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Coaches: Complete ATA/NSSA/NSCA Registrations Through SHOT System

As a reminder, any athletes planning to compete in state or national SCTP events must be members of the respective national governing body (NGB). Athletes in SCTP trap singles events must be members of ATA and athletes competing in SCTP state or national skeet or sporting clays events must be members of NSSA/NSCA. All targets will be registered with the respective NGB for those events.

Coaches: When renewing or registering teams and athletes requiring NGB membership for the new season, please complete the membership registrations and payments through the SHOT system. This will ensure that SCTP gets credit for those registrations and increase the college scholarship funding available for us to award to our graduating athletes. Please complete the registrations and payments at least 30 days prior to your scheduled competition to ensure time for processing of membership credentials through the respective NGB offices.

Learn more about ATA membership for SCTP athletes.


SHOT System Reset for 2016 Registration

The 2016 shooting season begins on September 1, so it is time for all coaches, volunteers, and athletes to register for the upcoming year.

The SHOT registration system has been reset for the 2016 registration season as of Friday, August 28 at 9:00 a.m. CST. This reset has nulled the annual fields for payment, receipt of consent waiver, and other items for volunteers and athletes.

Volunteer background checks submitted on or after November 12, 2014, will be good for two years. Those who had checks conducted prior to that date must resubmit to a new check.

The shooting year statistics pages has also been reset. Information from the 2015 season has been archived for future reference.

SCTP Nationals Registration Opens with a Bang!

June 1 was much anticipated by Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) teams across the country, as it marked the opening of registration for the 2015 SCTP National Team Championships. Based on the first day’s registrations, staff are predicting another record-breaking event.

In the first 24 hours of open registration for the July 13-18 tournament, the program saw 66 teams register 1036 athletes. Eighteen states were represented with 2,026 event registrations filed.

“These numbers are incredible; they doubled last year’s first-day totals,” commented Tom Wondrash, SCTP National Director. “Coaches set their alarm clocks to wake up at 12:01 on June 1 to register their teams!”

While the numbers are already up significantly from last year’s registrations, Wondrash points out that there will be enough shooting slots at the spacious World Shooting and Recreational Complex to fit in every team wanting to attend.

The Scholastic Pistol Program (SPP) will also hold its National Junior/Senior Championships in conjunction with the SCTP tournament. In its third year, the SPP event has registered 259 athletes from 24 teams in 13 states to date.

New SCTP side events include 16-yard Preliminary Singles Trap and a coach/athlete trap shoot. Team endowment funding, games, and many industry representatives will also be on hand all week. With appearances by people like MidwayUSA’s own Larry and Brenda Potterfield on Tuesday, July 14, Olympic Gold Medalist Vincent Hancock on Wednesday through Friday, shooting exhibitions and clinics by professional shooters, and more exciting events still to be announced, SCTP and SPP are looking at a very busy and exciting week in Sparta, Illinois!

SCTP National Championship Registration Is Now Open

It’s time to register for the 2015 SCTP National Championships at the World Shooting and Recreational Complex in Sparta, Illinois. Registration opened on June 1 at sssfonline.org for the July 13-18 event.

To ensure your registration goes smoothly, please follow these policies and tips:

  • Do NOT hold time slots until you are sure of the number of athletes you will be bringing. Squads must pay within 10 days, or your time slots may be released to other teams. We anticipate another record year and want to ensure that everyone has an equal and fair opportunity to squad their athletes. There are plenty of squad times, and we also added another flight to ensure enough room for all.
  • When squadding your athletes, consider squadding them in consecutive time slots rather than at the same time. This will keep your group of athletes and parents together instead of spread out across 6-10 fields at the same time. For example, placing one squad on field 11A at 8 a.m. and your next squad on 11A at 8:45 will keep everyone from your team together, as well as simplifying the job of coaches.
  • ALL head coaches must sign in at the registration counter in the Main Events Center. At that time, you will go through your teams’ line-up and sign off on them, stating that each athlete is properly squadded and in the appropriate division. Once you do that, they are set, and no changes can be made. Please take the time to ensure that everything is correct.
  • At the time of registration, you will receive a goodie bag for the head coach and each athlete. If you do not want one of these bags, please tell the registration personnel at that time. Each athlete and coach participating will also receive an event t-shirt. Coaches: Please make sure the shirt size is filled in on your athletes’ and coaches’ profiles.
  • Please make sure your athletes are in the correct division on the athletes’ profile page for the High School Division, as well as for the SCTP American Division. Having them categorized differently in the two areas may prevent you from squadding them properly.

Activate Your Team in SHOT V.5

A new version of SSSF’s online SHOT registration and scoring system is now online, and if you haven’t yet activated your team in the system, you should do so soon.

Start by clicking on the Coaches Login link to reach the registration page. Then look for this:

SHOT Start Here

That’s where you start the registration process. You will only have to do this once. Once you’ve registered, you can simply login with the credentials you set up.

Coaches who have previously had multiple logins for multiple teams will now have just one login, to simplify team management.

