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ACUI Clays and SCTP Announce Partnership in Collegiate Shooting Sports!

ACUI and SCTP are proud to announce a partnership for the 2022–23 collegiate shooting sports season. This endeavor will allow the two organizations to enhance their respective programs. 

“For over 50 years, ACUI has offered a collegiate competitive program focused on the growth and development of college students” said John Taylor, ACUI Chief Executive Officer. “All of us at ACUI have seen the positive impact of the clay target shooting sports on individual students, their personal growth and maturity. We are excited to be strengthening and expanding our program through a new partnership with SCTP.”

Through this partnership:

  • ACUI will use SCTP’s robust scoring and registration for all competitions. 
  • SCTP will provide liability insurance for all collegiate athletes and coaches participating in ACUI or SCTP events.  
  • Both organizations will expand their scholarship offerings. 

“I think this is a very good move for ACUI as well as SCTP,” said SCTP National Director Tom Wondrash. “Utilizing our SHOT system for scoring and registration will make all ACUI/SCTP College events run quickly and smoothly. We couldn’t be happier to partner with ACUI and look forward to a strong and long-lasting relationship with them!”

In the future, ACUI and SCTP plan to enhance SCTP’s coach training program with additional youth leadership education. Our intent is to offer the best College shooting experience possible for our athletes!

If you would like to learn more about the ACUI or SCTP collegiate programs, please contact Tom Wondrash at Tom@mysctp.com or Taylor Miotke at tmiotke@acui.org.

ACUI (Association of College Unions International), one of the oldest associations in higher education, was founded in 1914. ACUI is the largest organization that represents student centers and student unions. ACUI started its clay targets program more than 50 years ago and hosts the largest collegiate national championship, as well as several regional events throughout the year.

The Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) has been running shotgun shooting events for fourth graders through collegiate athletes since its inception in 2001 by the National Shooting Sports Foundation. SCTP hosts some of the largest shooting events in the world, including the SCTP National Championships. This year’s record-breaking numbers of over 3,500 athletes, 9,000 registrations, and about 2 million clay targets to be thrown will mark yet another milestone in youth clay target shooting!

High School athletes! Stop in and see the following Colleges attending College day at the SCTP National Championships!

Taylor Miotke (ACUI) will be present at “College Day” to answer any questions folks might have!

Hillsdale CollegeJordon Hintz
Culver Stockton CollegeBrenden Mowen
Lake Superior StateTerry Carr
Saint Leo UniversityDaniel Konesky
Jacksonville UniversityDavid Dobson
Fort Hayes StateDr. Shepard
Simpson CollegeDan Martin
Bethel UniversityBub Edwards
Montreat CollegeHub Powell
Warner UniversityDoug Elmore
Grace CollegePaul Blair
Emmanuel CollegeJohn Shealy
Lindenwood UniversityMike Elam
Washington CollegeDoug Pfaff
Wartburg CollegeChad Wood
Concordia UniversityJulie Fingeroos

2022 SCTP Scholarship Awardees

The SCTP National Staff is thrilled to announce 167 new recipients of the SCTP Scholarship! These graduating seniors will be awarded $500 each for their pursuits of attending college.

This year’s scholarship recipients will be emailed further instructions on how to claim their scholarships after the SCTP National Championships. It is our pleasure to name the following graduating seniors as recipients of a 2021/2022 SCTP Scholarship. Thank you for being part of the SCTP and we all wish you the best in your future!

Bettinsoli USA Signs Continued Sponsorship of Scholastic Clay Target Program

Bettinsoli USA, importer of high-end Italian shotguns has renewed as a supporter of the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP), a youth development program. SCTP athletes have already begun to excel with Bettinsoli competition shotguns. With forged materials built to take high round counts from youth athletes, Bettinsoli product offerings such as the Grand Prix, Omega Sport, and Diamond Deluxe are quickly gaining popularity in the competitive clay target world.

