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All State Team Qualifications and Guidelines for Nationals

Athletes that competed in their respective state SCTP tournaments in trap, skeet and sporting clays are eligible to make their states All-State Team at the 2017 National Championships in Marengo, OH.

Any athlete that placed in the top five at their respective state championships will be eligible to represent his or her state in that discipline. If a top-five athlete is NOT attending the SCTP National Championships in Ohio, then the opportunity will be bumped down to the next eligible competitor that is attending the National Championships.

Athletes attending the National Championships (representing their state as an All State Team member) will receive a custom shirt signifying their All-State Team designation!


Top five athletes will be determined by the actual score shot at their respective State SCTP shoot.

Ties may be settled with a shoot off. If a shoot off was not held, then reverse long run will be in effect. If score sheets are not available or have been disposed of, we will allow the oldest of the athletes tied…..ie; senior in High School vs a sophomore for example.

Scores at the National Championships will be used from the athlete’s normal squading with his or her team. All-State Team members will only shoot together if there is a tie between the states for 1st – 3rd places in their respective disciplines where a shoot-off will be necessary to determine the winning state team. In trap/skeet, a full round of 25 each will be shot. In sporting clays, pre-determined stations will be shot off in a sudden death match.

This is NOT an HOA event! Athletes do not need to compete in all three disciplines.

SCTP will provide awards to the first- through third-place team members for each discipline. These awards will be presented at the respective awards ceremonies on Thursday and Saturday.

The All-State Teams will be comprised of five athletes from each state for each discipline, non-collegiate athletes only!

Score boards will be posted in the events registration building, the SCTP store and scoring annex and updated as athletes are scored in their respective events.

Controversial items or rules questions/determinations will be voted on and ruled by the appropriate discipline committee members. The tournament director will make final determination.

Good luck and congratulations to all of the SCTP All State Team members!

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