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Don’t Miss Your Chance to Win the grand prize of a Kolar Max O/U

Kolar Arms

The SCTP National Championships being held at the Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, Ohio July 13-20, begin in less than 2 Weeks!

SCTP National Raffle tickets featuring the Kolar Max can be purchased on-site at the Cardinal Shooting Center starting July 13, 2019. Visit the registration building or several other vendor stores to get yours. Vendor stores include the Kolar Arms store, along with the Blaser USA store, Browning and Beretta stores. Vendor trailers/tents that will also have these tickets available include CZ USA, SKB and Legacy Sports.

Don’t miss your chance to win the Kolar Max O/U or shotguns from Blaser USA, Browning, CZ USA, Beretta and SKB or a Howa Rifle compliments of Legacy Sports. The total value of all prizes is in excess of $30,000.00.

Drawing for these fine firearms will be held Saturday, July 20th. Winners will be notified and must provide an FFL for shipping of their firearm. All winners will have their firearms shipped after August 1st, 2019.

For more information see the SCTP National Raffle Press Release on the SSSF website.

Good Luck to all SCTP athletes and teams, we will see you at the Cardinal Shooting Center!

New Scholarships to be Awarded at the 2019 SCTP National Championships

The Scholastic Clay Target Program is pleased to announce the addition of two new SCTP College Scholarship Awards at the SCTP National Championships, July 13-20, 2019 at the Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, Ohio.

Browning (a longtime supporter of SCTP) has for the last 3 years been the sponsor of the “Browning Scholarship”. This scholarship is awarded to the top athlete in Trap Singles (male or female) shooting a Browning Shotgun. In the past, this scholarship has been as much as $7,500!

For 2019, Blaser USA will be sponsoring the “Blaser Scholarship”! This scholarship will be awarded to the top athlete in Sporting Clays (male or female) shooting a Blaser Shotgun!!

In addition, also for 2019 SCTP National Championships, Beretta USA will be sponsoring the “Beretta Scholarship”! This scholarship will be awarded to the top athlete in Skeet (male or female) shooting a Beretta Shotgun!

Athletes competing in these events at the SCTP National Championships just need to complete an online survey before their event starts.

Tom Wondrash, SCTP National Director made the following statement. “We are thrilled that Browning, Blaser USA and Beretta USA wanted to provide scholarship opportunities for our SCTP high school aged athletes. Providing scholarships is a mainstay of the SCTP program and adding these additional opportunities will impact even more of our SCTP family’s. We cannot thank Browning, Blaser USA, and Beretta USA enough for their support of SCTP and these scholarship opportunities”.


It was a test of endurance, patience, and positive attitudes – it was the USA Shooting Trap National Championships back-to-back with the USA Shooting Junior Olympic Trap Championships in Colorado Springs. This was the test that the SCTP National Team has been “studying” for all year and the Trap Team was first in the blocks.

 In spite of lightning, rain, wind, dust, cold, heat, and long days (30 squads of competitors) the determination and resilience of these athletes shone through. The first week saw Matt Wells (WI) battle his way to a Junior Men’s silver medal at the USA Shooting National Championships, earning a spot on the Junior National Team. Wells will now trade his SCTP National Team vest for a USA Shooting Junior Team vest.

“I have trained very hard to get this vest and position on the National Junior Team but my work as a competitive athlete is not done. I definitely think that being on the SCTP Team has helped me grow as a shooter. I would like to thank SCTP for the opportunity they have given me. I am excited to continue my journey on the Junior National Team,” Wells stated.

 15-year-old Emilio Carvalho (CA) lead the way during the second week of competition at the Junior Olympic Championships, claiming the top of the leaderboard the very first day. But not far behind Carvalho was his teammate Matt Wells again. When both Carvalho and Wells collected their bib numbers for the final, Carvalho was still in the number 1 spot and Wells was in number 4.

Emilio Carvalho, Men’s final, Junior Olympic Championships.
Photo courtesy of USA Shooting.