On the registration page, you’ll find a list of tutorials on using the SHOT system. If you run into problems, we’re ready to help. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the link to SHOT support.

Learn more about the benefits of the new SHOT V.5 system.

SHOT V.5 Registration and Scoring System Set for November 10 Launch


The latest version of our SHOT online registration and scoring system is set to launch on November 10, giving teams more control over their own records management, providing new capabilities as event hosts, and paving the way for an upcoming paperless system.

Scholastic Pistol Program participants, who previously have not used the SHOT system for event registration and scoring, will now be able to manage these functions electronically. For coaches with multiple teams in either program, the new SHOT V.5 will simplify access by allowing one login to be used for all teams, rather than a separate one for each team.

Another important benefit of SHOT V.5 will be competition management tools for teams to host and manage shoots, leagues, and conferences. Plus, every team will be able to have its own website hosted on our system.

SHOT V.5 will be a user-controlled environment that will allow coaches to register online, setting your own login information and controlling the information stored there. If you lose your login information, you will no longer need to contact us to retrieve or reset it; you will be able to reset it immediately yourself.

The first time you access the system on or after November 10, you will be prompted to create new login information. This will be very similar to many other sites where you set up your own login and use it each time you shop or manage your account.

For now, head coaches will continue to have forms completed by athletes and parents and will enter the information collected into the SHOT system. It will be the head coach’s responsibility to make sure each person is properly registered online. Because this system is designed for user management, our staff will no longer be entering registration information into the SHOT system on behalf of coaches and athletes.

Since this is the first time many SPP coaches have registered on the SHOT system, these coaches are reminded that you will now need to register on the site, complete your background check, and take the Double Goal Course. If you need help, you may contact Tammy Mowry.

Don’t worry about the need to learn something new and complex. While we don’t think you’ll find it difficult to use, we have created some video tutorials to walk you through the system’s functions, and we’ll remind you of the steps you’ll need to follow to fully operate in the new environment. You can view the tutorials here.

When the paperless environment is in place in 2015, coaches and teams will realize some immediate benefits. Athletes, parents, and other volunteers will register themselves in the system. Coaches will no longer need to collect paper forms and juggle duplicate records, sending copies to SSSF and maintaining copies for themselves. That will mean no more time and expense of copying and mailing records to SSSF. Instead, all records will be stored online. Likewise, SSSF will save money, space, and staff time that is now spent on records management — resources that can be spent on your SCTP or SPP team instead!

Registration Open for SCTP College Regional “Spooktacular” Tournament, Oct. 31 – Nov. 2

Online registration is now open for the SCTP College Regional “Spooktacular” Tournament planned for Halloween weekend at the World Shooting and Recreational Complex in Sparta, Illinois.

The 400-target tournament is open to any college team registered with the Scholastic Clay Target Program.

The shoot will open on Friday, October 31 with sporting clays and 5-stand competition, as well as a Last Competitor Standing event and Halloween costume contest. Saturday will feature skeet, wobble trap, and 5-stand events. Trap and an awards ceremony will fill Sunday morning, November 2, before teams’ departure in early afternoon.

More than $80,000 in endowment funding will be available for contribution to participating and winning teams’ MidwayUSA Foundation endowment accounts.

Click here for costs and complete event details

2014 National Championships Will Be Largest Ever!

SSSF Nationals
It’s official: the 2014 National Team Championships at the World Shooting and Recreational Complex in Sparta, IL, will be the largest one in our history! With five days remaining in the registration period, we have blasted through 2013 registration numbers, which were also record-setting.

More than 2200 athletes, representing more than 170 teams, at least 26 states, and over 3800 event registrations, have signed up. In SCTP alone, the registrations account for 688,500 targets to be shot! For the Scholastic Pistol Program, its second National Championship will experience a 50% increase over last year.

If you haven’t registered, there is still time. Check out our National Championships page to find registration information, schedules, and most everything else you need to know.

See you in Sparta!

Updated July 10, 2014

National Championships Registrations Blasting Through 2013 Numbers

$557,000 in Endowment Funds on the Line in Sparta

With more than two weeks to go in registration for the upcoming National Team Championships in Sparta, SCTP and SPP have already blasted through 2013’s record-setting participation numbers and are expecting even more registrations in the final weeks.

About 150 teams have signed up so far, accounting for almost 3000 total registrations. Increases are already seen in skeet, sporting clays, and pistol shooting. With participation in a state championship as one of the requirements for SCTP Nationals registration, and several state championships being held this week and next, a flurry of new registrations is expected in the coming two weeks.

SSSF will award up to $557,000 in endowment funds to competing teams at the National Team Championships, representing $450,000 to SCTP teams and $107,000 to SPP teams. In addition, SCTP has allocated another $156,000 for SCTP’s National Championships for international events July 25-29 in Colorado Springs, CO. Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation will donate the endowment funds to team accounts at the MidwayUSA Foundation, Inc.

Coaches, athletes, and parents can learn more details about Nationals plans, including registration info, event schedules, FAQs, and more on our National Championships page.

