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USA Shooting Proclaims 10.9 Day

10.9 Day

In this country, we take pride in making up days to celebrate anything – donuts, pirates, and even our bosses. USA Shooting knows a good celebration when they see one, and traditionally, that’s been as a result of medal-worthy performances set down by its athletes. But today, 10.9, USA Shooting has claimed the day as its very own.

In target shooting, a 10.9 is the mark of perfection, proof that excellence has been achieved. Excellence is a virtue of the USA Shooting Team, so on 10.9 (October 9), USA Shooting has encouraged its community to aim for excellence in all the shots you take in life.

“We’re recognizing those moments in time when the ordinary became extraordinary and when jaws were dropped,” says USA Shooting. “On this day, and every day thereafter, strive for excellence in all that you do, and may every shot you take in life be in pursuit of the highest mark, your 10.9.”

While not everyone has shot that elusive 10.9, what’s important is encouraging and celebrating people who help us on that path toward excellence. Encourage someone this week, and be sure to say “thanks” to someone who has encouraged you!

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