When the dust finally settled, Wells remained in fourth place while Carvalho did not relinquish his lead until nearly the end of the finals round, when he finished in third place. His bronze medal podium finish places him on the USA Shooting Junior Squad, meaning that Carvalho will also trade his SCTP National Team vest for a USA Shooting vest.

 “The SCTP camps and the mental training exposed me to new insights about the game. I feel grateful about my success and the opportunity that SCTP has provided to me to pursue my Olympic dreams. Thank you for an amazing year SCTP National Team!” beamed Carvalho.

Junior Men’s final, USA Shooting National Championships. Photo courtesy of John Thompson.

 Coach Terri DeWitt said with a laugh, “I’ve been out here so long, I don’t even know what day it is anymore.” She continued, “But I do know this – without exception, these trap athletes performed beyond expectations. They should be proud of themselves – they came out here prepared; they came out here with a mission and they gave 100% effort to that mission. I’m extremely proud of the efforts put forth by this team, not only on the firing line, but behind the line as well. They were there for each other during these two long weeks, truly coming together as a team. I could not be prouder of these young adults,” she smiled.

Next up are the Skeet events: USA Shooting National Skeet Championships, June 16th– June 19th and USA Shooting Junior Olympic Skeet Championships, June 22nd – 23rd.

2019 International Championships Registration Open June 15

The SCTP is hosting the Scholastic Clay Target Program’s International Style National Championships on July 22-27, 2019 in Colorado Springs, Colorado at the International Shooting Park on the Ft. Carson Army base. Registration by SCTP team coaches opens on Saturday, June 15 in the SHOT System.

Here is the event schedule for the competition:

Monday July 22rd – Open Training for Bunker and Skeet

Tuesday July 23rd –Open Training for Bunker and Skeet

Wednesday July 24th – I-Skeet Competition 75 Targets

Thursday July 25th – I-Skeet Competition 50 Targets & Finals

Friday July 26th – Bunker Trap 75 Targets

Saturday July 27thBunker Trap 50 Targets & Finals

*There will be an awards ceremony and banquet being held at the Hotel Elegante on Saturday, July 27th starting at 6:00pm following the Bunker Trap portion of the National Championships. Please contact Amanda Wondrash at awondrash@sssfonline.com to make reservations and confirm your attendance. Parents and kids 12 years of age or older are $20 and kids under 12 are $10. Participating athletes and coaches are free!

Coaches: The competition registration will open on June 15th for this tournament. You will need to squad your athletes prior to Thursday, July 19th so that they can be placed on random shooting squads for the competition. Walk on’s will generally not be allowed unless there is room available.

Top 3 placing athletes in Men’s and Ladies Bunker Trap as well as top 3 placing athletes in International Skeet (12 total athletes) will earn a spot on the 2019 SCTP National Team. Athletes must meet a minimum qualifying score (MQS) of a 90 x 125 or better in the qualification rounds, regardless of finals placing, in order to be eligible for a National Team spot.

If all athletes in the final have achieved the MQS, then finals placement will determine the top 3 athletes. However, if there are athletes in a discipline final who have not attained the MQS, those athletes will not be eligible for the National Team, regardless of finals placement. At their discretion, The Head Coach and National Director will then fill any open Team slots with eligible athletes.

A limited block of hotel rooms has been secured and are available for immediate booking at the Hotel Elegante’ – Colorado Springs. Room rates are $99 for a single or a double. Please contact the Hotel Elegante’ directly at 1-719-576-5900 or 1-800-981-4012. When making your reservations, please reference “USA Shooting / SCTP Nationals”, code #2392040. (this includes breakfast) The cutoff date is July 1st but we would not recommend waiting that long as these rooms will fill up fast, especially at these prices! You can upgrade to different rooms at additional price. See additional information for booking your room and about the Hotel Elegante.

Hope to see you all in Colorado Springs in July!!

