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Calling All Young Guns for Guinness World Record Attempt

Reasons for World Record Attempt

  • Provide a stage to showcase four talented upcoming youth shooters within their sport(s)
  • Promote youth shooting programs in the USA
  • Establish brand recognition with the youth shooter population and their families in USA
  • Help launch / promote our respective products in 2019-2020 and beyond

Location for Guinness World Record Attempt   

Date for World Record Attempt

  • October 12th, 2019  

Current Record

  • 4602 targets shot in 12 hours by a team of 5 shooters

Shooters / Requirements 

  • One Female shooter & one Male shooter 16 years of age or older on Oct 12st, 2019 from the SCTP program sssfonline.org
  • One Female shooter & one Male shooter 16 years of age or older on Oct 12st, 2019 from the AIM / ATA program aim4ata.com
  • Dave Miller of CZ-USA and current Guinness World Record holder makes the 5th shooter

Qualification process for student athletes

  • Shooters will sign up and participate in a 50-target special qualification shoot held at the 2019 SCTP Nationals and or the 2019 A.I.M / Grand American. It will cost the athlete $20 for each round they choose to shoot and/or submit for the qualifier as re-entries are allowed. These two very special events provide a unique clay shooting challenge that is equal to 50% of the individuals score (max score at qualifier is 50/50). Shooters will be judged on the following:
    • Score at qualifier (50% of total application score)
    • Written essay explaining what shooting sports means to them, and why they deserve to be on a World Record Team. (Submitted electronically to fieldsports@cz-usa.com ). Essay must be 400-500 words in length on a single page (50% of total application score)
  • Conduct reviewed at qualifier (Reminder this is a professional, televised event with global coverage) and will be considered when reviewing final scores.

Qualifying at SCTP and/or AIM- Grand American

  • SCTP Qualifier: July 13-20, 2019 (Pre-register at sssfonline.org) 10:00am-4:00pm each day
  • AIM/ATA Qualifier: July 29-August 4, 2019 (Pre-register at aim4ata.com) 10:00am-4:00pm each day
  • Waivers must be signed at the event.
  • 50 targets ( 25 pairs )
  • Chandelle / Teal type presentations at 30 meters
  • Scores will be kept and calculated with the remaining application processes
  • Athletes will compete with their own guns at qualifiers, but winners will receive and shoot the new CZ 1012 semi-auto at the World Record attempt.
  • Athletes must not use any shot shell loads greater than 1 1/8 ounce of 7.5 shot at the qualifiers. Athletes must bring their own ammo.

Guinness World Record Attempt Winners

  • Winners chosen based on combined score from application process and qualifiers. One female and one male will be chosen from each SCTP and AIM.
  • Must be willing to travel to the Lenexa Kansas on October 10-13, 2019
  • 100% travel expenses covered for athlete plus one guardian (travel and lodging only). Food and other expenses are not covered.
  • Winners should understand that this is a 12-hour record event. This extremely physical process consists of standing and shooting.
  • Winners will receive a CZ 1012 Semi-automatic shotgun courtesy of AIM and SCTP that they will shoot with during the Record Attempt.
  • Winners to receive a World Record Shooting Vest and World Record Shirt to wear during the attempt.
  • Ammo and targets provided
  • If current record is broken, each winner will receive his or her own Guinness World Record Certificate.
  • Winners to be part of the World Record Special to air on TV a later date.
  • Winners to be part of the media and other press coverage from all around the world, and will undergo multiple interviews.



Email:  fieldsports@cz-usa.com

2019 SCTP & SASP National Championships

The 2019 Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) and Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) National Championships is scheduled for July 13-20th at the Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, OH. Last year’s event had nearly 300 teams and 3,000 athletes from 26 states! We hope you can join us for this season finale!

Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) registration is currently open in the SHOT system for team coaches to register.

Scholastic Clay Target Program pre-registration began on May 15th with general registration through the SHOT system June 1st.

Sporting Clays Charity Fundraiser:

Friday/Saturday – July 19/20 Helps Support Kids & Clays and SCTP Scholarship Fund

Event is open to the public, youth and adult members and non-members

Cost is $80 for the 100 Target event!

Fund Raiser – Adult Party – Get Together!

Monday July 15th from 5pm – 10pm      Food, Drink and Fun!!   Raffles, Guns & Silent Auction!

Open to all adults and Industry sponsors!

SIDE GAMES, FUN & National Raffle! (Tickets Available at Registration Counter)
Make A Break Fun Shoot
Flurry Fun Shoot
National Raffle

CZ-USA Top Gun Challenge at Nationals

The Scholastic Clay Target Program and Scholastic Action Shooting Program are excited to announce the Top Gun Challenge sponsored by CZ-USA is coming back to the 2019 National Championships in Marengo, OH July 13-20!

