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National Championships

SCTP National Team Championships

National Championships Program
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SPP Junior/Senior National Championships

July 14-19, 2014
World Shooting & Recreational Complex
Sparta, IL


Event Scores & Results

SCTP Event Schedule and General Information

SPP Event Schedule and General Information


SCTP Registration

      Log in to your team account on this website. Go to the Calendar tab. Scroll to July 14 and click on the Nationals shoot. Click on “Register here.”

Registration closes July 11, 2014.

Please note that shooters must have participated in their respective state championship to participate in the National Championship.

SPP Registration – Contact Tammy Mowry, tmowry@sssfonline.com or 724-822-7390.


SCTP National Championships for International Disciplines

July 25-29, 2014Olympic Training Center
Colorado Springs, CO

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