“We are extremely happy to continue our support and be involved with the largest youth shooting program in the country,” said Nick Stratman, Co-Owner of Bettinsoli USA. “Programs like SCTP are the bedrock and future of the shooting sports. We applaud these folks for getting our youth involved and keeping them involved for years to come, carrying on and passing down a long tradition of clay target shooting here in the US!”

The SCTP is excited to see Bettinsoli USA and BOSS LLC be a part of the Skeet Doubles competition this year by awarding a brand new Bettinsoli Omega Sport to one lucky individual from the Skeet Doubles competition. Eight athletes will be chosen (by score) from the Skeet Doubles competition shot on Friday, July 15th and will be invited to shoot a round of Make A Break on Saturday, July 16th in front of the grandstands. These eight shooters will all shoot a Bettinsoli shotgun, with the top shooter winning the brand new Bettinsoli Omega Sport, compliments of Bettinsoli and BOSS LLC!

“Bettinsoli USA has been a sponsor of our program going on 2 years now and we are thrilled with their enthusiastic support,” said Tom Wondrash, SCTP National Director. Nick and the rest of the team at Bettinsoli USA recognizes our youth development program as an opportunity to make a difference. They have quickly capitalized on that opportunity and have begun to see our athletes win with Bettinsoli shotguns! We are focused on building a long-lasting relationship with Bettinsoli USA, a true supporter of youth shooting sports.”

TETRA Hearing Renews Support
of Scholastic Clay Target Program

Now in its third year of support for the youth shooting sports, TETRA Hearing has renewed its Silver Sponsorship of the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP).
Founded by professional audiologists, TETRA Hearing products are built from the ground up with proprietary software and hardware to give a unique edge to to clay target athletes.

‘The Scholastic Clay Target Program was built on a foundation of being a part of something bigger. Our partnership with SCTP goes two-fold, as supporting young athletes while stressing the need for wearing hearing protection at an early age will lead to a healthier lifestyle. The Scholastic Clay Target Program provides student athletes  with a supportive environment where shooting sports serve as a catalyst for teaching important life lessons and skills that foster the type of character we can most certainly support. Together our goal is to protect ears today, so together we can #HearTheHunt tomorrow.” –Dr. Bill Dickinson, AuD (Owner/Co-Founder of TETRA Hearing™)

“As a youth development program focused on shooting sports, safety is our number one focus,” said Tom Wondrash, SCTP National Director. “Of course, hearing protection is an absolute in all shooting sports and we are very thankful to continue a relationship with TETRA Hearing for a third year. Speaking with Bill and the team at TETRA about the technology found in their products is incredibly fascinating and we are very thrilled to have such passionate folks supporting our program.”

TETRA Hearing continues to support the SCTP year-round, with the season culminating at the National Championships each July. In direct support of SCTP athletes, teams, and families, the TETRA Hearing team was on the ground at Nationals last year and sat down with the SCTP’s podcast to discuss the science behind hearing protection:

SCTP Nationals Update & Information!

 The SCTP National Championships registration opens Wednesday (June 1st)!

Here are a few updates and information you may need to know for this years tournament.

 #1 – At this time – all pre-registrations that have been received are in (130+) – Payments will process this week!  At that time you will see balances cleared on the vouchers for the amount you paid during Pre-Registration. Remember, these payments are non-refundable!

#2 – With the challenge for many of juggling State shoot and Nationals pre-built squads – there were several teams who had a few issues with squads – we did our best to make sure that there were a correct number of slots for each team based on the amount they were paying for each discipline.  PLEASE CHECK YOUR VOUCHERS…. After June 1st you will be able to log in and make any and all changes to pre-registration squads. 