Pointer Shotguns’ Big Selection of Affordable Youth Models is Quietly Drawing More Kids into Wing and Clays Shooting

Written by Irwin Greenstein

Looking back to April 2019,there were 26,678 student clays-shooting competitors from 1,042 high school teams across 25 states who participated in the USA High School Clay Target League.

That program isn’t the only game in town for youngsters looking to become the next George Digweed, Kim Rhode, Bill McGuire or Anthony Matarese, Jr.

 There’s the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP), which offers kids from elementary grades through high school and college the opportunity to participate in all the major clays sports. 

Tom Wondrash 3 002

Tom Wondrash, National Director of the SCTP.

The Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation introduces school-age youth to the shooting sports. To a large extent the SSSF has become a de facto feeder program to USA Shooting and the U.S. Olympic Shooting Team.

Likewise, the USA Shooting Youth Programs is focused on grooming junior athletes to someday represent the U.S.A. in the Olympic Games, Pan American Games, World Shooting Championships, Paralympic Games and other international competitions. 

And let’s not overlook the National 4-H Shooting Sports and Boy Scouts of America as pioneers that initiated kids into shotgunning sportsmanship and safety.

It seems that everyone credits women with the biggest percentage revenue gains in the shotgun sports. However, a comparative perspective might show that youth shotguns and related purchases might be just as lucrative – or even greater.

Pointer Phenoma

Some of the Pointer Phenoma semi-automatic shotguns that are available in youth models.

When the influential National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) released its Industry Intelligence Report on the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation (SSSF) in 2016, the results were a real eye-opener regarding the potential of the youth market in sporting clays, skeet and trap. 

The NSSF survey indicated that SCTP participants had spent more than $8 million dollars in 2016. Better yet, 93 percent of SCTP parents surveyed said that the program had had a positive influence on their children.

From 2014 to 2016, the publicly available National Rifle Association Foundation’s tax returns showed that the organization allocated more than $4 million in cash and equipment grants to schools and groups that support scholastic shooting sports. 

America’s boom in youth shooting programs hasn’t been lost on Andy McCormick, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Legacy Sports International in Reno, Nevada. Through their Pointer line of over/under and semi-automatic shotguns made by Zafer Arms Company of Izmir, Turkey, Legacy Sports International has quietly become possibly the largest provider of kid-friendly shotguns.

“We’ve always focused on the youth market and we’ve done well in that department because it’s something we believe in,” Andy explained. “There’s a way of looking at it as a future market for customers, but it’s also the future of the industry. It’s the stewardship of trying to make it easy to get people out in the field with a quality product.”

Andy Gobbler 2n 002

Andy McCormick, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Legacy Sports International.

Legacy Sports International imports and distributes firearms and shooting accessories in the U.S. In addition to the Pointer shotguns, their brands include Citadel pistols and tactical shotguns, Howa Precision Rifles, Lithgow Rifles and Nikko Stirling optics.

Of the 54 Pointer models sold by Legacy Sports International, 12 of their over/unders and semi-automatic shotguns are specifically designated for youth. These models are characterized by a shorter barrel, shorter stock and sub-gauge ammunition. The packaging reduces felt recoil and helps improve results through better fit and softer ballistics. 

For example, the Pointer Arista over/under is available in all popular gauges with 28-inch barrels. The youth model has 26-inch barrels and only comes in 20 gauge and .410. 

Price-wise, new Pointer youth shotguns are hitting the sweet spot – costing from $539 to $1,279, although the average is about $880.00.

Pointer Arista PAR1228

The 20-gauge Pointer Arista youth over/under.

“Last year we sold a surprising number of 20-gauge over/under youth models – as many as our standard models,” Andy said. “Dealers are really stocking them. We try to keep production ramped up especially during the summer into fall, and the holidays.”

The thing about Andy is that he’s an avid hunter who fully understands the importance of getting youngsters outdoors. 

Legacy Sports International just signed on as an SCTP Gold Sponsor in response to the interest in the Pointer line by youth shooting coaches at the 2019 industry SHOT Show held in Las Vegas January 21-25. 

