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Scholastic Clay Target Program Announces “NexGen” Winners

The Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) in conjunction with CZ USA and Wingshooting USA TV would like to announce the winners of the “NexGen” contest!

SCTP Athletes and Teams from around the country were to create a photo and caption that illustrated the theme “Team Work”…….then use teamwork to spread the word. Two athletes (boy and girl) would be chosen from the contest entries to win an all-expense paid upland bird hunting trip to Flint Oak and appear on a Wingshooting USA TV show with host Scott Linden and shotgun world record holder Dave Miller of CZ USA.

Teams would have the opportunity to earn a shotgun shooting clinic hosted by Dave Miller of CZ USA benefiting all members of their SCTP Team!

“We would like to thank all the teams and athletes that took part in the NexGen contest supported by Scott Linden host of Wingshooting USA and shotgun world record holder Dave Miller of CZ USA” said SCTP National Director, Tom Wondrash. “What a great opportunity for SCTP to showcase our national youth shooting program while promoting Team Work. We look forward to more opportunities like this for all of our athletes and teams and sincerely thank Scott and Dave for their generous contribution to the youth shooting sports!”

And the winners are…

Lilly Herr shooting for the Toledo Trap and Skeet Swamp Rats out of Toledo, Ohio along with Hunter Vaughn shooting with the Rocky Knollers of Greenwood, South Carolina (along with a parent chaperone) will enjoy an upland bird hunt at the prestigious Flint Oak hunting lodge located in Fall River, Kansas. These athletes along with Dave Miller of CZ USA will appear on an episode of “Wingshooting USA” with host Scott Linden.

The Toledo Trap and Skeet Swamp Rats will also be treated to a team shooting clinic hosted by shotgun world record holder, Dave Miller of CZ USA!

SCTP Members Can Become Part of the CZ NexGen

Hunt with shotgun world record-holder Dave Miller and Wingshooting USA host Scott Linden, or win a shooting clinic with Dave for your whole team. Share your sport, work as a team and win two ways:

1) Individual entrants online photo-caption contest illustrating the “teamwork” theme;

2) Team competition – vote for your favorite team members’ photo; generate more votes by working as a team to tell the world!

Prizes: For the photo/caption contest – a televised hunting trip alongside CZ’s shotgun world record-holder Dave Miller and Wingshooting USA TV host Scott Linden at Flint Oak in Kansas for one boy and one girl. It will be filmed as an episode of Wingshooting USA to air in 2019. For the teamwork/voting contest, win a day-long shooting clinic conducted by Miller for the team and coaches.

How it works – photo essay: Individual SCTP members collaborate, cooperate and create a photo depicting the theme of “teamwork.” Work with friends, parents, teammates and others, the image must include at least two SCTP team members. Entrants must also write a 25-words-or-less caption elaborating on the teamwork theme. Submit the package along with your name at the SCTP Facebook page’s “CZ NexGen photo contest” tab. SCTP judges will select one winning package from a boy and one from a girl, based on creativity, artistic merit and descriptive ability.

How it works – team competition: Anyone can vote for their favorite team member’s photo/caption. To win, teams must build camaraderie and motivate members, supporters, family and friends to vote. The photo and caption with the most votes will win a day-long shooting clinic for their team and coaches, conducted by world-record-holder Dave Miller.

Methods of entry: Submit photos/captions at the SCTP Facebook page “CZ NexGen photo contest” tab or using the hashtag #CZNexGen on Twitter and Instagram. Vote for favorite photos/captions at the SCTP Facebook page.

Contest starts July 1, 2018 and ends September 1, 2018. Winners notified by September 15, 2018 and must be able to attend the Flint Oak hunting trip Nov. 9-11, 2018. Team prize to be scheduled at the mutual convenience of the team and Dave Miller of CZ-USA.

Dave Miller Exhibition Shoot at Nationals – Presented by CZ-USA

Dave Miller Exhibition Shoot at Nationals – Presented by CZ-USA!

Join Dave Miller at the CZ-USA Demo Field (near the grandstand area) on Wednesday, July 12 at 2:00PM for a special demonstration! Everyone is welcome to attend!

David has over 20 years of experience in the competitive shooting community and has lived to see the sport evolve into the world’s fastest growing shotgun sport. He is respected as one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the sporting clays community with a Master class title, and one of the best shooters in the United States. David is also the main star on the Outdoors TV show CZ-USA American Gun Dog TV.

David recently accomplished setting a new Guinness World Record for the most sporting clay targets shot in 1 hour— 3653 clays in May of 2015, followed by winning the Missouri State Sporting Clays Championship in July 2015. All the proceeds from the world record accomplishment will go to Pheasant Forever and Quail Forever’s Shooting Sports Endowment to benefit generations of new shooters forever! Speaking of new shooters, David has spent countless hours as an ambassador to the shooting sports industry and uses his past shooting experience to get more shooting enthusiast outdoors.

CZ-USA’s Dave Miller Attempting Guinness Record

Exhibition shooter Dave Miller of CZ-USA has his sights on setting a Guinness World Record and promoting youth shooting education on May 16, as he attempts to shoot the most clay targets ever shot in one hour.

Dave Miller
Dave Miller performing his shotgunning exhibition at the 2014 SSSF National Championships
Miller represented CZ-USA at SSSF’s 2014 National Championships in Sparta, Illinois last July, putting on shotgunning exhibitions in which he shot various targets from unusual positions and at high speed. That speed will be essential in his world-record attempt, as he will need to shoot almost one target per second to reach his goal.

According to the Democrat Missourian newspaper, Miller will need to break 3001 clay targets in an hour to set the Guinness record, although his goal is 3500. Since there was previously no category for this feat, Guinness arrived at the number of 3001 to declare a record after consulting with the clay target governing associations.

The record attempt on May 16 will be a fundraiser for Pheasants Forever to promote youth shooting education through the No Child Left Indoors program. A team of volunteers will help Miller in his attempt by loading guns and having them standing by for his use.

Good luck, Dave Miller! We’ll be watching!

You can read more about Dave Miller’s Guinness World Record attempt at the Democrat Missourian.

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