As a reminder – SASP Nationals registration opens today!

Top Gun Challenge Eligibility Criteria, Scoring and Prizes

  • Athletes wishing to compete in the Top Gun Challenge must be current team members in the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) AND the Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP).
  • Athletes wishing to compete in the Top Gun Challenge must be pre-registered to shoot the following events at the 2019 National Championships:
    • 16 Yard Trap
    • Skeet
    • Sporting Clays
    • Rifle (irons, optics or pistol caliber carbine)
    • Centerfire or Rimfire Pistol 
    • 1911/2011 Pistol
  • Each athlete wishing to compete in the Top Gun Challenge must complete a registration form in person at the SASP registration desk located at the Cardinal Center Central Entry Building prior to competing in their first event. Athletes will then shoot all competition events as usual. 
  • We will compile scores from your events and calculate the winners. Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays is easy you will get the total number of birds you break in each discipline, so a possible 600 points. Since SASP is based on time and not total targets hit, it will be done a little differently. We will take all participants and rank both their rifle times and their pistol times fastest to slowest. 
    • The fastest in each discipline will get 200, second place 199, third place 198 and so on down the line until everyone has a score.  We will add all those points together and the athlete with the most points out of the possible 1,200 will win.
  • Every Athlete who competes in all the events and signs up, will receive a Top Gun Challenge challenge coin just for participating and showing your shooting stamina.
  • Prizes will include a shotgun, rifle and pistol by CZ-USA with specific models to be announced and many other great prizes!

Pre-Order Choke Tubes and Accessories from Briley and Pickup at Nationals!

Briley is again offering impressive discounts on its chokes and accessories for SCTP members attending the SCTP Nationals in Marengo, Ohio July 13-20.

The discount includes a buy-one-choke, get-one-free sale. Because of limited inventory, Briley is currently taking pre-orders for chokes and accessories that can be picked up during the events. The sale is limited to 4-H and SCTP athletes only.

All orders must be placed no later than Friday July 5, 2019.

Please email, mail, fax, or call in the following info to Briley:
-Phone #
-Make, model, and gauge of the gun(s)
-The style of chokes you want. i.e. silver extended, black extended, spectrum (color bands), ported, titanium, etc. Then…list the constrictions (sizes) you want. i.e. SK, IC, LMOD, etc. (If you need help selecting your chokes, please feel free to contact any one our sales reps and they will be happy to help.)
Include any wrenches, grease, choke-cleaning brushes, snap caps and other accessories you’d like to purchase.

Please call Briley @ 1-800-331-5718 to place your order with any sales rep or email hannah@briley.com or smp@briley.com. Visit Briley online for complete product information.

SCTP Welcomes Legacy Sports International and Pointer Shotguns as a Gold Sponsor for 2019

The Scholastic Clay Target Program is pleased to announce that Legacy Sports International and Pointer Shotguns will be Gold sponsors for the 2019 SCTP season.

Tom Wondrash, SCTP National Director stated, “Andy and his team have been great to deal with and we couldn’t be happier bringing Legacy Sports International and Pointer Shotguns on board with SCTP this year! In addition to the standard sponsorship parameters, Legacy Sports International has put together a Pointer Shotgun purchase program for SCTP teams looking for firearms to raffle or for team guns.”

For more information on the firearm purchasing program designed for SCTP teams, go to our website at: http://bit.ly/sctp_legacy19

“Legacy Sports International and POINTER Shotguns are proud to be on board as a Gold Sponsor and supporter of the SSSF and the SCTP initiatives across the USA. We truly value working with such a great organization that continues to instill their valuable stewardship in firearms safety, morals and standards in conjunction with the youth shooting sports. It has been very exciting to see the continued growth of these efforts within the SCTP. “Andy McCormick – Executive Vice President / Sales & Marketing LSI

For more information on Legacy Sports International and Pointer Shotguns visit their website at www.legacysports.com

If you are looking to sponsor or get involved with the SCTP, contact Tom Wondrash at twondrash@sssfonline.com

Don’t forget, SCTP National Championships run July 13-20, 2019, we hope to see you all there!


The Scholastic Clay Target Program is pleased to announce F.A.I.R. Shotguns, one of the Italian Firearms Group (IFG) brand of Italian manufactured firearms as a Silver Sponsor for 2019.

