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Kemble du Pont Completes Term on SSSF Board, Expresses Continued Support

Kemble du Pont with members of Kansas City Crushers
SCTP Nationals 2014
(L-R) Eric Reglin, Clay Moniot, Kemble du Pont, Pierce Hodgdon, Aaron Wilson

As SSSF Board Member Kemble du Pont completes her three-year term, she expressed her continued support for the Foundation and its student athletes.

“It was a privilege for me to serve a three-year term on the SSSF Board of Directors,” said du Pont. “The board members are a serious group of strong supporters of the shooting sports, and I was very pleased and proud to have the opportunity to become more involved.

“I am a strong supporter of the mission of SSSF, that of youth development through the shooting sports. As many people may know, my company offers a special program for financing a youth gun purchase to help make the cost of entry more affordable for more young athletes, and this popular program continues. I am also actively supporting several SCTP athletes like Will Hinton and teams such as the Young Guns, Kansas City Crushers, and Brookline Shotgun Sports in return for their efforts on behalf of my company.”

She continued, “Due to the demands on my time, I had to make the tough decision to not stand for re-election to the board this term, but du Pont / Krieghoff continues to be a strong supporter of SSSF and the SCTP! I hope at a future time I might again be able to find the time to participate on the Board of Directors.”

The entire organization offers its thanks to Kemble for her generous support of the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation and her contributions as a board member the past three years.

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