“We had a lot of the coaches stop by looking for 12-gauge youth models,” Andy said. “We have entry-level Pointers that cost under $1,000 with adjustable combs, ejectors, ported, five extended chokes, mechanical triggers and high ribs. We’re working on getting sample guns out to them in the next few weeks.”

SCT Basic Trap

The youth version of the Pointer SCT Deluxe single-barrel 12-gauge trap gun.

Sporting shotguns priced at the wallet-friendly $500 to $1,000 are a critical factor in enabling families to get their kids enrolled in scholastic clay target programs. 

For example, CZ-USA, which also sells affordable shotguns, is again sponsoring the SCTP Top Gun Challenge in Marengo, Ohio July 13-20. While CZ-USA doesn’t have youth shotguns per se, they sell several models marked as “reduced length.” And the mid-range Italian shotgun maker F.A.I.R. became an SCTP Silver Sponsor for 2019 through its American importer, the Italian Firearms Group.

When it comes to getting kids involved in the shotgun sports, few people understand the calculus of affordability and participation better than Tom Wondrash, National Director of the SCTP.

“At first, the parents don’t know how serious their kids will be about it,” he explained. “And parents don’t want to spend a lot of money on a shotgun unless they know their kids will be serious about the sport.”

At the 2019 SHOT Show, Andy explained that he learned from SCTP coaches one of the appeals of clays shooting to kids and parents is that, unlike school team sports where parents invest a lot of money in gear only to find their kids sitting out the season on the bench, everyone on a youth shotgun squad gets to participate. 

“Everyone is engaged and in the game,” Andy said.

Regardless, when it comes to introducing kids to the shotgun sports, spreading urbanization, higher hunting costs, habitat loss and draconian regulations can dampen parents’ enthusiasm for getting their kids engaged. Even when it comes to clays shooting, youngsters today are suffering from the decades-long, downward spiral in hunting.

SCT Deluxe Clay

The Pointer SCT Deluxe Clay over/under has a model designed to fit youngsters.

In 1970, more than 40 million Americans bought hunting licenses. By 2016, America’s hunting population fell to 11.5 million. Today, fewer parents can simply reach into the safe for a family shotgun that will get junior out on the skeet field.

“We’re getting more and more athletes and their and families involved in our program that have not been involved in the shooting sports and they don’t own a shotgun,” Tom said. “They’re not from hunting backgrounds.”

And here’s where Legacy Sports International is filling the breach.

Of their 12 youth shotguns, the Pointer SCT Basic clays gun features an adjustable comb on an oil-finished walnut stock, five extended chokes, ported, ejectors, raised rib and fiber-optic front sight for $989. The standard models come with 30-inch barrels but the youth version has 28-inch barrels. The Pointer SCT and SCT Deluxe are the only 12-gauge shotguns they sell as youth models.

SCT Basic Trap

The Pointer SCT Basic Trap 12-gauge for kids.

The Pointer Arista over/under youth field gun is available with 26-inch barrels in 20 gauge and .410 with engraved nickel action and walnut stock and forend. It sells for $589.00.

The black synthetic Pointer Break Action shotgun for kids is a 20 gauge or .410 with 26-inch barrels priced at $223.00

Although the Pointer Phenoma semi-automatic line features several different models in 12, 20, 28 gauge and .410, the youth models are 20 gauges with prices that start at $539.00.

And the prices get better for SCTP parents. Legacy Sports International is cooperating with SCTP for pricing incentives that will get more kids into clays shooting.

“What we’ve put together with Legacy is buying program if you will,” said Tom. “The teams or families can purchase these guns at a reduced price. It gets more people involved and families involved who all stay involved longer. I think the relationship will help fill the niche of purchasing a firearm that won’t break the bank because the youth are the future of our sport.”

Irwin Greenstein is the publisher of Shotgun Life. You can reach him at contact@shotgunlife.com.

Hodgdon Powders Supports SCTP Again in 2019

Hodgdon powders has been a long-time sponsor of the Scholastic Clay Target Program and continues to do so again in 2019. Providing powders for all reloading applications, Hodgdon Powders has everything you need from target shooting to hunting powders!