Register Now for SCTP National Team Championships July 14-19

Registration is open for the biggest event of the year! The 2014 SCTP National Team Championships will be held at the World Shooting and Recreational Complex in Sparta, IL, July 14-19.

Log onto your account at sssfonline.org to register today!

  • Afer logging in, go to the calendar tab
  • Scroll to July 14th and click on the Nationals shoot
  • Click “register here”

COACHES: Please read the following information carefully.

You will be responsible for squadding your athletes on the days and times that you see fit. Please ensure that you pick the correct dates and times.

If competing in more than one discipline on the same day, make sure you allow ample time between events.

You will have 10 days to fill squad times and pay for your slots. If not populated and paid, they will be erased, and that slot will be reopened to the general public. There will be no “hoarding” of time slots; only squad what you are sure will be attending for that event.

It will be the Head Coach’s responsibility to ensure that your athletes are squadded properly, and you will sign off on that at registration. Once signed, the squads are set and there will be no more changes to that squad. Squads with a mixture of athletes from different divisions will be placed in the “Open” category. Squads with athletes in the wrong division may be disqualified. Please see the SCTP Handbook for details.

If you have any questions pertaining to any of the above, please contact an SCTP staff person.

Additional Information
Open Category – This will consist of athletes from the same team but from different divisions.

Last Competitor Standing – This year we will have two of these competitions, Tuesday evening and Friday evening! ALL competitors must purchase and wear a colored wristband to compete in these events.

Opening Ceremonies – An Olympic-style march in front of the grandstands for all states and teams will start at approximately 4:45 p.m. on Wednesday, July 16.

  • State Advisors: Please ensure that you or someone from your state brings a state flag for ALL of your state teams to walk in behind.

College Recruiting Day – This will be Thursday, July 17, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., in the main building.

Meet the Potterfields – Brenda and Larry Potterfield will be on-site all day on Thursday, July 17. Please come up to the main building from 1 p.m. – 2 p.m. to say hello and thanks to them for their support of our programs.

Youth Conservation Day – On Friday, July 18 from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., come up and meet the folks from the different conservation groups, and learn how you can partner with them to help grow your team.

Make a Break – Daily winners/high scores will compete in an exciting shoot-off for prizes on Saturday, July 19 at 2 p.m. in front of the grandstands.

NEW in 2014: College Open Category – This will consist of athletes who have participated on their former team through high school and are returning to compete on that team. This category will allow these athletes to form a competitive squad as long as they are attending any college on a full-time basis. They do not have to attend the same college but must have competed with this team in the past.

NEW in 2014: Doubles Trap – You will be able to have your athletes compete in shooting Trap Doubles as a concurrent event. We will shoot this event on a Monday/Tuesday rotation OR a Wednesday/Thursday rotation, with 100 targets each of the two days.

NEW in 2014: Handicap Trap – You will be able to have your athletes compete in shooting Handicap Trap as a concurrent event. We will shoot this event on a Monday/Tuesday rotation OR a Wednesday/Thursday rotation, with 100 targets each of the two days.

  • All Rookies will shoot from the 19-yard line
  • All Intermediates will shoot from the 21-yard line
  • All Senior Division athletes will shoot from the 25-yard line.

NEW in 2014: Skeet Doubles – Athletes will be able to compete in Skeet Doubles, shooting 100 targets on Friday. Beretta will be sponsoring the Skeet Doubles Competition this year. After the scores come in, we will be drawing up to 3 numbers, depending on the number of registrations. Athletes whose score ends in that number will be invited to a shootout on Saturday at 10:30 a.m. for a grand prize: an A400 shotgun donated by Beretta!

Awards – SCTP will have a full listing of all awards (medals and trophies) and endowment awards posted at the registration area.

Food Vendors – We will have several food vendors on-site, located behind the grandstands. They will be serving items including steak sandwiches, hamburgers, pulled pork, jambalaya, shrimp baskets, catfish, and many other options.

Cooling Tent – This year, we will have a cooling tent located behind the grandstands.

T-Shirts – Commemorative t-shirts may be purchased at the “Great Outdoor” store, located in the main building.

Golf Cars – If you are interested in renting a golf car, you may reserve one at the Little Egypt Golf Car website. Be sure to select the option for SCTP Rental Agreement. Reservations must be made by June 30 to ensure that a cart will be available.

If you wish to bring your own golf car, please read the attached rules carefully.

Ammunition – Gamaliel will once again be running the Ammo Barn. You may purchase ammo from them during the week.

Day Sponsors

  • Sunday, July 13                  Promatic Day
  • Monday, July 14                Browning / SKB Day
  • Tuesday, July 15                Remington Day
  • Wednesday, July 16          CZ-USA Day
  • Thursday, July 17               MidwayUSA Day
  • Friday, July 18                    Beretta Day
  • Saturday, July 19               Zanders Sporting Goods / Nobel Sport Day

Coaches, athletes and families, wear your favorite sponsor shirts and hats on those days to support our fantastic top 8 sponsors! You never know, you might get singled out for a prize!

Updated 6/19/2014

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