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Changes To 2015-2016 SPP And SCTP Handbooks

As well all well know, with growth and development often comes change…and the SSSF is not exempt from that process. So along with the new year of competition, there are several new items to review in both the official SPP and the SCTP handbooks.

changes-ahead-exit-signTammy Mowry, program director of the SPP, mentions that there are some “big” changes to make note of in the updated 2015-2016 SPP document.  Some of the highlights include updates in the section on “Grouping Athletes -Divisions” (look for the details about categories) as well as in “Team Definitions” (don’t miss the updated range commands). To read more and get caught up on all the new items, be sure to check out the update SPP handbook, here.

Tom Wondrash, national director of the SCTP, shares that there are too many changes to post each and every one. And he encourages everyone to dig in and and read the updated 2015-2016 handbook, paying special attention to the red text, which shows where recent changes have been made. To read more and get caught up on all the new SCTP items, be sure to check out the updated SCTP Handbook here.

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