“Hodgdon is proud to partner with the Scholastic Clay Target Program again for 2019,” said Chris Hodgdon, Sales/Public Relations Manager for Hodgdon Powder. “SCTP has a proven track record of safety and ethical character-building coaching for thousands of youth athletes that have fun enjoying shotgun sports.”

Chris Hodgdon currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation (SSSF) and is a past coach of an SCTP team in Shawnee, KS.

“Chris Hodgdon and Hodgdon Powders has been involved with SCTP for many years” said Tom Wondrash, SCTP National Director. “Chris’s sponsorship and support of SCTP reflects the time he spent coaching in our program and the desire to get more young adults involved in shooting sports. We are blessed to have good people like Chris and the entire Hodgdon family involved and supportive of the SCTP!”

Browning Continues Their Sponsorship of SCTP for 2019

The Scholastic Clay Target Program would like to thank Browning yet again for their continued sponsorship, support and trust in our national youth shooting program and staff!

“The SCTP is one of the great organizations that we’re honored to support each year,” said Rafe Nielsen, Browning’s communications manager in marketing. “The work they do to develop youth shooting is second to none. Their commitment to healthy competition, developing advanced shooters, and bringing new shooters to the sport is vital to keeping the shooting sports strong. We’re proud to be sponsors and look forward to a great 2019 with them. “

Come see Browning and many other shooting Industry reps at the SCTP National Championships July 13-20 at the Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, Ohio!

“We are humbled by Browning’s continued support, sponsorship and confidence in SCTP maintaining the best youth shooting program in the world,” said Tom Wondrash, National Director for the SCTP. “Browning and SCTP strive to find ways to support our teams, athletes and families. We are very thankful for companies like Browning who share this same dream and understand the importance of youth involvement in the shooting sports!”

SCTP and SASP National Championships will Remain at The Cardinal Shooting Center Through 2029

On Friday, May 31, 2019 Ben Berka, Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation President and Executive Director announced that SSSF has entered into an agreement with the Cardinal Shooting Center to host their July Scholastic Clay Target Program and Scholastic Action Shooting Program National Championships through the year 2029.

The Cardinal Shooting Center, one of this country’s largest features 52 Trap Houses, 14 Skeet Fields, 2 Sporting Clays Courses an International Bunker Trap and a 5 Stand! They also have 14 Pistol & Rifle Bays, as well as an Archery Practice Range and 3D Archery course for the Pistol, Rifle and bow enthusiasts alike! For 2019, the Cardinal Shooting Center will have completed their state-of-the-art “Shot Curtain System’, providing a common background for all trap shooters as well as an efficient platform to reclaim lead shot.

Tom Wondrash, SCTP National Director stated “Everyone involved with SCTP is excited about our new 10-year contract with The Cardinal Shooting Center. Beginning in 2020, the Cardinal Shooting Center will add 6-8 additional skeet fields as well as the possibility for additional American Trap and Bunker Trap facilities in the future. We couldn’t be happier to have agreed upon a long-term deal with Cardinal knowing they welcome our athletes, teams and families with open arms each and every year!”

In addition to the SCTP and SASP National Championships in July, the Cardinal Shooting Center is also home for The SCTP College National Championships, SCTP Spring Regional and the SASP Fall Regional Competition. The Cardinal Center also plays host to some of the country’s largest open shooting events including Karen’s Cup, the Ohio state shoot, the Buckeye Open, Cardinal Classic and the “Red Bird” Sporting Classic!

Luke Spengler, Trap manager and tournament director at the Cardinal Shooting Center made the following statement following the completion of the new 10-year agreement. “We are extremely excited to know our youth athletes will be at the Cardinal Shooting Center competing on a national level through 2029. The July SCTP and SASP National Championships have been and will continue to be the largest shooting event in the world and we are honored to host them” For more information on the Cardinal Shooting Center, visit www.thecardinalcenter.com

2019 Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation All-Scholastic Team Announced

The Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation(SSSF) is proud to announce members of the 2019 All-Scholastic Team!

