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Fundraising: Participate in SCTP and SPP Promotions

This is part of a series of posts on fundraising for SCTP and SPP teams.

Of all the fundraising activities your team can participate in, perhaps nothing is easier than taking advantage of a promotion offered by SCTP or SPP and our generous sponsors and industry partners. Some of them provide discounted products you would otherwise have to buy at full price for team members to use — and isn’t that like putting money in your pocket? — while others provide products that you can use for fundraisers such as raffles.

Instructions for these promotions are always thorough, and if you do have questions, there is always a staff member ready to answer. Thus, there is very little for you to have to figure out for yourself. You don’t have to reinvent this wheel!

SCTP has recently posted several programs for 2015, including a start-up package for new teams, gun and ammunition deals from our industry partners, and products to be raffled. Here are some SCTP promotions you can take advantage of today:

  • New Club Startup Package – The New Club Startup program makes it easy for a new club to get started or for an existing club to expand or replace their club guns. The start-up package includes your selection of two shotguns, 2 gun cases, 2 shell catchers, 10 sets of eye and ear protection, 10 over/under shell pouches, 10 range bags with shoulder strap, deluxe gun cleaning kit, and 10 flats of ammo.
  • Beretta Package – The Beretta Package is designed to help teams raise funds and/or help a new or existing athlete on a team with a high quality package of items by Beretta, ranging from shotguns to shooting accessories and ammunition.
  • Firearm Raffle Program – In conjunction with Winchester, SKB, CZ-USA, TriStar, Beretta, and Stoeger, SCTP will provide a shotgun you can raffle to make $2,000 or more for team activities.
  • SKB Raffle – SKB will provide an IS300 shotgun for you to raffle and raise cash. SCTP will also make a contribution to your MidwayUSA Foundation Team Endowment Account.
  • Ammunition Deals – Special pricing on ammunition is offered by Federal Premium/Reeds Family Outdoor Outfitters, Nobel Sport/Zanders, and Fiocchi. The Reeds offer also includes shooting products such as hearing protection and gun cases.
  • CZ-USA Firearms Purchase – Shooters can buy any of several models of CZ-USA shotguns at a special discount offered to SCTP teams.

You can find all the details about each of these offers — and any others that are added — on our SCTP Deals and Promotions page.

In addition, the Scholastic Pistol Program currently offers special pricing on Fiocchi ammunition. You can find the price list and terms on our SPP Deals and Promotions page. Keep an eye on the page for additional programs that may be offered throughout the year.

Fundraising for Your Team: Soliciting Donations

This is part of a series of posts on fundraising for SCTP and SPP teams.

DollarJust seeing the words “soliciting donations” may make you cringe. For some people, it isn’t an easy thing to do. But asking for donations doesn’t have to mean standing on the corner with a cardboard sign. Just like soliciting sponsorships, there is a professional and effective way to ask for donations.

Many people who support the shooting sports designate a portion of their charitable donations for shooting-related organizations, and they would be receptive to helping your team if they knew how or even knew you needed their support. The very people who make an annual donation to the NRA, join conservation organizations, or make donations to other youth athletics programs are potential donors to your shooting team.

Here are some pointers to make the process less painful:

  • Create a simple printed presentation with all the info potential donors need to know about your team, SCTP-SPP, and your fundraising campaign’s goals. This can be as simple as a one-page information sheet you’ve printed yourself or a little more elaborate, but don’t overdo it. Much of the information in it will be the same that you create for sponsorship proposals.
  • Determine how the funds will be used. Will the money become part of the annual operating fund, be used as a donation to your team’s MidwayUSA Foundation endowment fund where it will be matched 1:1, or designated for a particular use, such as travel to the National Championship or new uniforms? Include this in your presentation.
  • Treat this as a campaign with a beginning and an end. This will keep you from being in a perpetual state of asking for money, and having a deadline will create some urgency to get the job done. However, make it easy for people to donate any time of the year.
  • You may wish to establish different levels of donations, as with sponsorships, but it might be a good idea to evaluate your prospects the first year to determine how to set these. Consider your own circumstances in making this decision. If you think most of your donations will come in very small amounts, it probably isn’t necessary.
  • Publicize your fundraising campaign and your team’s activities. Contact the local newspaper, distribute a press release, and use social media. Is there a local chapter of Pheasants Forever, NWTF, NRA, or other shooting/hunting/conservation organization? Its members will almost certainly be interested in your team. Offer to do a presentation at a meeting. Ditto local civic organizations; keep the solicitation very low-key and make it mostly about awareness of your team.
  • Before launching your campaign, create a list of prospects. Since businesses would usually fit into the sponsor category, for these purposes, we’re referring to individuals. Include people from your community whom you know to be shooters or hunters, supporters of youth programs, family friends who are interested in your activities, and others from your community. Assign those prospects to someone specific to contact. That way, good prospects won’t be overlooked, nor will several members of the team contact the same person.
  • Add a donation button to your team’s website and social media pages so people can donate year-round, if they wish. You won’t have to process credit cards or have a sophisticated payment system on your website if you use Paypal. Anytime you produce printed materials, direct people to your website. Don’t have a website? Google “build a free website” to find many options.
  • Consider using an online fundraising platform, especially if you are raising money for a specific purpose, such as travel to your state shoot or the National Championship. Google “online fundraising websites” for ideas.
  • Make use of SCTP and SPP videos in your presentations. We have short videos that can help you tell the SCTP – SPP story. See our video channel.
  • Be prepared to follow up. In addition to perfect record-keeping, plan to send follow-up acknowledgements for donations.
  • Recognize your donors. Take every opportunity to thank your donors and recognize their generosity. Add a page on your website to recognize your donors by name. If you receive a major donation, you may even want to announce it publicly through a press release, with the donor’s permission.
  • If you are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, get advice from your attorney or financial advisor on any fundraising requirements that might apply, such as different accounts for different purposes and record-keeping. Don’t risk your nonprofit status by overlooking these requirements. If yours is a school team, make sure to consult with school authorities to stay in compliance.
  • Finally, keep in mind that these are suggestions to spark your imagination. Not everything will be right for your team, nor is this a comprehensive list of everything you should consider. But having a plan and following it does apply to every team. Consider your team’s circumstances and opportunities, and get to work.