#3 – Several teams built their pre-built squads under the HS (High School classifications) While we do use that for our High School Awards we need everyone to be classified in SCTP – A.  This also caused some teams to not allow us to populate the squads you built so again, we chose random athletes from your team to ensure you had the number of athletes in the system based on what your payment was for.  PLEASE CHECK YOUR VOUCHERS…. After June 1st you will be able to log in and make any and all changes to pre-registration squads.

#4 – We will be monitoring and opening additional slots as we are able – please keep in mind when we open slots, that means we have to hire more help – we strategically open slots to help ensure the costs are reasonable for everyone!  

Skeet Doubles Competition – Bettinsoli USA has been newly named as the official firearm sponsor of this years Skeet Doubles competition. Four number will be picked at the end of the day on Friday, July 15th. The top 2 shooters in each of those 4 groups of numbers (total 8 shooters) will be invited to shoot a Bettinsoli Shotgun in a Make A Break format Saturday afternoon to determine the winner of the new Bettinsoli Omega Sport Shotgun! Thank you Bettinsoli for stepping up!!

International Ammunition will be available at this years National Championships. If you have Intl. ammo, please bring it as supplies will be limited! Other ammunition will be available as well through Sportsmans Den and the Cardinal Center Sporting Clays building.

College day will be Friday, July 15th from 9am – 5pm at the Hitters Building. Colleges that attended this past falls SCTP National Championships will have preferred table placement when you enter the building!

As always, businesses and vendors that have the official “2022 SCTP Sponsor” placard in their store window or tent are folks that helped support and sponsor our program. When possible, please patronize these businesses. If they do not have this placard, please ask them why they don’t support!

Please contact us with any other questions!
The SCTP National Team

Hunter’s Blend Coffee gives back to SCTP Scholarships

For everyone who has been to Nationals, you know how refreshing a cold or hot coffee from Hunter’s Blend Coffee can be. You also know how long the lines can get too! You can get some of their excellent coffee at home by ordering online at the link below. Any purchases of regularly priced products when using that link will also have 10% donated back to SCTP Scholarship Fund!

Feel free to SHARE the link below with your fellow coffee lovers and let them know they are supporting youth shooting sports!
Order coffee here for 10% back to SCTP Scholarships

2022 SCTP National Championships updates and changes!

The SCTP National Championships are right around the corner, and we want to make sure everyone is aware of some changes and modifications to this year’s tournament!

International Dates – July 4-10

July 4: I-Skeet PET

July 5: I-Skeet 75 targets competition

July 6: I-Skeet 50 targets competition followed by match finals & Awards

July 7: Bunker Trap PET

July 8: Bunker Trap 50 targets competition

July 9: Bunker Trap 50 targets competition

July 10: Bunker Trap 25 targets competition followed by match finals & awards

*We are looking for referees for I-Skeet and Bunker Trap – please contact Terri DeWitt at bluerockcoaching@Icloud.com

American Discipline Dates – July 9-16

Skeet – Rotation #1 July 9/10

Rotation #2 July 11/12

Rotation #3 July 13/14

Sporting Clays – Rotation #1 July 9/10

Rotation #2 July 11/12

Rotation #3 July 13/14

Trap – Rotation #1 July 13/14

Rotation #2 July 15/16

Trap Doubles / Handicap Trap – Rotation #1 July 9/10

Rotation #2 July 11/12

Rotation #3 July 13/14

Skeet Doubles – Shot Friday, July 15 only!

Kids and Clays Charity Shoot

5-Stand will be available July 13 & 14

Sporting Clays can be shot either July 15 or 16

Make A Break – Shot all week with finals shot on Thursday, July 14 at 6:30pm

Just a reminder, all squadding is done through your team’s head coach. Please do not contact the National Office for squadding, changes or times!

College Day – Will be Friday, July 15 in the “Hitters Building” from 9am – 5pm

Some changes for this year’s tournament:

We have added another Sporting Clays rotation on July 9/10, to help accommodate all of the teams and athletes arriving early! 5pm rotation Sporting Clays is a last resort only!