Over 230 student athletes from 24 states have been named to the team this year and will be recognized at the opening ceremonies of the SSSF/SCTP/SASP Team Championship event on July 17 in Marengo, Ohio.

The All-Scholastic Team recognizes the top student athletes in the SSSF’s Scholastic Clay Target and Scholastic Action Shooting Program for their achievements in the classroom, on the range and in their communities. Through an application process, 2019 All-Scholastic Team Members have proven academic excellence by posting 3.0 or better grade point averages, shooting excellent scores in recent competition (95% in trap or skeet, 85% in sporting clays, 88% in international trap/skeet or 75 seconds or less for SASP) and by demonstrating outstanding community involvement.

See the state-by-state athlete profiles for the 2019 All Scholastic Team members and learn more about how the SCTP and SASP are working to improve the lives of young people across the country.

Congratulations to all qualifying team members!

Lakewood Products to Support SCTP

Lakewood Products, a Division of Midwest Textile Manufacturing Corporation and the leader in shooting, hunting, and fishing protective cases, proudly announces the company’s support of the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation (SSSF) and the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP).

As steadfast believers in maintaining options for America’s youth to participate in the shooting sports, Lakewood Products is proud to announce their support of the SSSF and the SCTP. The SCTP’s mission of providing youth from elementary grades through high school and college the opportunity to experience the fun and challenges of the Skeet, Trap and Sporting Clays marries well with Lakewood’s product line and business ethos of supporting shooting sports. “We believe in the shooting sports and our youth’s participation, as such. The format that the SSSF and SCTP provides is an excellent opportunity for today’s young people to gain experience in shooting and an exceptional pathway to various specialties in competitive arenas,” stated Lakewood Products’ President, Steve Wagnitz.

By providing young athletes a forum to safely and enjoyably participate in a high quality, team-based sports program, each of the SCTP’s exciting disciplines are led by trained and dedicated adult coaches in a supportive environment focused on the safe handling and use of firearms. “What a better way to get kids involved in shooting than to have them bust clay targets in a safe and structured environment that lacks the additional pressure of hunting and other common barriers to entry. It starts out with having fun and opens the pathway to see what’s next – with tracks that can potentially lead to Olympic-level competition,” Wagnitz added.

Lakewood Products 2019 product introductions included the B136 Takedown Shotgun case, a perfect fit for the needs of participants in shotgun-related shooting sports. In addition to this recent offering Lakewood has also introduced the B136 Takedown Shotgun Case in a 1 Barrel, 2 Barrel, and 3 Barrel option in addition to the perennial shot gun specific offerings like the D330 Range Bag and B140 Shotgun Case.

The soft-sided hard case composition of Lakewood cases make them perfect for all methods of travel thanks to construction of rugged and durable TSAand airline compliantmaterials. Available at www.lakewoodproducts.com and at the best retailers nation-wide, Lakewood cases are a protective vault for expensive firearms and the ultimate companion for any hunting or range travel. Lakewood Cases combine 100% Made in the USA construction with exclusive designs that are purpose-built to be lightweight, convenient and durable with exceptional protection. Each case is backed by a Lifetime Warranty and manufactured to deliver an unparalleled combination of construction and convenience with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

For more information on the full line of premium-quality firearm protection cases from Lakewood Products, visit, www.lakewoodproducts.com or follow them on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/lakewoodproducts or Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/official_lakewoodproducts.

About Lakewood

Lakewood cases are proudly made and assembled in the USA at a factory in Suamico, WI. The truth is, most companies outsource their manufacturing to China or some other foreign country. Not Lakewood. We manufacture our own products, so we have total control over what we make. As the only manufacturer of soft-sided hard cases in the U.S., all Lakewood cases are covered by a lifetime warranty against product defect through our Better Case Guarantee. If your Lakewood case does not give you easier access and better protection, we will refund your money, no questions asked!

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