Kevin Kozel, Director of Business Development and Strategic Projects for Italian Firearms Group stated:

“We are proud to be a Silver Sponsor for SCTP in 2019. We have been sponsoring an individual SCTP shooter these last few years and know how important shooting sports are in the development of quality young people. Being an SCTP sponsor and introducing so many young shotgun shooters to the F.A.I.R. brand of quality Italian shotguns is very exciting for our company.

Tom Wondrash, National Director of the Scholastic Clay Target Program noted, “we are delighted to have F.A.I.R Shotguns with SCTP for 2019. We are looking forward to working with them in 2019 and beyond”.

Since its creation in 1971, F.A.I.R has been committed to an intensive Research and Development program and to the use of the latest technology and materials in the manufacturing of its shotguns. This focus on technical innovation, while still following the centuries old gun manufacturing traditions of Northern Italy, is a key element of their success in creating functional and highly reliable sports and hunting shotguns.

For more on F.A.I.R. Shotguns please go to www.italianfirearmsgroup.com

2019 SCTP National Raffle

All SCTP teams across the country are invited to participate in the 2019 SCTP national raffle. We are giving away 7 guns including a Kolar Max O/U (Total Value of guns $30,000+)!

The following guns will be drawn the week of the National Championships July 13-20, 2019.

Kolar Max O/U          Blaser F16 O/U          Browning Citori 725 Field         

CZ All American Trap          Beretta 690 Field          SKB 90TSS Combo     

Howa American Flag Chassis 6.5 Creedmoor w/Nikko Sterling 4-16×50 Diamond scope

How do the teams make money?


Ticket price are $10 each

The teams will sell the National Gun raffle tickets

They will keep $5 for their team and send the other $5 to the SCTP with the stub!

The more tickets you sell, the more money you make and we will supply the tickets!

Teams can sell tickets at shoots, fundraisers, work places, school, church etc.


The SCTP will pay (in MidwayUSA Team endowment funds) the top 5 ticket selling teams as follows:

1st – $8,000

2nd – $7,000

3rd – $6,000

4th – $5,000

5th – $4,000

All drawings held at the SCTP National Championships in Marengo, OH week of July 13-20, 2019

Download complete information on how to request team tickets here…

Pre-Registration for SCTP nationals begins May 15th, 2019

Like last year, due to the extremely large volume of teams and coaches trying to squad for the National Championships,  we will again be allowing teams to “pre-squad” for the 2019 SCTP National Championships at the Cardinal Center in Marengo, Ohio.

Here’s how it will work:
1. Send a check for the proper amount of all squads and athletes to the Burlington WI address post marked no earlier than 12:01am on May 15th and no later than midnight on May 22nd.

2. Money received is “Non-Refundable”. Pre-registration fees will not be returned for any athletes that do not attend the SCTP National Championships.

3. All squads must be “pre-built” on your team’s home page for the National Championships. Teams will be allowed to change athletes as they see fit later but all squads must be ready to populate the shooting schedule.

4. SCTP will populate the squad assignments based on the time and date received (time stamp) on the envelope containing your paperwork and check. PLEASE send by regular mail with NO signature required. Sending paperwork requiring a signature may delay your paperwork! 

5. Download and complete the pre-registration form (also available on the SSSF website) that provides your information along with dates and times you would like your squads assigned. Please give us 3 options for times and days.

6. Teams will be notified of their pre-registration by May 29 and before normal registration which opens on June 1st.

Completed form(s) must be sent in with payment either by credit card or by check, no payment sent in with forms will result in no squads entered for that team. These payments are “nonrefundable”!! If you pay for 15 athletes and only 12 show up, the other 3 athlete’s fees are not returned.

Completed forms and payments must be mailed to us no sooner than May 15, 2019 and sent to:

SCTP Nationals Pre-Registration
C/0 Amanda Wondrash
165 Bay Ridge Lane
Burlington, WI 53105

We look forward to seeing you all at the Cardinal Center in Marengo, Ohio the week of July 13-20, 2019

O.F. Mossberg & Sons Continues Sponsorship of SCTP in 2019

The Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) is pleased to announce O.F. Mossberg & Sons Inc. will continue their support in 2019. 

“We are proud to sponsor the Scholastic Clay Target Program, “said John MacLellan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc.   “Mossberg has long led the industry with the largest assortment of hunting shotguns designed specifically for youth and smaller statured shooters.  By making products that fit properly and offering them at a prices parents can afford, we are able to help ensure that those first steps afield are met with comfort, safety and success. 

“We are extremely excited to have Mossberg with SCTP again this year” said Tom Wondrash SCTP National Director. “We are sincerely appreciative for their support of the Scholastic Clay Target Program and their continued efforts on behalf of all our youth athletes.

For more information on O.F. Mossberg and their complete line of products visit www.mossberg.com

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