    Fundraising Activities for Your SCTP or SASP Team

    Shooting isn’t a cheap hobby, and when you add competition fees, travel, uniforms, and other expenses for an entire team, we understand that funding is a challenge. SCTP and SASP teams are very fortunate to have generous benefactors in the MidwayUSA Foundation and Larry and Brenda Potterfield, but teams must also consider ways in which they can produce their own funding and increase their self-sufficiency.

    Teams generally need funding of two types: operational expenses for the current year’s expenses, and funds that can be deposited into their MidwayUSA Foundation team endowment accounts. Those accounts are designed to ensure your team’s longevity and fund its needs in perpetuity; some deposits are matched, and your team can apply for an annual grant of up to 5% of the account’s balance each year to pay for team expenses.

    To encourage you to embark on more fundraising activities of your own, SSSF will be offering you some suggestions over the coming weeks and sharing the fundraising successes of some of your fellow teams. We will be publishing those in our Range Time e-newsletter. But in the meantime, here are some ideas to get you started:

    Participate in SSSF promotions – In conjunction with our generous sponsors, SSSF offers fundraising promotions, such as gun raffles, and product discounts for SCTP and SASP teams throughout the year. Watch the SCTP Deals and Promotions and SASP Deals and Promotions pages throughout the year for current promotions.

    Participate in MidwayUSA Foundation promotions – The Foundation generously offers promotions throughout the year that provide opportunities to raise funds. The promotions generally provide one or more products to a team that can then be raffled, auctioned, sold, or otherwise used to raise funds. Some or all of the funds are returned to the endowment account and are matched. Learn more about MidwayUSA Foundation promotions.

    Fundraising banquets – With some work, these events can be very productive fundraisers. You can raise money at banquets through ticket sales, auctions, donations, raffles, event sponsorships, and other means. Many organizations, including the SCTP, hold profitable banquets around the country. Remember that fundraising banquets tend to become more productive in subsequent years than in the first and often become highly-anticipated social events. They can also be great tools for raising the profile of your team within your community.

    Sponsorships – A sponsor can be your team’s best friend, providing anything from funds to uniforms to equipment to raffle items. While businesses that sell shooting supplies are a perfect fit, don’t limit yourself to those. A local business whose owner supports the shooting sports and/or youth activities might be pleased to be associated with your team. Don’t forget that sponsorships are a two-way street; recognize your sponsor’s support at every opportunity, such as on your shooting uniforms, website, and social media.

    Affiliate with a shooting club – Sometimes saving money is as good as making money. Having a range where you can shoot at a discount (or free!) can be a valuable asset, especially if it frees up funds that can be used in other ways or deposited into your endowment account. If your club can’t afford to help much in that way, maybe they would consider trading use of their facilities for some work there by your team. Most clubs need trappers and personnel to re-stock clay targets, clean shooting stations, cut grass, and otherwise maintain the facilities.

    Solicit donations – Asking for donations doesn’t have to mean standing on the corner with a cardboard sign. Many people who support the shooting sports designate a portion of their charitable donations for shooting-related organizations, and they would be receptive to helping your team if they knew how. Include a “donate” function on your website and in all printed materials, direct people to it at every opportunity, and talk to shooters and hunters you think would be good candidates to donate. If you deposit these donations to your team endowment account in 2015, they are matched 1:1.

