest. National team slots are earned at each year’s SCTP International Nationals. The Scholastic Clay Target Program is the official youth shooting program to USA Shooting and provides a pipeline for future international shotgun competitors.

For more information on how to get involved with SCTP and the international disciplines of International Skeet and Bunker Trap, please contact any of the SCTP staff.

Photos courtesy USA Shooting.

SCTP National Team Member Wins Gold in Italy

2017/2018 SCTP National Team member Maddy Bernau has only been shooting International Trap for a brief four years but her commitment to this sport was significantly rewarded last month.  Bernau’s exceptional performance at the 14th International Junior Grand Prix in Porpetto, Italy earned her an individual gold medal in Women’s Trap, as well as another gold medal in the Mixed Team event with USA Shooting teammate Dale Royer.

The Junior Grand Prix in Italy was intended as a warm-up event for USA Shooting’s junior trap and skeet athletes headed to the World Championships in Changwon, Korea later this summer.  Bernau earned her spot on the junior World Championship Team at the Spring Selection Match in Tucson, Arizona earlier this year.  Yet in spite of her recent success, Bernau remains focused. “It felt like everything I had worked hard for paid off, although I have lots of work to do over the summer to get ready for Worlds,” she explains.  There’s little doubt that there are many more gold medals in this athlete’s future.

The SCTP National Team provides International Trap and Skeet athletes like Maddy Bernau more coaching and training opportunities and is committed to the vision of putting these athletes into the Olympic pipeline. The 2018/2019 SCTP National Team will be selected July 22-27 at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO.

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