We have added another flight to the Trap competition on July 13/14

Awards ceremonies for Skeet-Sporting Clays-Handicap Trap-Trap Doubles will be Friday evening July 15

Awards ceremonies for Skeet Doubles-Trap-Trap HOA-HOA Awards will be Saturday evening July 16

IMPORTANT: anybody not wanting to be around large crowds or leaving the tournament early can pick up their awards at the Trophy room from 9-noon, July 15 or 16!

SORRY! But we are unable to provide Super Sporting at this years National Championships. We will however be able to provide a side event “5-Stand” for the first 4 days of the Nationals!

Golf Cart Rentals Please contact Brenda at Eagle Golf Car eaglegolfcars@aol.com

Do not wait until the last minute or you will not be able to get one!


National Championship “pre-registration” will start May 6th and end May 16th.

Registration information is available by clicking here

Coaches pre-registration form

New Award Group!

Many teams across the country have asked us to change to “Team Scoring” for the National Championships. While we do not want to make any changes without getting nearly 100% support, we have decided to add this award group so that coaches could get a better feel for “team Scoring”!

This year, we have added a new award called the “SCTP Team Award”!

The SCTP Team Award will be calculated by using that teams top 5 scores for Trap, top 5 scores for Skeet and top 5 scores for Sporting Clays. Also known as “Team Scoring”.

(This is the same method used for the High School Awards, College Awards, and the HOA Awards)

30 additional awards, 10 in each discipline!

This will include the Senior Division (JV & Varsity) 1st through 5th places with trophy and medals

As well as the Intermediate Division (Rookie, IE & IA) 1st through 5th places with trophy and medals

Ammunition will be available on site!

We look forward to seeing you all at this year’s National Championships in July!

Your SCTP Team!

SCTP International Team shines at 2022 ACUI National Championships

Title photo courtesy of Emily Rasmussen. Sarah Schwacher, Damien Stewart, Emily Rasmussen

The ACUI Collegiate National Championships concluded in San Antonio after a week long competition schedule encompassing both international and american clay target disciplines. The Winchester-sponsored SCTP International Team had quite a good showing, with 100 target competitions March 19th and 20th for International Skeet and Bunker Trap, respectively. Athletes Joshua Corbin and Emersyn Berck claimed two individual National Champion titles in International Skeet. The SCTP International Team Head Coach, Terri DeWitt noted quite a few other placements with both current and past Team members.

DeWitt asked the youth athletes what it feels like to be the respective 2022 ACUI International Skeet National Champion: “Pretty great. Feels like all my training paid off,” said Berck. Josh Corbin answered: “I feel grateful for all of the training and opportunities the SCTP has provided to prepare me for my collegiate career.” 

DeWitt asked team member Emily Rasmussen how it felt to sweep the podium with past and present SCTP teammates: “Even though we are competitors, we are cheering each other on and it feels great when we all succeed and make the podium together,” replied Rasmussen.

Photo courtesy of Katy Corbin. Joshua Corbin and Emersyn Berck

Mens’ I-Skeet
1st – Joshua Corbin (Current Team Member), Hillsdale College
2nd – Kyle Fleck (2019 SCTP International Team) Hillsdale College
3rd – Mathew Brindley (Current Team Member), William Penn Univ

Women’s I-Skeet
1st – Emersyn Berck (Current Team Member), Kansas State Univ
2nd – Emily Rasmussen (Current Team Member), Concordia Univ
3rd – Sarah Schwacher (2017, 2020 Team), Concordia Univ

Men’s I-Trap
13th – Joshua Corbin
16th – Manny Butdorf (Current Team Member), Jacksonville Univ
43rd – Mathew Brindley (Current Team Member)

Women’s I-Trap
5th – Madeleine Taylor (2017 Team), Concordia Univ
*Current SCTP Team did not have anyone entered in Women’s I-Trap. Ida Brown was in Peru competing at the World Cup.

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