    Host a shooting event – Some teams host an annual sporting clays shoot or other shooting event as a major fundraiser. Like a fundraising banquet, it offers many opportunities to raise money, such as entry fees, auctions, sponsorships, and donations. It takes the cooperation of a local club, and it can also be an excellent marketing tool for that facility. Be prepared to work hard, but it has the potential to be the most profitable and enjoyable fundraising activity of the year.

    Apply for grants – In addition to the grants offered to SSSF teams by the MidwayUSA Foundation, other organizations and foundations also offer grants for the purpose of supporting the shooting sports, developing new programs, or expanding existing ones. Likewise, there are grant programs that support youth programs. Get online and research, research, research. Don’t overlook organizations and foundations in your local area or state that might offer grants that apply to your team and its needs.

    These are just a few of the many ways your team might raise funds for operating needs and for your MidwayUSA Foundation team endowment account. Use your imagination! Research other teams’ and other charities’ fundraising techniques that inspire you, and find the ones that best match your team’s circumstances and capabilities.


    Kim Rhode to Serve as Honorary Fundraising Chairperson

    Five-time Olympic medalist is SCTP Alumna

    Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation (SSSF) is pleased to announce that Olympic Gold Medalist Kim Rhode will serve as its Honorary Fundraising Chairperson for 2014-2015. Kim is an alumna of the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP), having been involved in the earliest days of SCTP.

    Kim Rhode“SCTP was very important to me as I began my competitive shooting career, and I am very pleased to lend my support to promote its ongoing growth,” said Rhode.

    “Kim represents the best attributes of our program and is a tremendous role model for our youth, not only as an Olympic athlete, but also now as a hard-working mom,” said Louise Terry, Chairperson of the SSSF Board of Directors. “Her extraordinary success in her career is due to her dedication to our sport and to her persistent pursuit of her personal goals. We are very proud of Kim and her outstanding achievements.”

    Kim Rhode starting shooting skeet at age 10 and won her first World Championship in American skeet only three years later. She won her first Olympic gold medal in women’s double trap at the 1996 Games in Atlanta, making the 17-year-old the youngest female gold medalist in the history of Olympic shooting. Kim followed this performance with a bronze at the Sydney Games in 2000 and another gold medal in double trap in 2004 at the Athens Games.

    When women’s double trap was eliminated from the Olympics following the 2004 Games, Kim refocused on international skeet, winning the silver medal in 2008 in Beijing and her third Olympic gold medal at the 2012 London Games, equaling the world record of 99/100 targets and making her the most decorated Olympic female shooter in history. In addition to her five Olympic medals, Kim has won 13 world championships, plus two ISSF World Cup wins in 2014 as she prepares for her sixth Olympic appearance in Rio in 2016.

    “Kim is also a Charter Member of the SSSF Champion’s Roundtable for major supporters,” said Dan Hathaway, Director of Foundation Development. ”Her leadership is most welcome as we embark on our new fundraising efforts.”

    SSSF Launches 2014-2015 Fundraising Initiative

    The Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation (SSSF), the not-for-profit organization that powers the Scholastic Clay Target Program and Scholastic Pistol Program, has launched a new fundraising initiative for 2014-2015 to fuel the foundation’s mission.

    The fundraising effort will offer four different ways for supporters to participate: the SSSF Annual Fund, the Champion’s Roundtable for major gifts, Scholarship and Operating Endowment Funds for designated donations, and the Legacy Society for donors who wish to include SSSF in their estate plans.

    Larry and Brenda Potterfield
    Larry and Brenda Potterfifeld
    As part of this initiative, SSSF is proud to announce that Larry and Brenda Potterfield, founders of MidwayUSA, have been named “Founding Life Diamond Members” of the Champion’s Roundtable, which recognizes donors who have made major contributions to our mission.

    “Our Foundation is blessed to have strong leadership support from Larry and Brenda, whose generosity has allowed us to significantly grow our programs,” said Louise K. Terry, Chairperson of the SSSF Board of Directors. “We hope there are many other supporters who will find a level of giving that suits their circumstances and will join Larry, Brenda, and the SSSF Board members to ensure the future of our great programs.”

    Larry and Brenda are also Charter Members of the SSSF Legacy Society, which honors our donors who have included SSSF in their estate plans through deferred gifts.

    “We invite other donors to follow the leadership of Larry and Brenda and join them in support of our mission to develop the leaders of tomorrow who will perpetuate the future of youth shooting and be good stewards of our Second Amendment rights,” said Dan Hathaway, Director of Foundation Development.

    Click on the Donate page to learn more about how your gift can help SSSF stay on target. Your current gift may be completed online. To learn more about making a planned gift, contact Ben Berka, President & Executive Director, at donate@sssfonline.com, or 515-201-8395.

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